Hello again, my name is Lucy and I am proud that you are here living and feeling my travel experiences around the world. In previous stories I told you about the magnificent experience I had during my stay in Bali, Indonesia. There I had the privilege of meeting Jason from Trinidad and Tobago, Camilo who is a Latin waiter and Carla, a Venezuelan who told me about the experiences of her compatriots to survive.
  From each one I was able to learn something new and understand that we are on this plane to be happy and that happiness only depends on us. Each trip ignites a spark inside me that encourages me to continue traveling and discovering new places and destinations. How magical it is to travel to Indonesia for the second time and especially to visit Bali, this is the perfect meeting point between the arts, these include dances, sculptures, paintings, goldsmithing, leatherwork and a particular and characteristic musical style.
  In this second opportunity that God gave me to visit this town, I was able to buy several pieces of art, I had already mentioned it before that I am an art lover, I did not choose to bring jewelry because I have too much and I want to leave room to buy in other regions of the world. continent.

  At the same time, I acquired a batch of shirts with messages alluding to Bali to remember my stay here, I lost count of how many I bought, but I shared them with my loved ones and friends who were grateful for the detail.
  Once in Bali I decided to do something, I needed to dance to remember my previous visit and the friends I had made and the wonderful moment they put me through, as well as feeling my soul disconnect with the wonderful rhythm.
  This time I dance alone, I turned around the place, sweated and closed my eyes to connect with the wonderful energy of the place. The witnessing fire of this moment and its warmth helped me heal internally. How beautiful it is to feel peace, to be well with your inner self, that is what I want to convey to you through my travels, be happy and smile, that life continues to give us a second chance, let’s not lose it in things that are not worth it. pain.

If during your visit to Indonesia you are looking for a place that will help you find peace, this place is the one. Here you will rise to another level and you will feel from the first moment the wonderful connection with nature.

A house built in a bamboo tree, that’s Azul Beach Club, what a great way to feel calm in the middle of this tropical paradise. Right there, facing the sea, is this place that little by little has been characterized as the first tiki bar in Bali.

This beautiful restaurant is located outdoors, it also has an outdoor infinity pool that has sun loungers and private terraces to eat without being interrupted.

Azul Beach Club is somewhat informal but sophisticated, that is why guests will be able to rest, in addition to having an impressive place to eat, enjoy the pool area and be captivated by the impressive view that the beach offers.

  I tell you something, I loved choosing this Beach Club, unlike the previous one during my first visit, here I enjoyed the pool for a long time. I loved sunbathing, tanning and also getting some sleep while my skin was tanning.
  How gratifying it is to hear the birds sing and the soft breeze to feel it caress your face, it is an experience that I would repeat without hesitation.
  Few visitors in the pool area I could notice while I was tanning, but in the distance I heard their laughter and screams while enjoying the cold water of the sea, how beautiful it is to see the reunion between family and friends, while the children run on the sand .

  In addition to the pool, I also settled for a long time in the tiki bar, my goodness, what extraordinary artisan cocktails they prepare here. He didn’t know which one to choose, but with the help of Jean, the local bartender, he can choose the right thing to do. Honestly, I tried them all, I couldn’t resist. I was also able to enjoy some select drinks that I had never tried Vacation in a Glass and The Monster Tiki, these two fascinated me and I really couldn’t stop trying them.

I would like to highlight the extensive list of wines that they have a la carte, I also had some, but not alone, I established communication with a tourist from Spain, named Marcela and together we enjoyed a good glass of French rosé, what a wonderful moment when We raise our glasses and toast life and the good times that God has given us.
Here at Azul Beach Club, a great variety of events are held and for all tastes, most of them are to honor the best of gastronomy. During my stay I was able to attend two that were taking place in the place, the first Sunset BackYard BBQ, I loved this one, I really enjoyed the food made on the grill and I was able to try the samples offered during the event.

  The first nights in Bali I spent in this Azul Beach Club, it was all fascinating. But then I made the decision to settle elsewhere to make the experience more pleasant. The rooms with a modern and contemporary Balinese touch, was what most caught my attention about the place, in addition to the entrance of light and views of the beach that they offer. Here I was able to rest after touring a large part of Bali during the day.

  The meal was very gratifying and I enjoyed a good plate of seafood in front of the sea, before leaving the place, everything was so comfortable that I felt at home. All the preparation prior to each dish is dazzling, I loved the presentation of each item I asked for. Here everything is handmade for the Island of the Gods, with perfectly selected local ingredients and premium rum.
  On another level, so I can rate the food in this place, it has been the best kilos I have gained in my life and I do not regret it. Here the exclusive menu offers you different dishes for breakfast, among which are Dragon Bowl, Tropical Bowl, Green Bowl, Frech Toasted, among others. 

