To access the beauty of Glenelg I did it easily from the city of Adelaide, for this I used the Glenelg tram. I noticed that there is a lot here to entertain everyone, such as fishing excursions, sailing, beach volleyball and activities, walking trails, bicycle rentals, the famous swim, dolphin watching or even a sunset cruise, reserves, areas playground, barbecue areas, lots of history and an amusement center. Once I got here I didn’t want to leave so I highly recommend you come and see what Glenelg has to offer. Adelaide serves as an important cradle to house a large number of financial institutions, thus giving it a link to the economy of this place. Elevated 50 meters above sea level, I loved Adelaide as it stands between plains and mountain ranges that cover the rivers and streams that flow through the region.

  Its pleasant warm, humid and mild climate, with winters and summers that raise temperatures, makes Adelaide one of the driest cities in that country. For those who do not know me yet, my name is Lucy and I want to share with you that Adelaide is a city located in Australia and its iconic name is due to Queen Adelaide, consort of King William IV of the United Kingdom and was founded in the year 1836. The design of the city is an impressive work by Colonel William Light, one of the fathers of its formation. He not only designed the city, he was also responsible for planning the strategic location, near the Torrens River.

  The city of Adelaide was developing its culture in the mixture of races, products of massive migrations as a result of wars and sociopolitical conflicts of other nations. This rich mix of colors and cultures have enriched Adelaide, allowing it to infuse cuisine with ingredients from other nations.

Eye-catching premium offerings from Europe and South East Asia were the inspiration behind bringing The Moseley Beach Club located in Australia to life, offering tourists and locals a relaxed atmosphere mixed with fun.

  The vast majority of people, like me, are always looking for great discounts and in some cases they want to be exempt from any payment, I must admit if it is free, much better. Here at The Moseley Beach Club there is no entrance fee for its visitors, which gives it a plus over other beach clubs.

In this place I found good food, I drank a lot of wine, and at dinner time I decided on an informal dinner, in the pool area very close to the beautiful sand that borders the beaches that managed to transform my experience in this place into the best of all

I sat in a booth decorated with a beautiful lounger, from here I was able to taste the most delicious dishes and cocktails, to the sound of live music enjoying with the rest of the spectators and a wide variety of entertainment, I was able to live a different experience.

Right next to me sat Jenni, a Peruvian girl with whom I struck up a conversation after a while, with her I enjoyed a night of cocktails and pleasant conversation.

  But in the middle of the talk we diverted to the political issue and he proudly told me that it feels good to belong to a democratic country, he assured me that the changes of presidents have been constant, but unlike other countries they have been able to get them renewed the powers.

  How good it is to coincide with people of different nationalities, it is wonderful to know what there is beyond the little that is known on a global scale.

Together with Jenni we agreed to have dinner at one of her famous restaurants, the Igloo East, it was a fortune to get a table for two, later they did not explain that because of her fame she is always full, that day there was a cancellation and it was our turn to enter, we We settle in between a relaxed sofa and a lounge, or a round table for dining. 

  I don’t know how to explain to you about the gastronomic experience that we live in this place, the famous igloo menu caught our attention, when reading it I could notice that it is contemplated for two or four people, it was a five-course dinner, that is, five dishes each one more delicious than the other and accompanied with international wines.

  From then on the rest is history, together with Jenni we chatted until we couldn’t and from cup to cup the night was not over and it was time to retire, each one followed their destiny but, of course, we agreed to continue in contact.

  I already had my reservation in one of the best and most exclusive hotels in the area, when I visited the website before embarking on my trip I was already clear that this would be the best place to stay.

  Thanks to my previous reservation, they were already waiting for me and leaving The Moseley Beach Club I went straight to my destination. At the Oaks Glenelg Plaza Pier Suites, they were already waiting for me and my check-in was super fast, Amy the host girl that night gave me a short tour of the place because it was already a little late, we agreed to continue the tour the next day.

  Upon arriving at my beautiful room I was able to check its great facilities, contemporary decoration and equipped with everything, I was already tired so I took a shower and sat on the terrace to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea until I fell asleep.

