I have decided to embark on my journey to an unusual destination, but of dreams, located in the Caribbean Sea, I mean Anguilla Island, an unusual destination right?, however I discovered it thanks to an old childhood friend Eron, who I was talking to a couple of months ago through Instagram. He told me that he was there and his stay was wonderful, he recommended me to visit the island, that I would not regret it, so do not hesitate for a second to do so. 

  Since I arrived at this paradisiacal place I have not been able to stop admiring the sand as white as snow itself. I breathe and feel peace inside. When I arrived on this beautiful island I was received by a friend of Eron’s named Alicia, she would be my guide and companion on the Anguilla, as she knows every corner perfectly. Alicia is originally from Spain, however she has lived on the island for 5 years after visiting it with her parents, she stayed working taking advantage of her tourism profession and also because she fell in love with that place.

Before arriving at the Beach Club recommended by Alicia, we took a short walk through the capital of Anguilla, The Valley, and then ate at a restaurant called Bamboo Bar & Grill, where, according to the locals, they serve the best grill on the island. I was fascinated by the cool and picturesque atmosphere. This is one of Alicia’s favorite places, she is very kind, funny and she loves to dance, I think we will have a great time.

The same day I arrived in Anguilla, Alicia brought me to a beautiful Beach Club called Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club, located in Rendezvous Bay, it is a totally luxurious paradise with the smell of peace, the ideal place to relax 100% with its immaculate white areas.

To know all the facilities of this beautiful site we ventured to know it with a bike ride, on the seashore, we saw the extensive golf courses, upon reaching the 18th hole we were able to admire all the villas and appreciate the turquoise landscapes from the coast It was totally magical.

Then, Alicia and I decided to eat the delicious banquets that they offer here in one of their famous 7 gourmet restaurants, we decided on the D of Richard’s, which are specialists in steaks and fresh seafood from the area, I decided on a barbecue Caribbean accompanied by seafood, accompanied by a delicious glass of wine, while we listened to live jazz music and we could admire the golf courses near the sea.

   The service is very attentive and friendly at all times they made us feel at home. After my friend Alicia went about her daily activities, I decided to visit the Sorana Spa, uff, it was very relaxing, they applied natural treatments from the island that with their refined techniques help revitalize body and mind, this helped me a lot to de-stress a little from the trip so I can enjoy this paradisiacal place.

  Every day and every night they offer different activities for all kinds of tastes, from guided walks around the island accompanied by surfing and snorkeling in the sea, tours of nearby caves, walks along the coast where I could enjoy the flora and fauna of the place, activities sports among others.

During my stay here I decided to participate in a wine tasting class, together with a group of other tourists, we were able to taste a variety of wines, learn about their origins and how they can be paired, a truly intoxicating experience. When I left I complemented the evening with an open-air movie by the sea, not bad for a movie fanatic, I could spend the whole night watching El Diario de Una Pasión over and over again, it was totally beautiful when at the end we they surprised us with fireworks, this was what I enjoyed the most being here, it was a moment in which I forgot everything, simply magical.

Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club, in addition to the international golf course, has a tennis court, a pickleball court for beginners, island painting classes, windsurfing activities.

The next morning before checking out I decided to sign up for a kitesurfing class, it was the first time I had done it, the instructor James was very kind to me, it was not so easy because I had to coordinate between the weight of the sail and I was able to stand upright on the board, but with the help of James I was able to do it successfully, for a long time I was able to enjoy the swaying of the waves. I loved doing it, according to my instructor I was one of the best, for a first time. And in this particular way I said goodbye to this complete beach club.

Following the recommendations of my new friend Alicia, I decided not to stay all my vacations in the same place that is why I decided to book a new and luxurious hotel, she without hesitation told me that the ideal place is Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, located Maundays Bay.

It was just arriving and I was delighted with its luxurious facilities and sophisticated rooms, I got one with a view of the pool and in the background you could admire the sea, it was one of the most fascinating things about this hotel. From the terrace of my room I could admire the whole place, a totally luxurious space at its best.

After taking a hot bath in the tub in my room and taking a well-deserved rest in the gigantic bed, I immediately got up to get ready because I had dinner with Alicia. We booked at the restaurant by the sea with its incomparable Caribbean decoration, we asked for a tasting of the special dish of the day, Caribbean dishes with fresh ingredients from the island, totally delicious and impeccable at the hands of chef César, who prepares some spectacular dishes, as for not stop eating.

