What’s up girls, a pleasure to have you again reading my adventures and experiences around the world. In this opportunity, I will tell you about a super and wonderful trip that I made through Carolina, a municipality located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, east of the capital, San Juan, and west of Trujillo Alto. It is considered to belong to the highly industrialized and populated metropolitan area of San Juan. Visiting Carolina was a fascinating experience, the town is known as «Land of Giants» and is the birthplace of many Puerto Rican heroes, such as the member of the baseball hall of fame. Days before executing my trip, I was very excited to visit that beautiful landscape again, Puerto Rico has been called an island of prosperity and abundant beauty. When I was on the plane I could feel the positive feeling to enjoy this trip to the fullest.


While I was on the plane I checked a list of beach clubs, this time I wanted something very fascinating, and I did it with Vivo Beach Club, its beautiful structure did not make me doubt for a second that I was there.

Arriving at Vivo Beach Club was one of the best experiences, when I saw its facilities I was totally shocked. They have a huge and radiant pool that I did not hesitate for a second to take such a divine dip to cool off from the trip.

After that welcome I went to the beach access; perfect to feel the strong sun that characterizes Puerto Rico. I was extremely happy with this great experience. 

After two in the afternoon, hunger was already reaching me, so I decided to go directly to the restaurant, it was on the second floor, accessible by elevator. Overall, the entire complex has a nice, well-maintained atmosphere, and the restaurant overlooks the pool area and adjoining beach that completely made me fall in love. The menu was varied and extensive, all the food was very excellent. I ordered some very tasty Oysters, as well as the ceviche and the conch. And enjoy a rich sparkling wine.

They know I’m a huge fan of beer, but if you are, there are plenty of options along with samples from the in-house brewery. The service was good, the prices very reasonable given the quality and atmosphere of the club. After that delicious lunch, it’s time for the afternoon, in those hours Vivo is fully activated because it also has a stage next to the pool for concerts and that’s where many start dancing.

It was a spectacular afternoon where salsa and cumbia were protagonists, from there I was able to enjoy a beautiful sunset and I met Esteban, who was a tourist from the Dominican Republic who was visiting the island for the first time, we became friends and it was he who recommended me a phenomenal hotel near the beach club for my stay.

Hotels in Carolina abound everywhere because it is a tourist area, however I was super sure of the hotel I chose to stay on my wonderful trip. Arriving at the Tryp hotel was the best decision I could have made.

A few steps from the beach is the magnificent TRYP by Wyndham Isla Verde, it is a great oasis for lovers of coastal areas. Its perfect location in Carolina makes it close to the historical attractions of Old San Juan and the commercial districts of Hato Rey and Guaynabo, which I loved enormously, it was impossible to get to the hotel and enjoy its great and varied restaurants, where enjoy exquisite phenomenal dishes.

The room that corresponded to me was phenomenal, a suite with a sea view, as well as a giant bed to relax at all times. My bedroom had a wonderful seating area that allowed me to see the city and feel its cool morning sun.

During my stay at the Tryp, I didn’t hesitate to take a dip in its giant pool, which refreshed me at all times. Something peculiar that I fell in love with was the shops and entertainment that were inside the hotel, where I could buy beautiful souvenirs from the island. In the mornings I jogged through the hotel gardens and then I couldn’t stop doing my training in the gym, a great service with the best personal trainer. And of course, at night the bar lit up with fun at all levels with good music.

Arriving and seeing this beautiful waterfall was phenomenal.

In Puerto Rico, once you get out of the city, it is not very difficult to find some beautiful waterfalls.

However, I was able to discover a magical place like Salto Los Pilones and Charco de los Caballos, located right in the city.

The river is very beautiful and interesting that starts at El Yunque and runs to the sea, with many waterfalls and pools that allowed me to swim everywhere and feel the water so fresh and cold.

The guides of this great place commented that this river has been visited for hundreds of years, as evidenced by the petroglyphs that we have found in other places on this river.

It was a really nice place to spend some time and cool off.

Also seeing the natural pool area is a good size and seemed deep enough to jump in and be underwater. On the sides was the Rio Abajo, where there were some other smaller pools. There is a nice area to have a little picnic or put some chairs to relax and cool off for a few hours. Getting to this river is easy, with a short easy walk from the road.

Three great experiences were marked on this trip, I will remember each tour in its landscapes and cultural spaces. I learned about history and atmosphere, the perfect combination.

A super place that I loved for its great meaning and where history is the protagonist.


The Gallery of the Giants is dedicated to showcasing the history and legacy of eight of Carolina’s most iconic figures.

The gallery has memorabilia and animatronic displays that walked me through the lives of these important figures.


It was pleasant to greet Felipe Birriel who welcomed me, as well as Julia de Burgos who recited her famous poem Río Grande de Loíza, wonderful prose to enjoy.

Knowing the Balneario de Carolina, which for several years has been awarded the Blue Flag award for cleanliness and water quality was the best, is one of the most popular and favorite beaches in the metropolitan area. It has spectacular white sand and beautiful crystal clear waters. I loved that the beach has attractions for everyone, there are water sports and I was able to play on a beach volleyball court. Some of the small restaurants that you will find along the beach include BambooBei Beach Bistró and Vaivén Beach Bar. At Balneario de Carolina, I was able to relax while getting a tan.

The Piñones State Forest has valuable physical, ecological and geographical qualities, in the coastal plain in Carolina.

In this beautiful forest they are home to mangrove forests and in addition, you can see beaches, bays, reefs, seagrass meadows, salt flats, islets, a luminescent lagoon and sand dunes.

The nature reserve is located east of Isla Verde and north of the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.

Great experience in this forest where nature is the protagonist and to feel its special aroma, it was very gratifying to get there and enjoy this sensational trip.

Carolina and in fact all of Puerto Rico is well known for being very happy and fun and for the rhythm and flavor that they carry in their own Caribbean veins, and on this trip I was not going to let the night parties go by, I wanted to visit the best places on the island, so I put all my effort into getting to visit the best places in the city.

What a great night lived in Tamboo, a great nightclub, the bar offers a great selection of cocktails, wines and beers, however when enabling the VIP night they offered us drinks of my favorites; a rich sparkling champagne. I loved that this club we could ask the bartenders for cocktail suggestions based on the favorite flavors of each tourist and they create the best option. It was a wonderful place, in the early hours of the morning I got active and started dancing like never before, feeling that tropical flavor that Puerto Ricans can offer you is very sensational.

This club is willing to enjoy good music and entertainment. It is a perfect place to have a good time and dance the night away. Upon arrival I went straight to the VIP area and shared with several tourists from Mexico and the Dominican Republic. That night I had a great time, in Toxic Night you can eat whatever you want and feel the aroma of many happy people, something very particular about these clubs is that this club is open until the early hours of the morning, super cool to share and enjoy delicious cold drinks.

What a pleasant experience I had in Carolina, Puerto Rico, without a doubt it was an extraordinary trip where I enjoyed it from the first day. In Carolina, peace, history and its people are fantastic, they make you feel at home and have a good time in their spaces, in addition to their great places to get to know this great town and feel joy. I left Carolina with the desire to return in a new opportunity and to know many more spaces of this beautiful place, it is fascinating and I am sure that you will also enjoy it as much as I did.