  The next day very early in the morning I had agreed with Amy the hostess to continue with the tour of the place, I got ready and went out ready to have breakfast and spend the day at the hotel to enjoy its facilities, I was able to see the spa and I did a appointment for later hours, sauna, gym and restaurants and cafeterias, and finally the pool, I stayed in this place to have breakfast and take the opportunity to sunbathe and swim a little before the spa. 

  At the end of the afternoon and after the spa, I got ready for dinner but I went down to the Lobby first to take advantage of and plan my outings to get to know the Glenelg area. Another point in favor of this hotel was that in addition to being right in front to the beach is very close to several tourist attractions such as Moseley Square and Colley Reserve, a success for me since I could walk and come everywhere on my own.

  Another of my anticipated plans was to go swimming with the wild dolphins in their natural habitat, so I booked a ride on the Temptation Sailing before I arrived, recognized and certified as the first boat to practice swimming with these adorable creatures.

  Undoubtedly one of the most remembered and romantic moments and places of this destination was the Twilight Cruise, although it is ideal to enjoy as a couple and relax looking at the horizon while the sun goes down, I did it alone, but I liked the experience

  I sat on the sailing catamaran with a glass of wine while watching the sun set over the water, that view is beyond compare. During the cruise, I was able to observe and touch the dolphins that frolicked by the hulls. 

  A fully licensed bar is open during the cruise. I decided to try swimming with the wild dolphins and it was one of the best experiences of my life they are charming and more intelligent than you can imagine, I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to get out of the water.

  On the way back it was getting dark and the dolphins retired to their homes, they knew that the light marked their departure and ours.

  As I wanted to know more and more about the whole area, its culture, its history, its ancient places, its fauna, and if I wanted to eat that little corner of Australia in such a short time, I joined a couple of tours that I will tell you about here

  This tour was the best experience, it took me to immerse myself in the rich indigenous history of Adelaide, by the hand of Petter, the experienced local guide, who touched me that day, he guided me to learn first-hand about aboriginal art and have the opportunity of managing native Australian wildlife.

  This walk lasted almost all day but it was one of the best we walked through different places, we started at the Museum of South Australia, then we went to Rymill Park and Colebrook Reconciliation Park and ended at the Tjilbruke Monument, all these spaces are unique and give honor to the native culture of the area.

  As I wanted to know a little more about the night side of Glenelg, I signed up for this workshop, it is wonderful with my own camera I was able to capture the best moments with the best panoramas to remember by these experts.

  They taught me so many wonderful things, just following simple steps, putting technical language aside, allowed me to express my creativity and get great low light shots every time. 

Help them with quick tips for better photography so you can embrace a new experience, capture some beauty and then share it with the world.

  When visiting Glenelg I wanted to enjoy the wide range of options and night spots to have a nice drink, dance, socialize and feel the nightlife so I met Jenni and we agreed to go out dancing a couple of nights in the area.

  It was our first stop, this bar is one of the best bars in Adelaide, it is located on the terrace of a building. Upon arrival we noticed that it is very elegant and has a very New York style. The cocktails are delicious, the view of the city is hypnotizing, colored lights turn on at night, you can enjoy very sophisticated hors d’oeuvres along with the wide variety of cocktails and varied music. You will feel the adrenaline running through your veins while the music plays.

  The next night we went to Maybe Mae, this bar offers a wide variety of international and local beers, it is their specialty. From the outset we loved its very sophisticated atmosphere, the music lends itself to dancing all night. We find ourselves with a wide variety of groups of people, between tourists and locals, all wanting to enjoy their night. Nothing else remains to get involved with the place guided by the most current musical steps that dominate the show.

  To visit is to stay Ay, thinking of Adelaide is synonymous with greatness, noble, friendly people and great cultural wealth, that is the imposing Adelaide. Through The Moseley Beach Club you will be able to discover all these great things, you will not regret it, come and visit the paradisiacal place.