Beyond the crystalline sea and white sand in the Bahamas you will find a true paradise to spend your vacations, one of the main characteristics of this country is that it has 700 islands, a significant number so you will have many places to visit during your stay in the Bahamas.

Gastronomy is another factor that places the Bahamas as one of the main tourist destinations on a world scale, here the South American food is combined with cornbread, peas and rice, while the Caribbean influence such as Concha, a large shellfish is the traditional dish here. In all the inhabited islands you will find restaurants specializing in this traditional dish.

The temperature does not drop below 60° in the Bahamas, but even so, when winter arrives between May and June, it does not feel cold, so you will have a great alternative to sunbathing and tanning, so you can show off your new skin tone.

More than 50,000 people gather to enjoy Road Fever in Nassua between the months of April and May. This is the most colorful expression of joy and joy on the island and why not if they are the country’s carnivals.

Among other attractions offered by the Bahamas is swimming with pigs, an attraction that over the years is gaining strength and adding a greater number of people interested in this activity.

In the Bahamas there are also large markets to go shopping until you say enough, you can buy clothes, shoes and the best crafts, so you can remember your trip to the island.

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If you like the promotions at Bahamas Beach Club Resort they have them for you because when you choose them to spend part of your vacation on the island, they will give you a super promotion since you can spend 6 nights and the seventh will be free in this beautiful paradise.

One of the most important things about this Beach Club is that it has a perfect view of the sea, so you can appreciate the waves and feel the cold breeze. The condominiums are designed to fit your needs. If you need a three, four or five bedroom space they have it for you.

The rooms have a kitchen, cable TV, free and unlimited entry to the room, long distance calls to the US and Canada, free high-speed wireless internet.

They also have laundry and daily cleaning service, this is optional and will depend on your preference.

In this Beach Club there are also two restaurants on the edge of the beach, ideal for dining under the stars, celebrating a wedding or engagement dinner.

If you don’t want to eat here, there is also a wide variety of restaurants, golf courses, clothing and shoe stores, deep-sea fishing, a diving center and a fantastic world-class sports center with 150 berths.

People summarize their experience as something pleasant, claiming that they had never visited a similar place. Others praise the food and the well-appointed condominiums because they have it all there.

Next to the pool you can enjoy some delicious fish tacos, accompanied by a cold beer while you enjoy the hot sun, so prepare your hat and sunglasses to live this great experience.

Fish, boat rides, snorkel and island tours. All this and more is offered by this place.


One of the most emblematic places in the Bahamas is The Royal Atlantis, so you will have easy access to everything that is in the Atlantis area

The Dig is the largest marine habitat in the world, it also stands out because it is outdoors.

Aquaventure also offers maximum fun for tourists, but there is also the Atlantis Casino, ideal for those who love to gamble, win a lot of money and enjoy a good drink.

The lost city of Atlantis that was submerged in the sea has been the point of reference to recreate this imposing place that has been the ideal setting for large international events.

If you book here the fourth night will be free. You can also save more than $300 on flights and hotel, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Book the package of your choice and pay in easy installments.

Get away and enjoy a good game of golf on a sunny afternoon, ideal for a good competition. After this you can have tea and enjoy a sunny afternoon, in addition to feeling the breeze touch your face.

Enjoy the swimming pool, the bar and the best gastronomy. Try the best flavors of South America and the Caribbean, give your palate what it deserves and sweeten your life

When you want to continue the tour and be able to get to know every corner of the island, it is ideal to visit many of the sites recommended by locals and tour guides, one of the most impressive and unforgettable is Pear Island Beach.

One of the best islands that the Bahamas has, Pearl Island Beach, an earthly paradise that you can enjoy on this fascinating tour that includes lunch and the best experiences you can have on this trip.

This Private tour is a full day, enjoy the crystal clear sea, white sand and snorkel . Enjoy different marine species and the fascinating coral reefs. After this, have a beer by the sea.

During this day you can enjoy a delicious lunch with ingredients from South America combined with a Caribbean touch. A glass of wine will be your best ally at this moment of rest and peace.

