This time my new traveling adventure will be in the company of Sohar, a close family friend from India, who insisted every time she saw me to visit her country of origin, so I promised her that my next trip would be to India and we would go together, who better than a person who is from that place to meet him. So what is promised is debt. Since we landed in the state of Goa located on the coast of the Republic of India, a picturesque area near the Indian Ocean, I have not stopped admiring the beauty of the Pearl of the Orient, as the inhabitants call it.

  Upon arrival, we spent a while at the Dabolim airport waiting for a friend of Sohar, Safar, who would be our full-time driver or at least when we need his service, since that is what he does.

Safar did not take long to appear and gave us a tour of the city to take us to our first stop which was the Gunpowder restaurant, one of the favorite places for tourists visiting Goa. There I ordered a shrimp dish (Prawn), simply delicious. Sohar says this is the best restaurant in South India.

  Upon entering the Beach Club W Goa Rock Pool chosen by my dear Sohar, I noticed that it is a spectacular place to spend the day, most of its facilities are outdoors, ideal to appreciate the view of the sea and the favorable tropical climate.

  Before getting to know the W Goa Rock Pool in depth, we booked in advance two of the comfortable cottages or villas that are located in the Beach Club, they contain very comfortable rooms with a view of the garden and the Arabian Sea in the background, it is a place excellent to spend a comforting and magical weekend. To renew our body and mind, Sohar and I decided to visit the Away Spa that is located on the premises, a space totally suitable for physical well-being with specialized attention, sufficient for total relaxation.

  The place has several restaurants, however the one I enjoyed the most was the Spice Traders, where it exhibits the best Asian dishes with the option of eating outside, without a doubt I loved the inside part, but I prefer to do it outside with its splendid view to the sea and enjoying the outdoors.

  To continue enjoying our stay at the W Goa Rock Pool, at night we went to the Woobar, a restaurant bar near Vagator beach, where we enjoyed good music with live DJs and the colorful cocktails they serve. We had a super amazing time and met several people with whom we enjoyed that night of drinks.

  To spend the rest of our days we decided to move to the I Love Bell Bottons hotels, a picturesque place where their hospitality made us feel more comfortable in every way. Its pool has a spectacular guitar shape, something quite unique that I think I have never seen before, simply unmatched.

  When Sohar and I arrived, we asked for two of the best rooms, as we were on a good run we did not want to skimp on expenses, the truth is that I found the colorful decoration that this hotel has very beautiful. I got to my room to rest for a while and go out to see the restaurant, which also has a musical style. 

  And yes, the restaurant had a very colorful musical style from the 70s, Sohar and I ordered some delicious hamburgers, in this place they turned out to be specialists in Indian-American fusion food, to our surprise this culinary delight turned out to be a total success we loved it It had so many good flavors that I totally devoured it.

  When we finished eating we relaxed for a while in front of the pool and then took a dip in it, it provoked us to do so. Then a couple of delicious drinks were waiting for us on our loungers, I must confess I am a fan of them, there is nothing better than relaxing to have a drink enjoying the sun and good music in the background.

  Then we took a walk to see the facilities of the place, we were able to admire the different services that are provided for all kinds of events. And what caught our attention the most was its modern nightclub where, I tell you, we spent a few nights during our stay. The I Love Bell Bottons Bar is an excellent option for anyone who wants to spend a good night out in a good, comfortable and elegant space, it offers excellent options for food and wine lovers.

  I was particularly delighted, it is a relaxed place and the live DJs fill the place with good music that invites you to relax and dance the night away. This was one of the times that we wanted to rest that particular day to continue our adventure in Goa.


  During our adventure in Goa we enjoyed every moment of this paradisiacal place, especially our tour on a private cruise on the banks of the Mandovi River, it is such a complete place that we went on a couple of occasions to continue enjoying all the fun that we find here. 

  This ride on the cruise is totally amazing with a view of Panaji and incredible recreation opportunities, we were able to enjoy all the fun on board and the games on board for all passengers, this experience unites everyone and made everyone share with different cultures, as well as a buffet dinner and delicious desserts. We stopped in a remote area to hang out to the music of an exclusive DJ on board, it was an unexpectedly fun party of different nationalities.

  It was a moment when I laughed so much that my stomach hurt, it was very funny to see Sohar, dancing to the music. This is what I call little moments that fill our souls.

Sohar, as a good friend and excellent organizer, already had a good travel itinerary in mind to get to know great good and attractive places, and I happily love doing new things every day and discovering new cultures.

