Every time I watched Italian movies in love, I could admire beautiful landscapes, beaches and coasts of this country but one of my favorites and for which I decided to this destination is Only You, where the protagonist finally gets the love of her life in The little town of Positano is nothing more than seeing it and falling in love with its landscapes and its romantic atmosphere that this place reflects, so I packed my bags again and launched into this new destination.

The best way to live fully is when you travel to a great place where you can enjoy unforgettable moments with the people you love the most.
There are many ways to know yourself and explore everything that you have not yet discovered, to exploit your skills as a person, without a doubt, when I arrived at Amalfi & Positano in Italy I could understand why it is not in vain called the Italian language and their culture in general as the language of love.

The Amalfi coast allows you to observe beautiful beaches and simple, pleasant, picturesque villages where extremely kind, pleasant, supportive, fun people live and too proud of their beautiful country, Italy. When you talk to these people you just laugh because you get their good energy because they make you feel like you are at home.

The Amalfi coast is divided into 12 quite private villages, these attractive places have generated quite interesting audiovisual productions such as Under the Tuscan sun, Mr. Ripley’s talent, Only you, A good woman and Beat the Devil. Honestly, of all these beautiful villages, the fantastic Positano was the one that earned all my admiration, just pronouncing his name is pleasant, walking down its stairs and streets full of happiness and grace. There I got myself and can enjoy the most beautiful and exciting viewpoint in the entire country, from where you can see many old fishermen’s houses that were converted into luxury mansions and hotels. This is where I wanted to go! Just sit back and enjoy the most visited coastline by Italians and foreigners in all this loving place!
For all these references to short films, clips, videos, magazines and more, I spent a long time planning my days in this little town. And Arienzo Beach Club, located on Arienzo Beach turned out to be one of the most famous beach clubs in Positano well known and visited by travelers seeking exclusivity away from the crowded and noisy center of town. Undoubtedly the best beach club in Italy since you can enjoy in peace and tranquility the most refreshing and crystalline beach in Positano, a place where the sun and the heat of the people make your heart beat a million an hour. Sun, sea, and sand, lovely people, with an orange theme in the umbrellas that mix with the classic rays of the sun from a warm place full of pure red-hot energy. It turns out to be a good place to relax on the sand and enjoy its sea breeze and crystal clear waters.
Upon arrival I immediately met Antonio one of his hosts, he is born in Italy and knows the coast like no one else, he encouraged me to know a little of the marine fauna practicing Snorkeling, swimming in its crystal clear turquoise waters show the vivid marine life of the Tyrrhenian Sea . After having known and toured this entire area, I went to visit one of the hotel’s exclusive beach bars and have a drink while breathing the fresh Mediterranean air. Late in the afternoon the delicious aromas aroused my interest in exploring its gastronomy, and delicious dishes, tropical cocktails, natural citrus juices according to the summer season, ideal for a warm and energizing environment like this one. I did not hesitate to try their delicacies, among them the most outstanding are the spectacular spaghetti that they offer you inside the club … To definitely lick your fingers. A singular delight only in this place. Of course I did not hesitate to fill my camera with the best views of the place.
La Sirenuse – https://sirenuse.it/en/
After spending one of the best and most complete days on the beach on the Positano coast, I was exhausted, and as I already knew that this would happen beforehand, I had my Ace up my sleeve, I made a reservation in advance at Le Sirenuse, a wonderful place since I ´ you can enjoy the simple pleasures of Positano and the spectacular Amalfi Coast. Upon arrival and then check-in, I was guided to my room, a spectacular and spacious suite with refined decoration and with maritime airs, where I could relax from its terrace with direct view of the Mediterranean Sea, I finished my day relaxing in the hot tub, reading a book and drinking champagne, an idyllic night. Every morning I was awakened by the wonderful bright rays of the sun coming through the hotel windows, what an incredible experience!
This sea cave in Positano is magical, located about 5 kilometers west of Amalfi, this tour captivated my attention from the first moment, knowing that I would know first-hand the famous «Emerald Cave», this hypnotic natural phenomenon is one of those corners that I could not miss. Swimming through an underground tunnel and contemplating the green light that is reflected in the turquoise water where I could also see up close the stalactites that hang from the ceiling of this ancient cavern. The intense sunlight that filters through the small fissures of the cave allows you to contemplate the beautiful green tones and when visiting the depths of this cave I got myself with the manger that for many years has been sitting at the bottom of the sea, passing slowly you will be able to identify all figures.


