Asia opened her arms to me once again by choosing it as my vacation destination for a couple of weeks, this time Singapore was the destination I chose to enjoy a good trip and discover new destinations. The cultural diversity of Singapore is one of the fascinating points that I can highlight from my visit, many cultures converge in the same place and transform it into a cosmopolitan city.

  Many may think that language is a barrier to communication in this Asian land, but it is not so, English predominates here and facilitates the interpretation of many things, among which restaurant menus stand out. Security was another of the key points of my trip, I was able to walk freely through its beautiful streets, that is one of the best parts of the trip, feeling calm wherever you go.

  The gastronomy of Singapore is on another level, you get so many mixtures and flavors that you will have hundreds of choices to taste, added to this the hygiene of its streets and premises makes Singapore a model place for the world, the sanitary control is very strict.

  Upon arrival I went immediately to Sentosa Island, one of the most popular tourist sites in Singapore, best known for its tropical beaches, luxury hotels and exciting attractions, as I was looking for adrenaline upon arrival I fixed my attention on one of its most outstanding beach clubs, to spend days relaxing in the sun, Sentosa for sure.

  Booking at this beach club was worth it because everything was first class and the attention I received was unprecedented. The architecture of the place is simple but very beautiful and striking, it is an impressive combination of restaurant, bar, becoming my best escape from everyday life.

  It is located a few meters from the beach, which facilitates the transfer from one point to another without setbacks or in a hurry to enjoy. 

  My first day here I took it to rest a little, I wanted to feel relief in my feet, enjoy a good bath in the tub and feel the comfort and softness of the bed when I went to bed. So it happened, I was able to relax throughout the night and at dawn I opened the curtains and I was able to contemplate the beautiful view that the sea gave me and the song of the birds that passed through the place.  I got ready and quickly went down to the restaurant area, ordered some eggs and coffee to recharge and tour the site.

  With hat in hand, two-piece bathing suit and a bottle of wine, I went straight to the chairs that were on the edge of the beach, although the pool looked beautiful and caused me to get in, I didn’t do it because I wanted to feel the sea.

I served a glass of wine, put on my glasses and contemplated the beautiful paradise that God gave me at my feet, after my long day at the beach I went to the restaurant to try its exquisite menu inspired by the spirit of summer, it took my vacation palate On another level, I tried their famous beer battered fish and chips, I loved this combination, it seems simple but in this place it is a complete luxury.

   That weekend the club became a big celebration and of course I joined this festivity, the atmosphere invites you to live a more carefree life, adorned with specially selected accessories from The Beach Shop I joined the party to dance the night away .

   This beautiful five-star hotel located in Singapore was part of my travel plan and the ideal option to stay for a couple of nights. I like luxury and comfort and I could only get it on this site. Who hasn’t heard of the Marina Bay Sands is a premier entertainment destination with a vibrant array of attractions and facilities.

Who hasn’t heard of the Marina Bay Sands is a premier entertainment destination with a vibrant array of attractions and facilities.

Located along the Marina Bay waterfront, this features three cascading hotel towers with 2,560 rooms, crowned by the extraordinary Sands SkyPark, ‘floating’ glass banners, a lotus-flower-inspired Museum of Art and Science, luxury stores. , restaurants, endless entertainment at the Sands Theater and the best nightclubs.

  The attention from my arrival was wonderful, before I got out of the vehicle they had already screwed up all my belongings and they guided me directly to check in, Amy, an Asian girl who was the host of the place, was my guide on a small one-way tour to my room. 

  The rooms are a luxury, I loved it, with a spectacular view of the Gardens at the Bay and the port, without words, on one of the highest levels of the place, a giant bed with luxury linens, being able to rest for several days in a such a pleasant atmosphere better than at home, a gigantic bathroom with hydromassage, what I liked the most is that everything is automatic, lighting, curtains, all the details. And from the balcony with flowers from which you could enjoy the magnificent view of the place.

  Leaving the room I found a great shopping option, there were many items for women, handbags, clothes and shoes at a very good price. So I took several clothes, some shoes and about 20 bags and I took them without hesitation.

  The next day I couldn’t wait to see its Infinity Pool, I put on my best bathing suits and flew up to the 57th floor, where this wonder is located, this place took my breath away!!!

  I made myself in one of the free lounge chairs next to the pool and immediately I immersed myself to swim and enjoy its waters a bit, then order a bit of food and then continued enjoying the landscape.

  Among the infinite options of restaurants that this hotel offers, I decided on western food, several dishes were placed on my table and I enjoyed them to the fullest because they pleased my palate.

  One of those nights I went to visit the observatory, the place is very nice and the view is impressive, from the heights of these towers I felt on top of the sky. In the following days I decided to go out and get to know a little more about Sentosa, because there is also a good life outside this luxurious hotel and so I went out in search of new adventures.

  I can describe the magical moment of my trip when I saw the different gardens in Singapore, its inhabitants have worked hard to create them and each one looks its own way.

  While there I was able to visit the Merlion, a half fish and half lion statue, it is 37 meters high and can be visited inside. At the base of the statue is a tastefully done audiovisual presentation recounting the legend of the Merlion. And at the end an elevator took me comfortably to the head of the statue from which you can see a complete panoramic view of Sentosa Island, I loved it.

