If you ask Lucy why she visited Egypt, Lucy will easily answer that she traveled to these magical lands because of its architecture, imposing deserts and because she simply wanted to describe the mysteries of ancient Egypt. I thought that connecting with the locals would be a bit difficult, but no, I was wrong and they turned out to be very kind and hospitable people who did not hesitate to let me know all the fascinating history of the place.
  Abasi, an older man told me the history of the desert, what the great pyramids and archaeological figures represent for them. He told me that he has always wished that no more archaeological elements of his ancestors or ruins are discovered, because he prefers to keep history in its place and that what should rest in peace, rest in peace while the living continue to advance without sea.

Like Abasi, Abayomi, another Egyptian resident recommended me to ride through the desert to connect with the past and their history, they assured me that it would be an unforgettable experience.
That is why I joined a safari through this desert and not only saw desert, I also saw impressive pyramids that left me amazed.
That is why I located the website who offered me a good alternative to know this highly recommended place.

From home and before leaving for Egypt I looked for the best options to stay and I decided on Albatros Beach Club, its rooms overlooking the Red Sea are incredible.
But upon arrival I went straight to the private beach and enjoyed the waves and the sand. Being in the water for so long always makes me a little hungry, that’s why I ran to one of the three restaurants that the place offers.
The first offers a wide Italian gastronomy and the other grilled food, these two caught my attention but I went for the faster option and ate grill. 

After eating I went to the bar that was near that restaurant, in the same place, and had some appetizers with a few drinks that lifted my spirits. Late in the afternoon I went to the water park, right here, an option that would allow me a moment of distraction since I did not want to play I had and less soccer. They also offer scuba diving, but it was more of the same. As in other trips, I stayed here for several days but then I looked for another place to give mobility to my trip and have new experiences.

  What a great hotel, here I stayed to complement my days in Egypt. The impressive pool amazed me with its masterful view of the green mountains that surround the place, In the middle of the Great Pyramids of Giza, historical monuments and the Sphinx airport, is the Steigenberger Pyramids Cairo hotel, what more could you ask for from the life.

  I really liked the room with an impeccable interior design in gray and brown tones, I loved it because it offered me comfort and convenience. The restaurant area is impressive, the lighting, the chairs, the colors, the decoration, everything is simply luxurious. Eating here is a real pleasure and enjoying the attention they offer you at the bar is unmatched.

  I could see them a few centimeters away, there are three that were inexplicably built 4,500 years ago. 

  On the tour I had the support of a tour guide who explained all the history, myths and legends of the place, also under previous coordination I was able to enter the pyramids and it was amazing to be in that place.

  Here I was able to eat during a break that takes place on the route, and then Saqqara and Memphis. 

  Once there you will explore the legendary pyramids of Saqqara, including the renowned Step Pyramid of Djoser.

  I went to Thebes to see the Karnak, a group of temples located at this point that was the capital of Egypt for more than 1,000 years. During the following 2,000 years, 30 pharaohs were competing and building temples and statues in honor of the god Amun. 

  This is the second place with the most tourist projection in Egypt, which is impressive to see how imposing columns rose and later the Egyptians made engravings on it to leave a message to humanity. Here I took a series of photographs that remained for posterity.

My God, what a chaotic, large and populated city, with this I was able to verify what they say is like that because it is the largest in the African continent.

To start with, I went to the immense Jan el-Jalil bazaar, there I was able to haggle a few articles of clothing and the occasional object that I wanted to take with me. 

Then I went for a walk around Tahrir Square until I got to the Egyptian Museum, what impressive exhibits they have here.

Mandarin Bar


I came here and was impressed with the place and although there were many options I decided on the Tea Room to enjoy an English tea, but served in the best British style, wow how fascinating.

Tea options include Earl Gray, English Breakfast and Organic Japan Classic, Red Berries, Lemon Sky, Black Decaffeinated, Assam and Darjeeling.

I lost count of how many I had, but they were delicious. This place is full of many fights and colors, I loved that because they light up the night and make the sky shine.

Crystal Live

Elegance and comfort come together in this place to offer an unforgettable experience, a quiet place to enjoy a pleasant conversation without so much movement. 

Here I was able to enjoy excellent live music, as well as impeccable piano performances, as well as karaoke, and as the night entered the dance floor lights up. I loved this place because you can enjoy calmly.

Elements Club


   I can call it the house of DJs, parties are often held here where different DJs are guests and stars of the night, with different mixes of sounds. Also, the restaurant area is elegant and glamorous, the gray and white color scheme is fantastic. 

   Here I did not drink wine as I always do, this time I chose delicious cocktails that raised my spirits and I ended up dancing in the middle of the floor near the DJ, the dance I did was good because I even received applause.

Do not be confused by the chaos of Cairo, visit Egypt and you will know that beyond the rumors there are many good things in this place. Yes, it is true, crossing the avenues will become your greatest feat, but it is part of the adventure. Know what is behind each pyramid and the good that the immense desert brings you, let yourself be captivated and you will fall in love with this beautiful country.