Favorite destination of many Spaniards and foreigners to enjoy the good food, the sun and the stories that are hidden in the streets of this city. Over the years, many tourists and Spaniards have made this destination number one on their travel list.

Exquisite food, sun and a lot of history is what you will find in this place. One of the most popular dishes here is rice in all its presentations, but arroz a banda is the most requested.

Beaches, sunsets, cathedrals, small islands with only 30 inhabitants and more, these are some of the reasons for you to travel to this destination.

Excellent news about this hotel and that is that they accept pets, this is a very important point because there are families who do not want to leave their pets at home and seek their well-being.

With a price that is worth it for many tourists and 4.1 points out of 5 that ratifies its good service, this hotel makes its way to conquer the preference of the public that is looking for a good option for their vacation days.

It has a swimming pool, so you can sunbathe or swim enjoying a modern and cozy environment. Tourists have also mentioned that the food is good and that the variety presented on the menu is wide.

Training for your body can be carried out in the gym of the facilities of this hotel, the staff is also very friendly and attentive to offer you the best quality when you require something.

Cocktails, beers, wines and more are part of the wide variety of options that are on hand to satisfy the needs of the client. The rooms are modern, big beds, bathroom with hot water and more.

Small but big in very good options. In this hotel cataloged with 3.6 points out of 5, tourists visit it to disconnect from the routine and feel at home.

Located in front of the sea and close to the archaeological Roman ruins, there are many bars near this place and they offer a variety of services to tourists. It will only take you 4 minutes to walk to the beach.

In a radar of 4 kilometers you will arrive at the castle of Santa Bárbara and 15 kilometers from the airport. Enjoy the Internet connection, access to the beach and air conditioning the rooms have impressive views.

The security of the hotel is guaranteed, empathetic staff and all areas have modern elements to offer you the best experience. Comparing price and service, tourists say that it is worth it.

At the summit of Mount Benacantil, the Castle of Santa Bárbara is located there. One of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain, from which you can see the bay of Alicante perfectly.

It has three enclosures at different heights and from 3 different periods: In the highest enclosure (“La Torreta”) are the Torre del Homenaje and the oldest remains of the fortress, dating mostly from the 14th century.

Intermediate enclosure consists of the most important rooms that were built in the 16th century, such as: Philip II Hall, Guard Corps, Patio de Armas, Baluarte de la Reina. The lower enclosure dates from the 18th century and the so-called Bon Repós Ravelin is located there.

Users have awarded this tourist attraction 4.6 out of 5, some visitors were surprised by the access to the place by elevator, others affirm that it is worth the price.

The MARQ is an archeology museum that is committed to renewing the traditional exhibition system, understood as a collection of finds duly classified and catalogued. MARQ is a project conceived and developed from the challenge of being the first archaeological museum of the 21st century.

To enter you must pay a ticket because the prices of these vary depending on the days and the areas of the same to visit. Given this, some tourists emphasize that it is worth the price for the important historical background.

Gladiators Heroes of the Coliseum, Knight of Ifach, among others. These are some of the most recent explosions that will expire in days. Enjoy these exhibitions and learn more about Alicante.

Visitors affirm that the place is interesting, they consider that it is necessary to go calmly to enjoy the exhibitions that will allow you to visit for two hours. There will also be specialized workshops for children.

Users comment that the price of admission is somewhat symbolic and that it is worth it because this money is used for the maintenance of the museum. They claim that everything is very clean, organized and well cared for.

Located on Avenida de Alfonso el Sabio, the Central Market of Alicante is an eclectic-style building, with Valencian modernism ornaments, from the beginning of the 20th century, which fulfills the function of providing products to hundreds of residents and tourists.

As a traditional and beautiful market, this is how a tourist defined this place. Ensures that the facade is glorious, that seeing it will steal your attention. In addition to this, the fruit, vegetable, fish and seafood stall are one of the most visited.

Quality and good prices, this is what visitors say. One of them comments that despite the fact that there are several stalls where you can find products of interest, the most popular is an Argentine stall, many people come here daily, thus denoting a great difference.

Its back door leads to a square full of bars with terraces, always very lively on weekends. Come visit this place because in addition to shopping you can have a moment to share.


Beachfront location with a nightclub, an outdoor pool, and a Mediterranean restaurant.

Don’t let the 3.7 points out of 5 fool you, because the excellence of this place is impressive. Tourists define it as a beautiful and quiet place to visit in the company of family and friends.

Many come here to have a beer on the port in the afternoon. During your visit you will be able to contemplate the beautiful sunset but you will also be able to participate in the organized events where national and international DJs perform.

The place is great for dancing and moving, there is a techno and reggaeton atmosphere. Contemplate the sea, the vibrant sky with brushstrokes of colors. The price of admission is worth it, on the website they are cheaper, as users assure.

Here you will find good cocktails, enter informally and enjoy a fascinating atmosphere to the rhythm of music.

3.6 points out of 5 is what users have rated, it is a good place to dance and have fun all night. Tourists assure that it is a very safe place, with first class attention offered by the waiters.

Although the music is good, they ask for something more modern and include salsa, merengue, among others. Many come here for the tranquility they find in this home and how good they feel.

The price of the service is worth it, the entrance to the parking lot has a value but they guarantee your safety. The favorite day of many is Thursday to come here and move your body non-stop.


Alicante has its own charm, it does not struggle to compete with others because it will always have something new and different to show, it has its own essence and therein lies its power to annually attract tourists.

Exotic beaches, landscapes, beautiful flora, people who always smile and show you that every day is worth living to the fullest. Blessed with 333 days of sunshine to please tourists seeking a tropical climate.