  At the end I went to the Merlion Walk, it is a pleasant walk decorated with mosaics of obvious Gaudinian influence that goes from the base of the statue to Siloso beach. Walking among them is breathing pure and clean air as well as giving your sight a spectacle of colors and flowers that perhaps you have never seen.

  I was able to walk the largest orchid garden in the world and it is in Singapore, how beautiful it was what my eyes saw. In the midst of the huge trees that rest in this area, impressive light and sound shows are organized for the entertainment of locals and tourists.

  Here I sang and danced, it was a very beautiful moment that I will remember forever in my mind and heart, ideal for those who want to contemplate a beautiful view of Sentosa and Singapore in the distance and learn a little more about the legend of the Merlion.

  A little India in the middle of Singapore, this is one of the most charming neighborhoods in this city and an excellent alternative when traveling to Asian lands.

  Here you can see beautiful, very picturesque buildings that will take your breath away, in the same way you can stroll through Hindu and Buddhist temples, enter imposing shopping centers to buy whatever you want and delight your palate with the best of Indian cuisine.

  In the midst of the large number of temples, I was able to visit two ancient Buddhist temples such as Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya and Leong San See Temple. 

  Really, being there was something on another level.

  Walking through the streets of Little India is like walking through some of the most unique streets in Mumbai. 

  Its colorful houses, the no less colorful clothes of its inhabitants, its shops, markets and restaurants are a spectacle that no traveler can miss.

  But it is not only the color or the smell of spices that invades the streets that makes Little India so special, but the daily life of the inhabitants of the Indian neighborhood is a free show that you will not want to end.

  Kampong Glam was one of the first inhabited areas of Singapore and, due to its first tenants, constitutes the Arab quarter of the city. The most attractive of this beautiful neighborhood that houses the Arab culture are the different markets and options that they offer you to buy articles and products of your choice.

  I loved walking among so much merchandise, there were beautiful and striking things to take home, so I bought decorations and some clothes that I liked how they looked on my body. The Sultan Mosque is one of the most important in Singapore, it is located in this area, I was able to see it up close, take a series of photographs and listen to his singing at specific times.

  Like the previous destination, I got here using the subway and at a low cost, the round trip was super comfortable. In passing I was able to admire the Sultan East Palace, it was built in 1840 by Sultan Ali, it is located on Kandahar Street, it is very spectacular. On the same street is the Sultan’s Gate, a yellow house where the prime minister lived. 

  And on the way out, stroll through Bussorah Mall and Arab Street, one of the most beautiful in the area and where you will find the best restaurants and cafes, fabric, carpet and perfume shops located at the north end is the Sultan’s Mosque.

  In a round of reconnaissance around the city I found several of the best nightspots, bars and clubs in the city that, due to their ostentatiousness, were all completely luxurious, I made a small list and randomly chose the ones that I liked the most.

  It is an excellent place that is located in an area where hundreds of nightclubs come together to offer the best entertainment to young and not so young people, it is a delicious mixture of the modern and the traditional.

  Good DJ music had the atmosphere on and that caused the vast majority of people to leave other places and move here.

  At a certain moment I got hungry and asked for something to eat, after tasting the rich hamburger with Asian touches on my palate I asked for a drink and I warmed up.

  After hours I started to dance and enjoy good music, we were all happy to be there, I really had an amazing time and I would like to return in the near future.

  This is one of the clubs that is most in demand in Singapore due to the minimalist style of the songs that you can listen to here. Since I came on a weekend, I had to book a table in advance to enjoy the place.

  I put on a short dress with some glitter and high heels, I stood out when I entered the site and I like when everyone looks at me, they make me feel important.

  I must admit that the musical atmosphere was very good, I enjoyed it to the fullest with a good glass of wine that I ordered on the spot. Many young people wanting to live the moment, they felt free and they infected me with their adrenaline, I think there were more than 200 people standing and 150 at tables, a large number of visitors that makes the place a good alternative to enjoy. I danced until dawn, yes, without heels and with the best smile I could offer to those who saw me.

  Taking advantage of the fact that I was at the Marina Bay Sands, and not to go too far, I took the opportunity to visit the Ce La Vi Rooftop. Located on the rooftop of the towers, it is awarded as the best entertainment and dining lifestyle destination. A quite crowded place for very beautiful and famous people, I noticed first by the face and body of those who were there and second by the crowd of people who wanted photos and autographs with some of those present. Cocktail, a lot of cocktail was what I had here.

  I asked one of the waiters and he told me that there were famous singers and TV celebrities who had soap operas on the air and they were the hits of the moment in Singapore.

  Another thing that I could notice is that people wore flashy, flowing outfits and did not go unnoticed, an important rule of the place because if you do not you will be a zero to the left.   The men’s and women’s suits were beautiful and somewhat outrageous, but it is a norm that has been implemented here over time.

  What I can highlight and that most caught my attention was the large number of cultures that exist here and they strive to make their roots stand out in an area that has different cultures. This is how they have been maintained and have earned the respect of the inhabitants of Singapore and tourists. People are very kind, they always have something good to give you, even if it is a big smile.

  I loved the orchid field in the middle of the city, I wish I had one like that in my room. These are all reasons that make me want to return to Singapore.