We started our journey one day before sunset, we had spent a long time in the hotel pool and decided to visit the Big Daddy Casino, to try our luck and get to know this beautiful place.

It is a luxury Casino aboard a cruise ship, the truth is that I had never seen anything like it, I thought it was an incredible place to enjoy all night, it was an excellent idea to arrive at sunset, the first thing we did was look for a couple of drinks and enjoy the sunset at the bow of the ship.


To then enter and do the same in all the facilities, I tried everything from the slots, the roulette to the dice, what was my surprise is that it turned out to be my lucky day at this table and I won for 7 rounds in a row, I tripled my bet and well I retired before it vanished and we continued enjoying until dawn.

For now we decided to continue our tour and took a walk through the Basilica of Bom Jesus, it is good to know and visit the religious and historical sites of each destination.

This is a baroque church located in Old Goa. Inside, the floor is paved with marble inlaid with precious stones, however it has a quite simple but fascinating decoration.


I learned that the tomb of Saint Francis Xavier is housed here, being one of the most important pilgrimage centers in India. In 1986, the Basilica of Bom Jesus was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is considered one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in India.

I was very curious about the number of Christian temples that this town has, however it is because the population of Goa is a territory that was colonized by the Portuguese.

To complement our walk, we also went to the Dudhsagar Falls, a little far from us about 60km north of Belgaum, it was worth this trip, Safar our driver was the one who took us to this place.

Upon arrival we stay at the entrance and start a walking tour of the park, until we reach these beautiful waterfalls, the path there is as beautiful as the final destination.

Upon arrival it is the best we could cool off in the beautiful pool formed by the Dudhsagar waterfall. The views in this place are incredible here we were able to make the best panoramic views to remember. this waterfall is one of the highest in India. Thousands of people come here every year to bathe in the beautiful natural pool. Every moment we spent there, this time we only went in the company of Safar. It was truly an experience that I will not forget, it was an excellent idea from Sohar.

In our fun nights we went to several night bars, one of the best that I enjoyed with Sohar and her friends, this area is well known for its nightlife so we did not hesitate to visit several of the best places.

Our first option was the Premium Night Club In Goa, a modern and complete nightclub, ideal for enjoyment, on this fabulous cruise we find the best to have a fabulous time. 

This gigantic cruise ship opens its doors to all those who wish to enjoy the best night parties while visiting the beaches of Goa, from here they can admire the views of the sea, learn a little about the facilities and the shows every night.

That night there were two international DJs who shone by presenting their best mixes all night. It is good to arrive early since the party is until 2:00 am, and that is how we spent one of the best nights of partying between drinks. , cocktails and dances.

We met a group of foreigners who were passing through and between laughs and anecdotes the night passed in a flash.

  Another of the nightclubs we enjoyed was the Hammerzz Nightclub, this state-of-the-art luxury nightclub, located right next to the Baga River in Goa, is spread over a vast area with elegant interiors, a spacious dance floor and unparalleled entertainment. 

  In this place there were more people than in the previous club, apparently the variety of DJ’s that are presented are very good due to the diversity of music they play. That night there were performances of live singers, it was excellent to witness these small private concerts.

  Personally, I liked the place and we danced so much until we couldn’t anymore. Sohar was drinking a lot and I asked her to dance so she could sweat a little after the drinks, it was an excellent idea on my part since she felt better. Just an amazing night.

  The last one we visited was Cocktails & Dreams, located near the Arabian Sea with a more tropical atmosphere, small but modern, it was one of the best, since these environments are one of my favorites. The service they offered us, apart from having an affordable price, was quite good, both the food and their cocktails. 

  At one point when I was dancing with one of Sohar’s friends, my ankle sprained, it hurt a lot, but it was no reason to leave so early, so I sat with the guys until I felt better, Sohar He wanted to take me to the hospital, however I told him that it was not a big deal, I just had to rest for a while until it goes away, and so I did. Despite this untimely event, it was an amazing night that I will remember from my trip.

My stay in Goa or as many call it, the Pearl of the Orient, has come to an end, I must say that spending these days in this small bay was fantastic, it made me accumulate beautiful memories with incredible people, unforgettable walks and unique experiences. Sohar was right, I wouldn’t regret it, now I want to visit more of India, because apparently I only knew the smallest state of it. I hope to return to this magical place and in that opportunity to learn more about the Hindu culture. This was my little tour in the Pearl of the Orient, thanks Goa.