Anguilla Island is located in the center of the Caribbean Sea, it is enough to know this to determine that the trip will be a great experience right in front of the coast of St. Maarten. When visiting it you can have days of excursion, but do not worry about where to sleep because the portfolio of hotels that exists here is very wide.

Arriving in Marigot you can take some of the catamarans that leave daily. But what to do when you finally arrive on Anguilla Island ? Simple, we will explain everything you need to know so you can make the most of the trip.

They say that love enters through the kitchen, so we will start by explaining the great gastronomic variety that you will be able to taste during your trip to Anguilla Island . The most demanded by inhabitants of the island and tourists are the spiny crabs, this dish is very popular steamed or fried. A la carte you will also have seafood, grouper, lobster, snapper and salt fish. All this accompanied by peppers and Creole species. 70 restaurants will be at your disposal to eat whatever you want in every corner of the island.

If sports activities are your thing on Anguilla Island you can enjoy the annual sailboat race. Canotaje Loco Anguilla, this is the name of the company that organizes this regatta during the month of May.

Rocks Little Bay is another of the most requested destinations because celebrities have come here just to jump from the big rocks, capture a video of the jump and make it viral on social networks, just like them, you can too.

If you want a picture with the local reggae legend, you must visit Bankie Banx’s at Dune Preserve. If you like goats you can pet them here, it is one of the protagonists of the most requested dishes on the island despite the reduction in livestock due to the size of the territory.

Now speaking a bit about the theme of fun for everyone and at all times, we can mention one of its most outstanding Beach clubs of the moment in Anguilla Island.

A few meters from the shore is Carimar Beach Club, it is a paradisiacal place with beautiful sun loungers and umbrellas on the seashore, so from there you can enjoy a delicious cocada while you appreciate the white sand and the turquoise sea.

The beach always has a high presence of people due to its imposing beauty, cleanliness and majesty. Enjoy while you get on a surfboard or just play with a beach ball.

Several international awards have been granted by prestigious wine houses to recognize how exquisite this drink is here, in addition to various tourism awards have also been granted for the excellence of the place.

What will you find inside the Beach Club? Here we tell you. There are various types of rooms, including ocean views, suites, non-smoking rooms, and family rooms. So calm down, you will have to choose the one of your preference.

Each room has a coffee maker, desk, air conditioning, television, high-speed Wi-Fi, bathroom, kitchenette and the best service. The Beach Club also offers parking, room service, internet, bicycle and car rental.

Very close to the Beach Club you will also find a wide variety of restaurants where you can taste the best gastronomy of Anguilla Island . If your thing is to buy food, there are also many restaurants nearby to buy what you want.

When it comes to lodging, what everyone is looking for is a great place with the best amenities and with many attractions in one place and for all ages, you will get that and more in this place.

This Resort offers one of the best lodging alternatives in Anguilla, this is because the rooms are varied for the comfort and tranquility of the family, that is, you can reserve the 5-bedroom Villa with a view of the beach, suite of one bedroom ocean view, 3 bedroom ocean view penthouse, deluxe ocean view room and 4 bedroom ocean view villa.

Fresh and contemporary meats and seafood. The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla team will help you with the selection of ingredients so that you can enjoy the best gastronomy of the place. So if you don’t know what to eat, they will help you.

Chinguirito Media Concha is a restaurant at this resort that offers excellent à la carte dishes and a privileged view of the sea, so you can enjoy the sun and the sand.

In Meads Bay you can also enjoy great cocktails on the beach, a leisurely lunch. After eating they will highlight for you a cold beer or an excellent wine. The Sunset Lounge also offers you to sip on aged rum or sample sushi creations and sample light bites. The atmosphere will be enlivened by reggae-influenced DJ sounds, so you’ll have a great time.

The dining room will also be available for you so that you can enjoy the best Caribbean food, if you like gastronomy you will have great options to taste and please your palate.

This Resort also has a space to celebrate events, weddings or business meetings, they have everything you need to have an amazing time, so if you want fun for your loved ones, this is the right place.

If you want to receive a good massage and release stress, the spa area is also available for you, therapies, aromatic candles and sauna, all the best for you.

If what you are looking for is fun, after spending a pleasant time at the resort, Anguilla Island has different super attractive alternatives for all audiences.

A beautiful sailboat will take you aboard an extraordinary journey through Prickly Pear Cays, a series of uninhabited islets on Anguilla Island that guard an important history that will captivate visitors from the first moment.

These islets are divided by a narrow channel between Prickly Pear East and Prickly Pear West, these Cays are classified as wilderness, this has been made possible by the enactment of an Eastern Caribbean Program for natural management. These Keys are a protected area for Anguilla Island.

