Hello girls, a pleasure to have you here again to learn about a new adventure of these great trips. For a long time I had been curious to visit the regions near England again, that is why during a rainy morning I got up to prepare a delicious coffee and began to review my list of possible trips, I remember that I had Portsmouth as one of my options , is a port city and naval base on the south coast of England, located mainly on the island of Portsea.

During my stay in England I have had the curiosity to get to know this city. Days later, I came up with the brilliant idea of ​​going to see that beautiful city, which through various photographs on social networks left me shocked. Notably, Portsmouth is known for its maritime heritage and the Historic Dockyard, home to the interactive Royal Navy National Museum, the wooden warship HMS Victor, as well as the Mary Rose, which belonged to the Royal Navy. Tudor dynasty, without forgetting that it is also preserved in a shipyard museum. The next day, I did not hesitate to schedule a trip, which two days later was already becoming a reality.

When I arrived at The Beach Club I was totally amazed by its architecture so simple but stunning inside, it is a fantastic bar and restaurant proudly independent by the beach, with the most coveted view in the south. As I entered they gave me a super delicious tropical fruit cocktail, it was perfect to cool off and start this adventure.

The food team welcomes each tourist kindly to have the best experience in the place and thus taste the delicious food and drinks, cold or hot for those who love special coffees and teas. Which by the way, during the night it was impossible not to delight myself with a loaded and handmade hot chocolate.

The attention is magnificent. I remember that during the afternoon at The Beach Club it was impossible not to relax with selected wines, draft beer and cider, drinks that he absolutely loved! The Beach Club creates special ticketed events throughout the year with live performances and themed menus, just as I executed my trip various groups were presented. Hours before those big shows I enjoyed the beach and its radiant sun. Without a doubt, what a great reception I could have in Portsmouth, The Beach Club was the appetizer to start this wonderful trip, which I was sure was going to be phenomenal.

When leaving The Beach Club I wanted to rest, and what better option to have my stay at the Holiday Inn Express Portsmouth hotel

Holiday Inn Portsmouth is a charming hotel where I stayed during my stay in Portsmouth, a magical hostel in the center of the city. It’s so great that I was able to get easy access to Clarence Pier, St. Thomas Cathedral and Gunwharf Docks.

 The room that corresponded to me was beautiful, since it had a giant TV on the wall where I could enjoy my soap operas and a delicious refreshing green leaf tea was waiting for me on the nightstand.

I must confess that I will always remember their delicious breakfasts, since at the Express Café & Bar, they served me food and snacks throughout the day and they know very well that I love to eat. On another morning, I enjoyed the buffet breakfast that offers bacon and sausage, as well as continental items from the city. After that banquet, it was perfect to go to train in the gym, where the trainers very kindly offered me routines with all kindness, I loved going to train for a few minutes, it is one of the peculiarities that the hotel offers, the opportunity to the visitors to continue with training routines and it was sensational because the trainer indicated each exercise to be executed.

Near the gym was one of the swimming pools, where every time I had the chance I went to swim for a long time, this helped me to relax for a while and meet the other visitors of the hotel.

And at night Spa was waiting for me to receive a rich massage guide on my back to have a more wonderful vacation.

Holiday Inn Portsmouth is fantastic, at night I went to the bar and restaurant, artists with instruments appeared to play beautiful melodies, accompanied by some delicious glasses of champagne, it was such a fun time that I spent every night in this place with the other guests enjoyed themselves there until dawn.

On a morning with the radiant sun and a fresh and welcoming atmosphere, and thanks to the many suggestions received before and my research on the web, I decided to go out and see this place that seemed so grand and charming, the Mary Rose Museum, at arriving and seeing its imposing structure was really exciting.

A giant museum was built on the ship and it was not tampered with at any time to keep it intact, and without a doubt it was one of the features that I loved the most. This fantastic ship is full of a lot of history, the Mary Rose, there is a great writing that I read and it totally stuck in my mind, which said that this ship carried six large guns from the beginning of her career, which makes you appreciate the gun station so impressive and makes the Mary Rose had a state of the art design.