Every night I dedicated myself to having fun at the innumerable events that were presented here, one of them was for coffee lovers, I immediately made a reservation to participate in this event. They set up a large platform where all the magic was developed, the Coffee was made, the aroma here was incredible, the best coffee samples worldwide met here. I took advantage of the celebration of the event to acquire some samples and take home and share with my relatives.
Another event that took place here was dance, this was aimed at salsa lovers and although I do not master the steps of this genre, I was able to learn one or another movement to captivate Latinos in my next trips. 

 And other nights I just stayed to enjoy the hotel bar, the traditional Mojitos and Mai Tai have been reinvented by Florin Dinu Razvan, a leading mixologist who is in charge of adding unique Balinese infusions to world-renowned tiki cocktails.
I still feel in my mouth the unique flavor of each drink, really, I need to visit Bali more often to feel how the different flavors invade my palate.

I did not go to Indonesia to stay in the hotel room, so I went out in search of a great adventure and opted this time to go hiking, a very popular sport in this area.

I was able to walk around Mount Batur, there I was able to witness how the sun peeked out at dawn and filled every corner of Bali with its powerful light.
I got up early to do this hike before sunrise to Mount Batur and enjoy an unforgettable sunrise from the top of the active Kintamani volcano, my eyes were filled with light at this moment, it is something I can never forget.

  Café Luwak is a coffee plantation, I was able to tour this site as part of hiking as well, I took a few samples and brought them home with me. What I liked the most was tasting some delicious eggs cooked with volcanic steam, I never imagined trying some food made with the heat of a volcano. Although the area is very cold, the volcano transmits its heat and makes the moment comfortable, I felt a bit of fear being close to this area, but I dared to live this unrepeatable experience.

And since I knew that I should take advantage of my stay in this place, I made space in my agenda and scheduled different walks in the area, it was quite difficult to choose a specific one, it is that here in Bali there are so many things to see, but I closed my eyes, and I left it to chance, I pointed a finger at each of the sold rides.

The first chosen was the Monkey Forest, this sacred habitat of these creatures, has more than 1,000 long-tailed primates, initially it looks like a zoo but after going through it completely, it looks like a small jungle.
There are several paved paths through thick banyan forests, where I got a close look at nutmeg trees, and many moss-covered statues, as well as ancient temples hidden within dense greenery, giving an almost mystical feel. It was very funny when one of the little monkeys stole her hat from one of the careless girls and put it on when we saw everyone who was laughing in unison.

Another of those days leads my trip to the rice terraces, this is the main source of Bali’s cultivation and is present in most of its gastronomy, so the rice terraces are something you must visit when passing through the island. They are located on the slopes of Bali, here I could see the best photos worthy of a postcard, at that moment when they are in their maximum splendor, full of water and with an intense green.
The guides stand out in telling the wonderful story of where their rice tradition comes from, how they cultivate them and the most interesting thing is that this area is ideal for this type of cultiva

After learning about part of the daytime life in Bali, I decided to go on a night tour to see how I was doing. Bali’s nightlife begins with the sunset at the beach bars. As the night progresses, the party moves to the island’s clubs, discos, and bars.

The first place that I went to visit was the Sky Garden Lounge, at first I got a huge multi-storey palace with incredible views of Kuta. That night a luxury international DJ was playing, on the ground floor there is a beautiful cafe. But the best part is the VIP area at the top of the place where to the rhythm of music and delicious shots, champagne and exotic cocktails I could spend one of the best nights in Bali.

Together with some friends I met at the Sky Garden Lounge, we agreed that we wanted to visit the Red Carpet Champagne Bar, it is one of the chic bars of the moment. Its very picturesque decorated atmosphere in the best retro style, gave us a fabulous night, here they offer more than 200 types of champagne.
To start with, we stand at the top of a terrace, where to the rhythm of the music and the good atmosphere the hours flew by and I really don’t remember how many types of champagne I tried, what I do tell you is that they were all delicious

  I thank God for allowing me to live this second experience in Indonesia, especially in Bali, I knew I would have to return but not so soon, I think it happened because a part of my soul was attached to this place, I hope the universe will take me back early. This trip served to release so much and be reborn from within to become the best version of myself and thus transmit it to the next destinations. I want to thank you for being here, for being part of these moments and making them yours, thank you for following me at all times.