This cave is one of the most famous iconic attractions of the things of Amalfi, every time I remember this moment it is as if my desire to live and travel increased by the times I blink to assimilate that I really am in such a pleasant place full of energy like this.

The Path of the Gods

Discovering towns in the region with unforgettable coastal landscapes
Another magnificent experience in Positano is a private tour along the coast to see the most colorful valleys and capture photos for your cultural and international gallery. If what you love is walking you can discover many interesting things on the private hiking tour known as
The Path of the Gods, in Amalfi, Positano. You can see the path of the Gods, that is, without stress with the trekking specialists who accompany you to discover the unimaginable. Of course, it is a hike of great difficulty, I went prepared with good clothes, super comfortable, lots of water, and enthusiasm to give everything, to enjoy this activity that generates a lot of physical and mental resistance that allows you to walk to Positano as such.

Cantine Marisa Cuomo


A picturesque visit among vineyards
Passing through Italy I could not stop trying their local wines that are so recognized worldwide and on this tour I met Cantine Marisa Cuomo, they are wineries on the Amalfi Coast
One of its main attractions is the tasting of homegrown wines and learning the secrets of their production, at the top of two spectacular cliffs that captivate everyone’s eyes.
The guides show all the facilities and instruct on the peculiar method of maturing their wines, which takes place inside the rock formations characteristic of the region.
You will not be able to avoid falling in love with the beautiful landscapes that make up the vineyards, arranged in terraces on the rock walls of the Fiordo di Furore. And in the distance, the sea. As a finishing touch to an unforgettable visit, we recommend you taste a pairing of the best wines from the wineries.

Church of Santa María de la Asunción

Touring the center of Positano I found myself with, the Church of Santa María de la Asunción, very crowded in the area, I could not stop visiting, it is a Catholic temple in the Gothic style, which is located in front of the Cantabrian Sea, next to the castle- lighthouse and next to the fishing port of the city.
The annual Festival of La Iluminaria Di San Doménico that takes place during continuous days that ends with a procession at dawn on the first Sunday of August. They are lit with 3000 candles while a light show is projected in front of the Church. This season you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this logistics and organization so striking for Italian culture and its parishioners. It was just entering this place and connecting with my inner peace and enjoying the magic of its decoration in the modern gothic style. This place is so popular that at all hours it is full of both tourists and inhabitants of the Positana coast.

After my extensive tours of the entire Positana coast, knowing its most remote places, I cannot end my trip without delving into its nightlife and that is how I began with the search for a place where you can spend a magical, fun night, to dance, sing, and celebrate and to make friends.
L’alternativa – https://www.facebook.com/Lalternativa-positano-280184791880/ My first stop was L’alternativa, a picturesque atmosphere with the best alternative for an exciting and lively night party that has a luxurious outdoor terrace with beautiful views is an excellent option if you want to escape the crowds. This peculiar place offers the best and most exotic cocktails, in one of the liveliest places at night. You can also choose to have a glass of wine and sit and watch the incredible fireworks display that they present on their special nights.
Buca di Bacco – http://www.bucadibacco.it/restaurant.asp A night full of charm on the beach, this was my second obligatory stop, it is one of the basic places of the nightlife of Positano, it is located in the hotel and restaurant Spiaggia Grande, it is the paradise of artists and a fashionable place among the famous. I located myself in the VIP area to enjoy the drinks and with the trendy DJ mixes in the background. From here I could admire its magnificent views of the sea until dawn.
John Steinbeck, an American writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, after his visit in 1953, wrote «Positano bites deep». It is a dream place that is not quite real when you are there and becomes incredibly real once you are gone. The Amalfi coast is a dream landscape that you can enjoy with many cliffs, beautiful rocks, nature is completely uncontaminated. Very curious bays with an important cave such as La Esmeralda… Which makes it the most attractive coast in Italy because it is a maritime beauty… You can see a mesmerizing pastel color at sunrise. Do not stop visiting me, he stole my heart, his, his people, his culture, his landscapes, in short I was captivated from the beginning to the end.