The museum is dedicated to the warship of the Tudor navy, as well as the historical context in which she was active and they were characteristics that made me fall in love with this place the most, the story hooks me in such an incredible way that I cannot help it. Without a doubt, this museum on the sea was a great experience, the creativity of its creation was so fantastic that it impresses tourists, contemplating its paintings and seeing the ocean from there is impossible not to despise such beauty.

The experiences in Portsmouth were more and more fantastic, without a doubt, I was able to get a wonderful travel tour of this wonderful destination. For several days full of rides in a great adventure, it was super charming!

It completely caught my attention that in Portsmouth museums are places of leisure and to have a good time, that is why I do not hesitate to visit the oldest warship in the world, HMS Victoria, which is still in service. This spectacular place is still the emblematic ship of the commander in chief of the popular Navy. The guides told me that the best time on this ship was when the line began to launch cannons and reached the battle of the Napoleonic wars. Lord Nelson, the most popular maritime officer in the United Kingdom. There I was also able to rediscover history and learn much more about Portsmouth, without a doubt it is a magical, surprising and captivating place to discover great secrets that have served for the evolution of the city

The South Parade Pier is a pier in Portsmouth, England.

It is one of the two docks in the city.

When I arrived I discovered that the pier once had a long corridor in the center that housed a rest area and a small restaurant. Outside the room is a promenade that runs the length of the pier.

This beautiful place offers typical attractions by the sea, such as souvenir shops, where I tasted a delicious ice cream, without forgetting the indoor amusements and a magnificent amusement park.

It also contains a fishing deck and two function rooms often used for live music.

t is an aquarium located in Portsmouth and I can tell you that it is phenomenal. There are more than 40 live exhibits that house various species of sharks and tropical lobsters or seahorses and tropical fish and being so close to them delighted me enormously, feeling nature so close has no comparison. While walking in the park I noticed that in the heart of the aquarium there is a large ocean tank where an underwater tunnel offers close encounters with reef fish. How spectacular! Other exhibits that caught my attention and that it was inevitable not to observe, was the home of poisonous frogs, nautiluses, toxic toads, turtles, aquatic turtles and otters. On the other hand, there was the 500,000 liter nature-themed pool that had rocky areas and underwater caves along with other environmental enrichment features to ensure the seals are kept in near-natural conditions. It was a rewarding experience that I would repeat.

ghtlife in Portsmouth has a reputation for being quite wild and exciting, and I was able to prove this myself by visiting some of the best nightspots during my stay here. I was certainly amazed at how much fun I had.

Amazing staff and amazing music, there is a barman on curve, this place is amazing I enjoyed it tremendously, always friendly and makes my night, always has so much energy and a smile on his face the waiters that is very rewarding.

Definitely my fabulous bartender there so far, I recommend this place for a night out, and for the djs, omg its amazing.

At night it was ideal for a few shots of tequila in the VIP area.

Popworld is a night bar with a difference, and that is that it includes some very delicious drinks, which I love and so do you, but which you might not admit. At Popworld, I was greeted by friendly bar staff who are ready to serve you a wide variety of delicious and fun cocktails. I had fun all night with like-minded fun loving people. Popworld plays all the cheesy pop tunes the patrons want to hear, and makes their night fantastic! And yes it was. At midnight, the VIP area was my favorite because the champagne was enabled just for me.

What a wonderful trip. This place is so close and without a doubt it was wonderful, the history of England is magnificent, every day you learn something new and I love that. It was very beautiful to visit those great museums full of curiosities that filled my soul with how excited it was. This place is wonderful to live a great tour, the variety of its gastronomy and places to visit is gigantic and impressive, which I am sure you can fall in love with at first sight. This trip was one of the wonderful ones that I have made in all this time, I love discovering every little corner and the history that it offers us to be better citizens every day.