The world is beautiful, mysterious and quite enigmatic actually. There are places that you think you know in a single trip and it is not like that, it happened to me when I went to explore the wonderful charms of African lands, specifically in Mozambique, where I got very positive aspects of the place, especially because of the humility, kindness and affection of the Mozambicans that made me immediately connect with your country.

  Seeing how people work with sacrifice and daily effort for their country, that gave me a very beautiful feeling. The effort is reflected in the paradisiacal coast of Inhambane that enjoys a tropical climate, attractive, colorful, bright, illuminated, full of life and a lot of energy in its marine and terrestrial fauna, as well as in its beautiful incomparable flora.

  The Mozambicans explained to me in detail that Mozambique is too attractive a country for tourism, officially Mozambique is a country located in the southeast of Africa, on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is bordered to the north by Tanzania and Malawi, to the northwest by Zambia, to the west by Zimbabwe, to the southwest by Swaziland, to the south and southwest by South Africa and to the east by the Indian Ocean, where it borders by sea with Madagascar, Comoros and the French territories of Europa Island, Juan de Nova and Bassas da India.

  Mozambique is a country with little tourism and therefore quite unknown to the general public, even so it is a spectacular country in many ways, it has an exuberant nature, it has typical Caribbean landscapes such as Vilanculos, towns with a unique atmosphere such as Tofo, a rich Portuguese colonial heritage or the incredible friendliness of its people.

  Different languages ​​are spoken in Mozambique but its main language is Portuguese, a country that has gone through so many wars and some of its buildings still denote it. The most important thing is that those difficult moments were overcome by his people and now a spirit of struggle and perseverance is reflected in his eyes. Perhaps some things were taken from them, but the smile could not be erased from their faces.

  In search of a good beach club to eat and have a good time, and that would allow me to rest fully, I appealed to check my travel APP and it immediately recommended that I not miss the Peri-Peri Beach Club in Azura.

  The best beach club that I could choose was the Peri-Peri Beach Club with fantastic services, the attention is immediate, reliable and fun. The location of the site surprised me by the architectural creativity to make this ecological club that made me feel comfortable and safe at all times.

  Having a relaxed yet sociable atmosphere so that guests can spend the day simply enjoying the space, Peri-Peri Beach Club is located along the beach of Azura Benguerra Island, with an alluring pool and stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

   The access to the bar is right in front of the sea and what surprised me was the location of the pool, that is, it is located on the sand of the beach a few meters from the sea, which is fascinating. From there you will be able to observe the sand, touch it and feel it, in addition to contemplating the immense blue sea.

  I am a wine lover and I liked the selection of these types of drinks here because I was able to drink rosé and French wine, I definitely felt in glory. The kitchen had Mozambican ingredients and influence, although I had not tried it before I must say that they have good flavors and aromas, I swear they will catch you.

  One of the waiters brought me to the table the typical dish of this country that receives the name of matapa and is made from coconut milk, peanut flour, tender ground cassava leaves and garlic, resulting in a rich vegan option. . This is not all, this dish has a peculiarity and that is that the waiter also brought shrimp, rice, fish and crab to my table to add if I wished. I must tell you that I tried it with a little of each of those ingredients and each time it tasted better.

  This place never ceased to amaze me because it allowed me to make my own barbecue, they supplied me with all the implements and I was able to prepare my fish and shellfish the way I wanted it. After preparing the grill, the good thing came because I was surprised when I found out that they have an open-air cinema, I went over and I was able to enjoy a great movie, I think that not every day you can see a movie from a paradisiacal place.

  At the end of these activities of the day I went to the local spa to receive an African massage with volcanic stones, I really needed it and the hands of the masseuse knew well where she needed to feel the massage with intensity to make me feel better. The attentive staff is one of the main attributes of this place, everyone was super attentive at all times, they made me feel like family at home. I must confess that when it was time to go to my destination hotel I did not want to leave this place, it is totally magical.

  After enjoying the wonderful pools inside the club and the beach in Inhambane with all its benefits. I was thinking about where I could stay to rest after my daily recreational activities, it turns out that I got a luxurious hotel called Sentoos Beach Retreat where I felt pleased and comfortable.

  This hotel is located between the lake and the deep blue ocean, currently there are many men and women who live from fishing to support their families, truly admirable and I emphasize this because within the hotel there is a sense of belonging and social responsibility by the nearby communities quite important.

  When I had this hotel in front of me, I was captivated by its architecture, the interior design is fascinating in details of wood, dark tones and white sheets that adorn the bed, which fall as a decoration, right there near the bed is the balcony and the majestic view of the sea, an ideal place to watch a sunset or sunrise.

  Located between a lagoon surrounded by mangroves inhabited by exotic birds, and the deep blue of the Indian Ocean, this site is a true oasis surrounded by water and blues that soften the intensity of the African heat. .

