The particular coast is home to a large number of bays surrounded by blue water, so this trip can represent one of the most unforgettable experiences of life. The architecture of this place is in the best English style, as well as roads, colorful villages and well-preserved historical places.

The best beaches are those located on the western coast. A space that goes from Jolly Harbor to Old Road Town. This assessment is based on the testimony of some visitors who have left their impressions in internet tourism forums.

Most of its beaches are suitable and are perfectly cared for and guarded, for the benefit of tourists. So you will live the best experience with family and friends by the sea.

Although the preference scale of this place remains at 2.3 out of 5 points, the place is one of the most recommended in Antigua and Barbuda to spend the best vacations due to its excellent attention, quality and service.

According to some users, this place is located in a land of magic and charm that offers the best scenery for tourists and locals, thus becoming a source of income for many natives of the island.

The beach of this beach club is fascinating, tourists like it a lot for its warm water, the sand and the visual landscape that you can get here with incredible sunsets, in addition to seeing how many people practice water sports, thus beautifying the landscape.

There, a few meters from the beach, there is some beautiful furniture ready to welcome you and provide you with the greatest comfort while you enjoy a good conversation while drinking wine.

The rooms of this place are fascinating, you will be received in a large bed with white sheets, a bottle of champagne and the best decoration with flowers. This is combined with the beautiful bathtub and the windows that will provide you with the best view of the sky and sea.

This 4-star hotel has been rated 4.6 points out of 5 for its excellent facilities, good service, attention, landscapes, green areas and exquisite cuisine.

Some conflicting opinions assure that this place is very beautiful, but other users go further and point out that among all the resorts on the island this is one of the best.

In this same order of ideas, it is also stated that the staff who work here are wonderful because in addition to offering you a warm welcome with a smile, they will provide you with the best service.

The location of this place is privileged because it is in a central place, tourists indicate that at the time of making your reservation the service will be included with everything, so you will not pay more to enjoy everything that is here.

The gastronomy that you will eat here is one of the best on the island, as tourists point out, indicating that the portions are large and that the food is on time. The gardens of this place are very beautiful and provide the best environment to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets.

In this adventure there are two options but there are no midpoints, that is, if you are terrified of rays it is better not to attend but if you are terrified and want to overcome that fear this is the ideal place because you will swim in the shallow sea surrounded by hundreds Striped.

Travel aboard a boat and take a five-minute ride along the coast to enjoy the best scenery, the sea and the warm sun that lights up this place.

Then in a shallow pool you will enter to explore the wonderful world of rays, they are very friendly and are used to human contact.

Depending on how they are that day, your experience will be pleasant, you can feed them, play with them, feed them and more. In addition to this, dive in to snorkel and learn more about what is under the sea.

In this same sense, navigate underwater through the coral reefs, enjoy the fish and the vibrant colors that will captivate you to make you fall in love with this place.


This is a beautiful colonial town made up of beautiful houses that stand out for their vibrant and striking colors, with noble people and beautiful markets full of fruit.

Here you will be able to appreciate on the horizon the neoborracas white towers that are shown with impetus and represent the Cathedral of San Juan, one of the most representative buildings of the city.

If you want to know about the history of the place, you need to visit the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda located in the old Palace of Justice of the 18th century. From the hand of experts and historians he knows every point of the history of the island.

Heritage Quay is the perfect place because it houses many duty free shops, visit them and buy everything you want, do not leave empty handed after this visit.

Redcliffe Quay is a perfect place for lovers of memories, visit this area and fall in love with the most beautiful details that will remind you forever of this visit.

You want to know the other contrast of the island, beautiful land cultivated with bananas and a variety of vegetables, come and visit Fig Tree Drive and find out where the best food in this place is born.

Locate the South Coast of Antigua and in that direction you will find this wonderful place where great natural producers are born from the earth. This place crosses the tropical forest and gives way to crops and fishing areas.

The bananas here are called -figs- by the locals, their leafy leaves will captivate you, also enjoy the large mango trees and let their smell drag you to them to enjoy this delicious fruit.

Coconut trees also adorn the landscape that are occupied by ruins of infrastructures that were used to process sugar. If you want to enjoy fresh fruit on the road, you will find stalls where you can buy and enjoy.

Here there are also attractions with zip lines, art galleries, and more. Incredible, I discovered everything that a rural area can hide. This shows that the area with buildings does not always have the best options.

Landing strip, comfort zones to rest, outdoor sun loungers, open or covered dining areas, wines, champagne and carefully prepared dishes.

Clean, relaxing and perfectly well located, this is how tourists define this place that has served as a refuge and meeting place for people who are looking for the best vacations.

There is not much variety of appetizers, but there is a great variety of wines. While your orders arrive and you settle in to spend a memorable moment, the staff will give you the best care to make you feel at home.

It is incredible to arrive at the airport and have a place to drink some wine and eat something delicious, get away from the noise and enter a space where they will make you feel like family.

Enjoy a snack while you watch the planes arrive and take off, let yourself be cultivated by these impressive -metal birds- that serve to connect people.

Beer, beer and more beer, get ready to enjoy the best on the island in this place in a tropical, pleasant atmosphere and with good music to liven up your stay here.

Users who have visited this place point out that you make a stop for at least a few minutes to enjoy a wide variety of craft beers and the best service.

Try the ginger-flavored beer and go crazy with its flavor, one of the recommendations made by some users is that there are no cans here to carry a couple and enjoy on the go.

This place is so well recognized by people to the point that other brewery owners come here to enjoy a few beers and praise the great work that is done here.

Antigua and Barbuda is a perfect place to welcome tourists who want to leave the routine aside, here are different scenarios that will allow you to connect with places that will renew your soul.

Landscapes with fascinating natural attractions that will take your breath away, marine species that will entertain and delicious foods that will delight your palate.