America, one of the continents with great diversity in its landscapes. One afternoon, where the sun was shining, I was on the balcony of my room reading a magnificent book, it was about the wonderful landscapes of the world and how nice it is to know it. The birds sang and approached me to feed them, such small acts but that undoubtedly nurture me as a person and for society. While they were enjoying a delicious banana, I came across a very colorful and striking page with the word «La gran Colombia» without a doubt, at first glance it caught my attention and I did not hesitate to read that chapter, it was specifically about Cartagena, a port city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

  As I read and read I fell in love with its description, I discovered that this city contains a large number of squares, cobblestone streets and colorful colonial buildings. In addition, it had a great tropical climate, from that moment I was greatly interested in Cartagena. Immediately, my mind moved to Colombia and I did not hesitate for a second to schedule my next trip to this magnificent country.

  After several days I bought my ticket, the desire and excitement for the day of the flight to arrive were enormous. Something that caught my attention about Cartagena was that it is also a popular destination for its beaches and that made me fall in love even more. My pack was ready and the energies overwhelmed me everywhere.

  One Monday at sunset the flight left for Cartagena, Colombia, I love how at night you can see the bright stars that illuminate the walk. After traveling all night, early in the morning and part of the morning, I arrived at the international airport. I didn’t know anyone at all. However, the information they gave me at the airport was very valuable and they immediately recommended me to the nearest beach club. I instantly took a taxi and he directed me to the place where this wonderful tour began.

  While we were on our way to the beach club, the driver told me that there are several places in Cartagena where you can reach various islands with white sand beaches and palm trees by boat, which are famous for their coral reefs, that comment remained in my mind and it was impossible not to execute that adventure.

  When I got out of the taxi the sun shone on my face, because being a coastal area the sun day after day is extremely strong but fantastic.

  Since I entered the beach club I could perceive flavor in every way from the food to the music that received each tourist.

  A waiter quickly approached me with a delicious passion fruit juice, super refreshing and very delicious, it was the appetizer of this great enjoyment to go immediately to the beach.

  I put on my bathing suit and took off my shoes to feel the hot, white sand between my toes. I loved that moment enormously, since I felt a crystalline sea full of color and good energy that transmitted great peace to me.

  This charming place has an excellent culinary reputation for local products, prepared by the most expert Chefs in the area who have years and years of experience, and I couldn’t wait to taste their delicious delicacies. For lunch I savored a delicious fresh fish and shellfish, prepared on charcoal, fried and grilled, accompanied by the most refreshing cocktails of very fresh tropical fruits.

  Later, I spent the day in the comfort of the lounge beds right on the water’s edge. I was totally fascinated by being so close to the sea at that moment and, at the same time, watching the birds sing endlessly. Without a doubt, some Banana Beach is a great place to enjoy in Cartagena, it is a wonderful place to delight in a pleasant and fantastic atmosphere, one of the things that I loved the most was tasting its delicious gastronomy, that saying that prays, that the Colombian food crosses the border, because on that wonderful trip I was able to certify it

  My stay in Cartagena made me fall in love even more, when I was on the beach I researched a nearby hotel through social networks to make my stay for this beautiful trip.

  Through instagram I found Hotel Aixo, I quickly took a taxi and took me to the place. My expectations to arrive were gigantic, since through the photographs of social networks, I observed a majestic palace.

  The Axio hotel has as a neighbor the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea, it also makes its way into the modern and renowned neighborhood of Marbella, in just 5 minutes I got to the magical and impassable Walled City; where I was able to relive and find the exploits of various heroes of the history of Colombia, the colonial of its streets, the beauty of its canyons, its gastronomic diversity and the most recognized shops and bars for your entertainment.

  The room that corresponded to me was a Superior Aixo, this has complete spaces with a decoration inspired by nature with a view of the sea, something that fascinated me, in addition to a huge standard bed, the bathroom with a hot and cold shower to relax and without stopping mention the Free Wi-fi in rooms and common areas. 

  When I got to the room I took a nap to recover energy from the trip, when I woke up I took a bath and went to the restaurant for dinner. The hotel restaurant is a fantastic colonial place, where attention is personalized and immediate. Looking at the menu I found myself with various dishes that caught my attention at first glance, however, I went for a more traditional dinner from Cartagena, a delicious arepa accompanied with egg, a perfect combination that I loved, of course not later I stopped trying a rich orange juice. Without a doubt, exotic flavors but that fall in love when trying them.

  After enjoying that delicious dinner, I went to the hotel’s spa where the fitness center is also located. In the place I received a cordial treatment and some great massages, perfect to relax and forget about my problems. That therapy was ideal to then go to sleep peacefully for the next day.

  At dawn, the waves of the sea looked so beautiful from the window of my room that I did not hesitate to photograph it, after breakfast I went straight to the pool to enjoy a sunny day.

  There were many tourists and I had the pleasure of meeting Mariela, a girl of Venezuelan origin, we made a wonderful connection and from that moment she accompanied me during the tour in Cartagena. 

  As the days went by, I was very anxious to get to know the tourist places that Cartagena offers, by chance Mariela was going to visit a wonderful destination, which I can tell you was the most spectacular moment that I was able to enjoy on this great trip.

