Each new trip, each new destination is a new adventure to which each one of us embarks, in this case I invite you to visit this unforgettable place located in this remote part of the planet, Vagator Goa, between India and Congo. Vagator is a lively coastal area that revolves around the beach of the same name, known for its striking red cliffs. Upon my arrival I took a walk along the neighboring beach of Ozran, or the small Vagator, I started my walk through this place, because its cliff is a famous party place that attracts crowds to watch the sunset from the clubs and bars with a view to the sea and so I did, I had the best time. Upon arriving at this wonderful place, the first thing that came to my mind was having the best time and soaked in the energy of the place of its visitors and locals, I knew that it was definitely the best place to start my tour of this destination.

At that precise moment my curiosity was born to visit the much famous Antares Beach club, known for its endless options that range from sunbathing on the sumptuous lounge chairs on the beach, having a cocktail at the bar, eating Australian grills by the beach, enjoying a meal in the restaurant, dancing to the rhythm of international DJ sets or just relaxing. The transition from a cool daytime break to an evening party promises to delight everyone.

Between the modern mysticism and the Asian influence that its geographical position demarcates, we find a wonderful place, on Ozran beach, next to the Indian Ocean, in a land dotted with palm trees, near the highway and Fort Chapora, a Portuguese stronghold of the century. XVII, Antares was for me a quiet avant-garde place with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, called BEACH CLUB ANTARES.
Upon arrival I learned why this beautiful place is listed as one of the busiest and most popular beach clubs in the region.
It was the perfect setting for me to have a good time between fun and sensational live musical rhythms, relaxed on luxurious couches, I could taste delicious exotic cocktail dishes. At nightfall the party lights up in this place and it becomes conducive to casual encounters, with traveling friends and sitting together to witness sunset rituals and in the background by the live performance of an artist of international stature.

Upon arrival here you will be greeted by relaxed deep house music while you savor cocktails accompanied by a delicious meal, as the night progresses you will be able to enjoy relaxed rhythms inspired and influenced by international film scenes that will take you to a heavenly ecstasy where you will have the starry sky as a roof. But not only the food and drinks of Antares will be the only thing that will leave you yearning for more, it is that once you see that spectacular sunset by the Indian Ocean that transforms the environment into a mystical, sensual and passionate place, leaving you with a memorable experience. It is worth repeating, since after it you will feel that it is balancing, rejuvenating, renewed and connecting with the body, mind and spirit.

  When visiting the Beach Club Antares I fell in love with all the beauty of Vagator and when it came to getting a good accommodation to continue my stay, I did not want to separate myself from the vicinity of the sea, which is why with the help of the internet I got my new destination, Stone Woods Resort. 

  What most caught my attention about this place were its comfortable facilities and its wonderful location on the seashore right on the famous Vagator cliffs, from this point you can admire the splendor of the area and the amazing colors that nature and the sky reflected in the green sea.

  With all the comforts that this place offers, I realized at that time it was the best place to stay, its spacious and comfortable cabins decorated with the best touch of the town, have a warm and modern environment right next to an open-air pool. Once I managed to get to my cabin I could enjoy from the terrace the light of a golden sun in front of the beautiful blue and turquoise waters that bathe Ozran beach, all this magical atmosphere captivated me.

  In addition to these comfortable rooms, located on a wooden terrace and naturally shaded by large coconut trees that mark with their intimate proximity to the beach, the most exclusive accommodation option Antares has to offer.

Every day and every night in this place it became a new experience in the morning after enjoying a delicious à la carte breakfast, going for a walk and sunbathing on the beach.

  In the afternoon I always went to the bar area located right between the beach and the pool to enjoy the best atmosphere tasting the most delicious cocktails with fresh fruits and in the harmony of the background music by the best DJ´s ational and international s that appeared on all occasions.

  Every day I was able to enjoy different activities offered by this paradisiac place and among them was to enjoy the SPA service in the comfort of my room, they use products with ingredients from native India, the girl explained to me while she gave me a rich massage that the This recipe comes from ancient ancestors and that is why it has regenerative properties for the skin, after this session I was totally relaxed, making my stay an unforgettable memory. Every afternoon I would sit on the terrace to contemplate the most beautiful sunset that Ozran beach had to offer me.

Without a doubt, the best attraction of this place is taken by water sports such as banana rides, jet ski, speedboat and parasailing. Parasailing seemed fascinating, extraordinary, unique and fun, it is a water sport where the thrill of speed will make you enjoy the intensity of an extraordinary ride at an incredible height over the sea. Being able to fly in a parachute, 150 meters above the sea, caused in me intense and contradictory feelings of peace, freedom, security and vulnerability at the same time. I enjoyed the sun and the sea breeze, admiring the surprising coasts of the place from a completely different angle, that is, from the top of the sky. I felt euphoric floating in the air and seeing the views from very high from the parachute. Super fun and exciting. The treatment of the staff was excellent. Super recommended.

Goa is undoubtedly a state famous for its romantic and exciting beaches that fuse the shades of blues, greens and turquoise that clothe various popular extensions in Baga and Palolem to those in the quiet fishing villages, such as Agonda.
This marvel on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in Vagator Bay, has a restaurant on the beach with a beautiful terrace; With an Australian-Asian conjugation, this modern space is in charge of chef Sarah Todd who is the creator of this wonder with an Australian theme with capacity for 250 people on the upper part which could enjoy an exotic informal dinner.

I also invite you to know Anjuna is a small town near Goa where Antares is located, it is one of the twelve Brahmin communities of Bardez, in this simple and spectacular little town you can enjoy a market, mostly installed only one day a week in the You can buy many things, ranging from fruits to jewelry, clothing, and electronics. It is world renowned and famous for its beach parties during the tourist season.
The cuisine is basically simple and original with fresh ingredients, exotic flavors, classic cooking techniques with an injection of flavor through a charcoal grill.

The beauty of Vagator is seen after sunset when the nightlife comes alive with dancing, music, and late-night parties. This place is developed with many restaurants, pubs and clubs along the main road. Some popular party spots like ‘Hill-Top’ on Vagator Beach. Aside from this, ‘Primrose Cafe’ in Anjuna also boasts a brilliant nightlife and a back bar. These places are the ideal place to enjoy and dance the night away to the rhythm of rock music.

It is located at the top of the hill. Deserted by day, this open-air venue transforms into Goa’s premier party destination. With its neon palm grove of glow-in-the-dark coconut trees, the psychedelic art of vast playground designs open to the various Goa partygoers, Hilltop is Goa’s most revered element of its trance scene. The Sunday festivals draw crowds from around the world to share what remains of Goan culture. The entrance is fair, the drinks are cheap, the vendors sell everything you need and the atmosphere is extremely relaxed, a throwback to a more idyllic time.

Pack and enjoy

If you must be clear about one thing before starting this fascinating trip, it is that you will find a culture that is very rich in Western influence, so you will be very comfortable with everything you can come across from walks, expeditions to party nights, that is why Prepare your belongings and get ready to travel to this spectacular place called BEACH CLUB ANTARES. For its part, BEACH CLUB ANTARES has its web portal where, from the comfort of where you are, you can make reservations to all areas or simply an excursion to its cliffs, beach and food with cocktails in its exotic restaurant. Here we leave you, check and enjoy https://antaresgoa.com 
Along the coast, there are international restaurants, casual beach stalls, and trendy cafes serving experimental food, and inland there are simple backpacker accommodations and upscale resorts. You should try and visit this beach during your Goa holidays, not only because it promises you a lovely time, but also because it is “Goa’s most photographed beach”. Besides watching the sunset, you can also try a variety of water sports.