  At the end of dinner we moved to the Cap Shack bar, while there we enjoyed the night party on the shore of the beach with the other guests, accompanied by delicious and fresh cocktails with fresh ingredients from the island prepared by their famous mixologists.

  I noticed that most of the visitors are from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and nearby islands in the Caribbean Sea, who come to spend the weekend, it is amazing in this beautiful place. I was really very fascinated by the attention that the staff at the hotel gave us, excellent service in all its aspects, although it is full of entertaining activities, I decided to venture to visit different areas of the island and try to get to know other places, especially its variety of exotic restaurants.

One of the unforgettable moments that I lived on Anguilla Island was the speedboat tour of Anguilla, I joined a group of tourists that I met when I arrived at the site and together with Lois, the captain of the boat, we went to see the different beaches. and reefs of the place, it is wonderful to see this turquoise scenery, it was totally enchanting.

During the tour we visited Sandy Island, perfect for diving, it is surrounded by reefs, from there we went to Little Bay, its giant cliffs caught my attention, where we could also snorkel to see its innumerable underwater life.

At Da Vida beach, we went to have lunch and enjoy the sun relaxed, then we took a dip in Shoal Bay, I hitchhiked into the water and we swam for a few minutes and then the whole group returned to the boat.

  We finish the tour at the world famous Maho beach, here in the light of sunset we have the incredible opportunity to see huge planes landing just above the Princess Juliana International Airport, the colors of the water mixed with the colors of the sky and added to these giant machines landing in front of our eyes so close, it was totally captivating. Back at the hotel I couldn’t get tired of appreciating the sunset with its magical warm colors of the sky. Simply beautiful.


As the days passed I decided to learn more and more about all the wonders of the island and it was thanks to the advice of my friend and tourism expert Alicia who gave me several must-see sites and visits on this small island.

One of them was a night kayak tour. It was my first time kayaking at night, I was nervous because I could barely hold the paddles, but then I totally got the hang of it and had a blast. This Kayak is extremely special for this type of night tours because they have fluorescent lights in the background that allows you to admire all the marine fauna throughout the tour, being able to admire the turtles sleeping at the bottom of the sea was enchanting.

The next day I met Alicia again to see the best lobster place on the island, this turned out to be the Sunshine Shack, located on the seashore, this popular cabin dedicated to gourmet cuisine, there they prepare the best lobster I’ve ever tasted in my life, very fresh and juicy, we were recommended to try their famous Garvey rum punch, ummm a refreshing delight. At the end we stayed to enjoy the sunset accompanied by the best reggae music and the best views of the sea.

Each day of stay on the island brought, is followed by nights of enjoyment, in Anguilla I found very good places to have a good time and be able to enjoy the rhythm of the Caribbean and meet new people and places, Alicia accompanied me a couple of nights.

  Initially we visited a bar called the Rhum Room located in Zemi Beach House, upon arrival we found ourselves in a classic and elegant refined place, upon arrival we found out that this little corner is destined for rum lovers, here it has the immense quantity of more than 100 types of cane rums, an impressive touch.

  The night progressed and accompanied by the best music we were able to enjoy with other visitors various types of rums, we did not reach 100 but there were a large number of drinks that, together with a great talk and exchange of cultures, the hours passed without us. Look at it, it’s time to leave, I want to return soon to continue my tasting where I left off.

  The whole group that we shared in the Rhum Room agreed to go out again and one day before the end of my vacation I decided to go ahead, I put on my best clothes and my most comfortable shoes and we went to the Elvis Beach Bar, the whole group together with Alicia and her friend Iván are thrown into the fun.

  This one was totally different from the previous one, located in Sandy Ground. The truth is that the place seemed very nice, more tropical located near the sea and there was a lot of everyone super comfortable with their best beach outfits, we were able to enjoy the best music by a good DJ and the best tropical cocktails, here the party begins before sunset until after midnight.

  The piña coladas and mojitos while we talk listening to Reggae music is simply spectacular, the ideal is to arrive early to admire the sunset from the tables overlooking the bay.

  Today is the last day in this paradise, I can’t stop admiring its delicious turquoise waters and above all the wonderful humble people who live in La Anguilla, without a doubt I will return at any moment with more desire to taste my palate with foods that I can’t afford. taste. It filled me with a lot of peace and tranquility to be here, I thank my now friend Alicia, who accompanied me on this beautiful adventure that leaves me with an unforgettable memory of this Island, of this paradise with the smell of Peace.