  Something that immediately connected me to Mariela was her energy, charisma and spirituality. He told me that his main trip in Colombia would be to visit the sanctuary of San Pedro Claver, it is a Colombian temple of Catholic worship dedicated to San Pedro Claver, whose remains are found on its main altar, I had the opportunity to get closer and contemplate it and I can tell you energy is ineffable.

  This sanctuary is located right in front of the Plaza de la Aduana, in the historic sector of the city of Cartagena de Indias. In addition, it belongs to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Cartagena de Indias and is administered by the Society of Jesus. This place was undoubtedly a great special moment because I was able to connect with spirituality and I could not stop connecting with my beloved husband, I remember it even more when I am in places of immense and profound peace, also because the temple is part of a set of religious buildings that is complemented by the Cloister of San Pedro Claver and the archaeological museum where I was able to see the bodies of religious and illustrious Colombian figures.

  Mariela told me that due to its historical significance, architectural and cultural value, the temple was declared a National Monument. Without a doubt, one of the preferred churches to carry out weddings in Cartagena, due to its historical weight and charm. I loved this place for the immense peace, I recommend you visit it and feel that wonderful vibe.

  The tourist places of Cartagena are immense, without a doubt a great variety of places to share and enjoy its nature. I had great experiences that I will never forget. This tour was rewarding to fill my soul with good energies.

  Arriving at the Rosario Islands was something great, since they are protected by an underwater platform that is one of the most important ecosystems of the Atlantic coast. Traveling through the Rosario Islands is a dream vacation by the sea, without a doubt it is the ideal place to enjoy the magic of the Caribbean without the crowds.

  As home to incredibly calm waters and vibrant coral reefs, the islands are a natural wonder, and as part of Colombia’s protected national park system, the Rosario Islands are also perfectly safe to travel to. I especially loved this magical place for its fine beaches, complete with pure white sand, crystal clear ocean waters, and relative peace and quiet. And the surprise I got was that one of Colombia’s national natural parks is located there, created to protect one of the most important coral reefs on the Colombian Caribbean coast.

  If you plan to travel to Colombia and take a vacation in Cartagena de Indias, one of the places you cannot miss is the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. A great castle to get to know the military bases of Colombia, the castle guides told each tourist that this fortress built during the Spanish colonization is the largest military complex of all those built by the Spanish in the American continent.

  I was struck by the fact that this castle is located on a hill called San Lázaro and is considered one of the seven wonders of Colombia, a recognition that accredits it as one of the largest structures built in Colombian territory. This experience at the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas was spectacular, walking through its cave and listening to every detail of the history of this beautiful country. I also loved that this castle is a fortification located in the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias.

  This wonderful city has all the attractions to enjoy an unforgettable day at the beach with the ones you prefer. In these beaches the locals show their culture, they put themselves at the service of everyone with all the fun they have to offer you. Water sports, tents for the sun, live music and above all the delicious and authentic typical food on the shore of the beach.

  I loved the weather, it is ideal so that you can travel to this place all year round, take some time off, I dared and practiced windsurfing for the first time in my life on this great beach, I loved it enormously and this journey in the sea. Mariela ame accompanied me to Bocagrande beach, I could not leave Cartagena without feeling the sea so close to me, we stayed on the beach until nightfall, and during sunset you can see a beautiful view that makes you fall in love even more. It was one of the best experiences I had in Cartagena, do not hesitate to visit it.

I could not stop observing and enjoying the nightlife of Cartagena, all the comments I heard in the hotel were fascinating and I did not hesitate to be a part of its nightlife.

  Full DJs, food, drinks and good music are the characteristics that predominate in the Farándula Club de Cartagena.

  It was definitely pretty gorgeous, it’s a huge place with shiny furniture and multiple colored lights for the dance floor.

  At midnight, Mariela and I started dancing in the middle of the dance floor, it was the time when the party officially started in the place, and of course, the music did not stop until dawn.

  At that moment, the waiters invited us to the opening of the VIP area and because we were one of the many tourists who were there enjoying themselves that night, they wanted to give us a membership in the drinks, I enjoyed a delicious cocktail made up of tropical fruits, extremely delicious and wonderful. It was a great night that I greatly enjoyed in Cartagena.

  Arriving at Taboo Disco Club was meeting many Latinos, that club is popular for receiving many tourists from Latin America and the atmosphere is fantastic. Without a doubt, this place is for those who like to dance and party, good music, good service, a great atmosphere, it is always full and if the party is what most animates them, this place is perfect. It has been operating for several years and has positioned itself as one of the best clubs in Cartagena as far as partying is concerned. On that second night of rumba I also enjoyed it like never before, Mariela did not accompany me on that occasion because days before she had to go to Venezuela, but even so, I socialized with tourists from Ecuador and Peru. It was a great night, full of colors and a lot of fun, what I loved the most was having access to the drinks bar, and tequila was the star of the night.

  To speak of Cartagena is to speak without a doubt of a paradise, I loved every second lived in this wonderful place. Colombia is a wonderful land, feeling the natural warmth and its people was something very great. If you are thinking of visiting this paradisiacal place, do not hesitate twice, you will find a great variety of places to visit and even more in its gastronomy; It is extremely delicious, with exotic and fascinating flavors. In Colombia I felt that I enjoyed every moment and also rediscover myself, so much so that the day of my return to English lands I felt very shocked, but in love with all the memories that I recorded in my mind.