If you cancel 24 hours before the tour you will receive a full refund of what you spent. Also during this tour you will have the accompaniment of a guide who will tell you the history of the place in English.

What most people who come here enjoy is the sea. Due to its imposing beauty and sand, it is a good alternative for tanning.

The experiences in the Bahamas are each more fantastic than the other, without a doubt, you can organize a wonderful tour of the entire island and discover its wonderful corners.

This is the largest island in the Bahamas and remains largely untouched. It is very wide and with a green color produced by nature. All this serves as a setting for innumerable adventures for tourists who want to live the adrenaline in the open air.

If you want to snorkel this site is ideal, navigate and explore the depths that this charming place hides. If your thing is fishing, throw your hook or net and get the best species of fish.

Another of the Forts from this place are impressive blue holes. This tourist attraction offers a great alternative to those who want fun and explore the unknown, so go on an adventure and live it to the fullest.

If you visit Andros , don’t worry about the place to stay, the perfect location of the island offers tourists a wide variety of places that are ideal to stay, affordable prices and with the best services.

Here you can also learn about the making of batik, an art that exhibits the best of Andros , take classes in making and visit the best shops to buy the best gift with the seal of quality of the island.

Take a tour of one of the greatest adventures you can experience in the Bahamas, the famous blue holes. This is one of the biggest attractions in the country and it is a mandatory stop to be able to say that you visited the Bahamas.

The tour consists of taking a boat ride but the novelty is that it has a glass bottom, so you will be able to appreciate different marine species, corals and even objects submerged at the bottom of the sea.

Take excursions to some beaches, see beautiful sandbanks and travel to Captain Bill’s Blue Hole an all-natural water park. Swim fully and play in the water without worries.

A guide will be with you throughout the tour and will explain everything related to the places, enjoy a delicious beer and exquisite food while you go aboard the boat, it will be a good time to toast.

Users have expressed on social networks how good they feel to live this experience, enjoy the sea and especially the boat.

The nightlife in the Bahamas is famous for being one of the most vibrant and wild in the world, a well-justified fame. Without a doubt, it is capable of amply satisfying the tastes and needs of anyone, and you should always include a walk through its night spots in those tours.

If we are talking about Bambú, we are referring to one of the best nightclubs in Nassua in the Bahamas, as certified by the hundreds of comments on digital platforms that praise this place.

Yes, there are also complaints about the place but they all come down to the bathroom, that is, there is only one bathroom for men and women, a single urinal and it generates discomfort due to the great demand of people in the place and it becomes uphill to use it of the same at the same time.

People love the place because there are songs for all tastes but it mainly sounds like hip hop and reggae. The dance floor is filled to capacity and people really like to concentrate there to dance.

If you want to recharge the service it will be an additional $10, but you can enjoy it until 3:30 am. The service and attention have also been well rated in travel forums, highlighting the efficiency and safety they provide to those present.


Within the Atlantis Casino is Aura Night Club, a nightclub that is in great demand by young customers who are under 25 years old, this site is their favorite and they generate long queues to access.

While waiting for the entrance, they take advantage of the moment to play in the casino and win some money in bets if they are lucky. You will find this luxurious setting by climbing the opulent casino staircase.

This is the ideal setting for the most famous DJs to perform, as well as incredible dancers offering a top show to offer the best show to the spectators who gathered at the venue.

Enjoy exclusive and exquisite drinks while the music captivates you, as well as a banquet, VIP sections. To enter here you need elegant clothing, no flip-flops, sportswear or shorts.

You can reserve your table, pay by credit card or simply using your room key, it’s that easy to enjoy with happy people who spread their best energy.

Bahamas is more than beaches and sands, its gastronomy is impressive because it fuses the best flavors of South America and the Caribbean, so you can eat the best dishes prepared by renowned chefs.

The places to visit are impressive, such as the blue holes. This attraction is quite popular because of the glass bottom of the boat. If we talk about nightlife, you will have the opportunity to visit opulent places where you will need your best outfit.

The charisma of the people here is wonderful, the attention is first class and they will give you the best of them so that this experience remains engraved in your heart.