  While staying here I found out that this beautiful place was born from the dream of João Perino and his daughter Bárbara, who fell in love with this place and years later and after much effort managed to build this beautiful place. João, a Mozambican, and his daughter decided to embark on a hotel adventure. Their main goal is that each guest should live an experience of tranquility and charm, beauty and refinement, knowledge of the local culture and the practice of nautical activities in a warm environment and transparent sea. .

  All activities carried out within the hotel are with the objective of cooperation and commitment to the people of inhambane and Mozambique in general. This caught my attention since I had not seen this in any of my other trips, these social responsibility campaigns. The way in which they develop projects within the hotel for a common good with the community is particularly interesting and respectable. For example, creating classroom buildings so that boys and girls can study in the region.

  In another order of ideas, I will tell you about the delicious seafood and fish dishes that I tasted, these meals were recommended to me by two people I met while walking the streets of the capital. According to them they were the most exquisite and they were not wrong, I loved the smell and texture of the food.

  Another area of ​​this hotel that I loved was the spa, I always enjoy the massages they give me, they restore my happiness, energy and vitality. In addition to the massage, my skin was exfoliated and I was renewed, ready to continue conquering the world without fear of success.

   If you are looking for the coast with crystal clear waters and a greater diversity of marine species, as I was looking for it, you have to visit the Bazaruto Archipelago and you will be as much or more surprised than me.

  When I got here it was inevitable to immerse myself in these beautiful waters, after this I went diving with the help of an expert and the most surprising thing was that I managed to go down to more than 30 meters deep, I never thought I would do that in my life.

  Another thing that I loved about this beautiful site was that there were a lot of fishermen looking for bonefish, marlins and sailfish for sale and their own consumption. I took advantage and approached them, I asked them for the fish they had on the grill and they gave me to try, it was fresh and tasty, what flavor and seasoning that fish had.

  Maputo is the capital of Mozambique, after enjoying the Bazaruto Archipelago I changed my clothes and went out to walk its streets, I must point out that this place was a swamp and after great efforts it became a place with very beautiful buildings and large avenues .

  The lights, the vehicles, its people and architecture enchanted me. Walking its streets is fascinating, discovering a different lifestyle with happy people was rewarding. In each place that I stopped I took a photo, I needed to immortalize my passage through this place.

  The people I saw gave me a smile, they were excited to know that tourists came there to fall in love with their culture, traditions and customs.

   Visiting this place was a pending dream that I had, I had been told a lot about this place and I needed to explore it, it was worth reaching the coast of Inhambane because I was able to dive into the refreshing sea of ​​the Indian Ocean, simply sensational. Not in vain was it the best beach club in summer 2020 and summer 2021, what a pride to visit such a magnificent place.

   I was dying to see a little more of this place and its charming nature, they allow me to enjoy nature so closely that it seems unbelievable, it would seem that I was in a safari movie, I declare myself a fan of all the tours and walks, so I did what I could.

  Visiting this park was phenomenal because it has a large reserve of natural water, flora, fauna, and wild animals such as lions. The tour was carried out in the company of a tour guide who was showing us the place and explaining in detail the types of animals and plants that were there.

  I remember that we were in a 4×4 without any protection, everything was uncovered and less than 100 meters away the lions were stealthily detailing us, I thought they would attack us but the guide asked us to remain calm and in control. They are used to the presence of the man there who is already familiar to them.

  I was able to observe the river of the place, something gloomy for my taste but the animals come there to bathe and drink water in herds. At that point there was a herd of elephants and lions, there was a fight for dominance of the place and my heart raced, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.

  I liked this place, in short I wanted to continue exploring more and more, Another of the peculiarities that I loved about this place is that the landscape is very varied, that is, I was able to observe mangroves, plains, savannahs and mountainous forests where several species are found of animals such as snakes and monkeys, as well as plants that can become poisonous.   I must emphasize that during the tour of the Gongorosa Park we arrived at a coffee plantation, we saw the harvesting process, we tasted coffee and we even cleaned some beans.

  What a gratifying experience riding a horse in the sea, getting to that place and seeing the immensity of the sea, the sand, being able to walk and feel how the wind caresses you is priceless. 

   You will not only ride a horse through the calm waters, you will also be able to do it along trails surrounded by flora and fauna, as well as immense dunes, which one would you choose.

  I couldn’t miss my opportunity, so I chose one of the 39 horses that have been rescued from Zimbabwe in the midst of political conflicts and now have a new life giving healthy entertainment to people looking to have a different time.

  He walks in the sea on horseback is something of another level, the ride went beyond the shore and I immersed myself with this specimen in the depths of the sea, I could not assimilate the serenity and control that the animal had with the movement of the waves , it was enjoyed showing you the way to happiness.

  Then from here I went to the trails and rode nonstop, I loved feeling the smell of the trees, of the wet earth, of plantations about to bear fruit and the birds singing while they build nests.