On board this marine ship you will live the best experience. 


With a glass of wine in hand or perhaps a good sip of wine you will have the best adventure spotting the uninhabited islets protected by the state.

Continuing with the trend of learning a little more about the benefits that Anguilla Island offers, it is actually quite an uphill struggle to be able to decide on a single activity or place to visit, there are so many things to do and discover that you will have days to complete them.

A tour that lasts about 4 hours, so you will have to have your sunglasses and camera at hand to capture the best moment while you live the rewarding experience in this beautiful city.

Keep in mind that at the time of this tour the guide will explain the entire excursion in English, so each place will be described and you will also learn about the historical past that accompanies it.

Oyester Pond, Sint Maarten, ST Martin / St Maarten, are the places where you can stop to enjoy the charm of these areas. You should make the most of it because you will only have 10 minutes at each stop.

Other stopping points are Marigot, ST Maarten. In this para you will learn about the history of Lady Liberty. You will also visit the market and the story of the market lady will catch you as well.

Upon reaching Fort Hill you will have to climb 99 flights of stairs, this is necessary to reach Fort St. Louis, which was built in the 18th century. A tour of great historical experiences.

Get away from the crowded tours and enter this Gourmet Catamaran that only admits a small group of 8 people. So the experience will be greater, you dare to live it with special people.

The experience on board this catamaran will be gastronomic, only for lovers of good cuisine. For 9 hours you can enjoy this adventure that will allow you to taste the best food on the island.

In Rendezvou Bay there will be a momentary stop to contemplate this paradisiacal scenery. The coordinates are on the east side of the island, with San Martin behind you, you will enjoy this paradisiacal beach, you can snorkel and rest first thing in the morning. For 1 hour you will enjoy this wonderful visit to this beautiful island.

Maundays Bays is a luxurious and exotic beach, you will not descend here but you will be able to enjoy its impressive view. Here is the famous Cap Jaluca hotel, when you see it you will not take long to take out your camera.

Mead Bay is another of the beaches, so when you get here you can enjoy 4 dishes of food on board, each one different. Let yourself be caught by the Arroyo or get on a paddle board to live this adventure.

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A beautiful cabin but without a roof, this is this fascinating place that will allow you to enjoy under the wonderful sun or the dazzling moon and stars. Here it is also known as the temple of reggae, so good music will not be lacking.

Some people define it as the opposite of the luxury that stands out on the island. People like the decoration of this bar, it stands out a lot and stands out for being beachy, so enjoy the incredible view of the sea.

Another point that people highlight is the incredible food of this place because it has a Caribbean influence, in addition to the beers that are very cold. The attention is fast which positions the place above many despite not being luxurious.

Enjoying the sun on a lounger at the edge of the beach will be fascinating, open your umbrella and enjoy a delicious cocada or piña colada. You will have a great time while the breeze caresses your face and the sea captivates you with its sound.

Live band, musical instruments and all the best you have here so you don’t feel the need to go elsewhere for fun. Dare to live the adventure with friends and family.

The chicken is the most talked about thing about this place, the people who have eaten here love the peas and the rice that they can eat here. In addition to this, they highlight the excellent attention of the staff.

In principle, the vast majority of people come here just to rent a lounger and enjoy a beer while they are entertained by the tropical landscape, the white sand and the turquoise water.

But after being here the aroma of the kitchen catches them and they decide to visit the whole place to enjoy the much talked about chicken kabob and chicken breast with peas. But there is more, another of the things that customers demand is the chicken sandwich.

Kenrry and Heather are also well remembered for the great care they provide. They strive to offer the best and customers appreciate it. Others remember the rum punch more, highlighting that it is well prepared and quite popular.

Excellent family atmosphere, here you can also celebrate memorable moments by the sea. So, dare to live this fascinating experience with loved ones and capture the best moments of your adventure.

Anguilla Island is synonymous with luxury but it also has areas that break these concepts and shows that great moments can also be found in simplicity. Places by the sea that with little offer you the opportunity to live great moments with people who are special to you.

Uninhabited islets, gastronomic catamarans and tours of fascinating places will take your breath away. Streams, beaches, sand, sun and protected areas will allow you to live a great experience.

Anguilla’s gastronomy is recognized worldwide as one of the best in the Caribbean, chicken, crabs and rice with peas stand out among the most requested.

Wine and beer have also been deserving of great international recognition as one of the best in the world. This positions Anguilla as a great tourist alternative that tells its visitors a great story.