  From here we went to the dunes, from a warm and controlled climate I went to the inclement sun, here the walk became slower but wonderful, at one point I got down and decided to walk at his pace, he let himself be guided by me and we went to the same rhythm.

  I loved snorkeling from Africa but I must make it clear that in this area there are places where I could not do it due to the poor visibility of the water, much of the coast, especially around the sandy estuaries, has poor visibility underwater and not you can snorkel.

  Decent snorkeling is found in Ponta do Ouro, where you can snorkel in the rocky areas off the beach, and also on offshore boat trips, plus the Inhanca Island are the ideal spots to practice this sport so exciting.

  I immersed myself and was able to swim in the middle of mangroves, fish, stars and seahorses, it was too good to appreciate them up close, feel them but not take them out of the water because irreversible damage can be caused.   The fish surrounded me, I loved that, the silence under the sea was fascinating and caught me. You feel an incomparable peace. Beyond diving you have to live the experience to feel that moment of peace and reunion with yourself.

  How beautiful it was to sail along the coast of Maputo, the capital and largest city of Mozambique. While sailing I could see the skyscrapers, small buildings and the city’s famous Golden Bridge, a suspension bridge that facilitated economic exchange in the city.

  From afar you could see the people who were contributing to the country’s economy, others enjoying the coast and bathing on the beach, in addition to some boats on the shore that served as a port for the import and export of the country.

  From the yacht you could breathe the good energy of the place, I took many photographs since even in the distance you could see the beach.

  I am convinced that each trip and each new experience makes me feel free and renewed and that is why I do not stop moving and going through every corner on each of my trips, so at night I love going out to move my body and meet a bit of nightlife and this time was no exception.

  This is a very simple place with a large number of banana plants around it, it is a kind of giant hut built with palm trees and I find it quite interesting, on the roof it has the name of the place that can be seen from a distance and makes it easy to recognize the place.

  Upon entering I came across many red chairs and tables set up to eat, have a drink or just chat, although it is not ostentatious it has a good live musical atmosphere and they give the place that special touch because they invite you to stay through the music.

  The decoration of the place is simple and I thought it was good to be near the beach, when I arrived the staff greeted me with a courtesy drink from the house, I took it and it was great. They showed me the table that they had prepared for me and on it was a plate of freshly grilled fish with salad and potatoes, it looked great and tasted delicious.  In addition to fish, you can also enjoy a succulent grilled chicken or order your lunch combo to take home. Beyond the food, the atmosphere is very pleasant here because the party is set up and everyone throws themselves onto the dance floor at the same time and even makes the worm. The surroundings of the place are beautiful, in addition to contemplating the beach you can be captivated by the green vegetation that surrounds the site, pure and fresh air is what you breathe here.

  This site is like a two-story house, at first glance it looks like that but it is not because inside it has segments or areas for the enjoyment of the place. 

  Even the fence makes it look like a common house and at the entrance there is a kind of control point where they check your access to the place and request documentation.

  Upon entering you will find a dance hall where you can move to the rhythm of the music freely, I loved this because sometimes we have to dance on top of the bar or other people and the space was too wide and clear for enjoyment.

  Moving forward I found the bar, they have a collection of wines and spirits from different brands that left me stunned, inevitably I made the decision to order Rosé wine to make my night the best. 

  I went back to the dance floor and only felt the music, I was dancing too well with my drink in hand, people were looking at me and I was happy.

  They usually hold events here and the night I went one of the best DJs in Mozambique performed, he rocked the place with his mix of sounds and influences from other cultures, this was fascinating and I just got carried away by the sound that was captivating.

  Modernism, avant-garde and luxury, this is how I can define this place that stands out for its innovative architecture. 

  A spacious venue with a dreamy dance floor and the DJ at the top of the place encouraging people to enjoy the good atmosphere that they offer you here.

  The lights are great because they give a unique touch to the place, the good energy that is breathed here is indisputable, in addition to the food that they prepare here is of another level. 

  I had the opportunity to try a grilled chicken with potatoes and sushi, dishes with the highest demand in the place.

  I drank a bottle of tequila and started dancing with a girl who was alone in the place, we talked, we got to know a little about our lives and we had an amazing time.

  The attention of the staff is of another level, they are very attentive and are aware that you do not lack anything. 

  The local bathroom is great, it looks like a five-star hotel, it is very neat. 

  There is also surveillance here to protect the place and prevent inconveniences.

   Mozambique is paradise, I really invite you to visit it because you will not want to leave after meeting it. It has one of the best coastlines in the world, its sea is incredibly beautiful, in addition to its green areas and the large reserve of animals that live here. Although it is small, modernism and avant-garde can be seen in its streets, houses and in the people who have decided not to be left behind and keep up with the new times. Here there will always be something to do, be it diving, swimming, partying or simply going to a coffee plantation to pick some beans.