Easter is almost here and since I had a few days off I decided to embark on a new adventure to one of my favorite destinations, I started my search on the web and voila I have found a new dream vacation destination in the Caribbean Sea, located on the coast south of Barbados. When the scheduled day arrived, I started my trip, since the plane took off, and I could see the immense blue sea through the window, my eyes lost with this beautiful tropical landscape, I already knew that I was close to my destination.

  Oistins is a charming city in Barbados full of beautiful crystal clear waters and special places to vacation perfectly in company or in my case, alone. I hope, and I know that it will be so, that this trip will help me to have new experiences and unforgettable memories, the truth is that I always try to do so.

One of the things that I love and admire about the islands of the Caribbean Sea are their white sands, I think it is very unusual to find places like this, they are called pearls of the Caribbean for a reason. My adventure in this fleeting getaway to the Caribbean will be extraordinary, I assure you.

I am almost an expert in this type of travel planning and I contacted my main travel agent in advance and he got me a great list of places to visit and also for my comfort he assigned me a fixed guide during my stay.

  Edwin is the name of the boy, who went to look for me, when taking my bags I could notice that he had a little note with my name and some beautiful tropical flowers, when he received me he gave them to me, took my luggage and took me directly to my first stop, on the way He told me that it is customary in the area to give flowers to travelers to show off their extensive variety, I loved the gesture.

  We immediately arrived at the beach club, he accompanied me to the reception and we agreed to meet in the next few days. When I entered the Barbados Beach Club I was given warm attention in all aspects. Its facilities have a variety of activities that you will not be able to enjoy in a single day, so I immediately started to get to know the place.

  After I stayed in my comfortable penthouse suite, I prepared a coffee to admire the beautiful panoramic view of the sea from the balcony, a visual spectacle that you simply cannot help but appreciate, I felt for a moment at peace, with my mind in White.

Before immersing myself in the activities offered by the place, I went to the beach that is right in front of the Beach Club, simply a tropical paradise that you cannot stop admiring. 

  There I met Amy, a local who approached me to tell me that she loved my swimsuit, there we began to know each other and enjoy a friendly mutual company. One of the activities that I enjoyed the most was the water sports with non-motorized equipment, boat and rowing, ideal for sailing and exploring the incredible landscape of the sea. The fish were a good company in this adventure, I could see them while sailing.

   At sunset, most guests delight in the Reef View Restaurant, where a comfortable and formal moment is lived, so I decided to dress up for this special occasion and I put on my red dress with a low back and my black heels. , ideal for a formal dinner.

   This site was an excellent option to spend a few days and rest in this tropical paradise, all the staff of this resort gave me a good service. It was a nice weekend, however my agent already had a new reservation for me at a nearby hotel to spend the rest of my days in Oistins, but I still hope to return the other weekend.

  At the time of my departure I said goodbye to my new friend Amy, we exchanged our phones and agreed to meet again. When I left very punctually, Edwin was already waiting for me at the doors of the beach club, he gave me a delicious typical drink and took me straight to my new destination, on the way I told him how much fun I had in those days. It was very nice to talk for a while with him.

  This guy told me that my agent consulted him as an expert in the area to find a place to stay, Edwin told him that the Accra Beach Hotel & Spa is an ideal place for a luxurious stay and at the same time close to the most spectacular beaches in the area, one of them Rockley Beach considered one of the most virgin beaches in Barbados.

  And so it was that we arrived at the hotel and immediately they were waiting for me, they took me directly to my rooms, I loved the choice of a presidential suite with an ocean view and all the best amenities.

  Upon arrival I changed and went out to explore the place, I could see that they have many things and activities to do, I went to the main restaurant for a Brunch, I loved it, it was delicious and very on time before continuing my tour.

  Since I arrived at the hotel I was waiting for the ideal moment to visit the Chakra Spa, I went to make an appointment and they told me that if I wanted they could attend me right away, wow that’s great, I unceremoniously agreed, there I completely relaxed in body and spirit, Thanks to the magical hands of Katherine, I felt that I was going to a world of total relaxation, to then immerse myself in the fabulous sauna that it has. Just fantastic.

  Another place I visited Accra Beach Hotel was a small shopping center located right in front of the hotel called Quayside Centre, I really liked it because it has international restaurants, ice cream parlors, local craft shops, a convenience store and international brand beachwear. Popular, I bought some things to remember this trip.

  To satisfy my palate a bit, I visited the Accra Deck restaurant where I enjoyed an exquisite gastronomic experience with local and contemporary European cuisine, it is a quite picturesque place, with outdoor spaces and ocean views. One of those nights while at the hotel I decided to visit the St. Lawrence Gap, it is a famous nightspot known for its excellent restaurants and its lively nightlife, so do not hesitate to spend a pleasant time to try its delicious Caribbean drinks, there I found myself with many guests with whom I had already shared, so we shared drinks, between dances and good talk we ended up having the best time.

  This hotel is so complete that it was a little difficult for me to want to leave it, but I had to and also wanted to comply with my already pre-established itinerary, to get to know Oistins a little more, this little corner of Barbados.  

Every day was a new surprise for me, my agent sent me the tour itinerary the day before, so as not to create expectations, I loved this, every tour and every day was a surprise for me. This day we start in a marine park.

  This is the Seahorse Divers in marine park, I had reserved a full day appointment to dive and get to know all the marine fauna of the place that they take care of in their beautiful reserve. I love these types of activities. James the instructor was quite friendly and understandable at the time of the ideal class for beginners and experts as well.

  The truth is that I really enjoyed being able to immerse myself in the waters and be able to swim closer to the marine world among all those beautiful species and obviously their beautiful seahorses, sea turtles and corals, it was magical.

  As a good lover of photography and a fan of the aquatic world, I was able to take excellent panoramic views, to preserve a beautiful memory that will always remain in my most beautiful memories.

  For the next few days my agenda was full, Edwin told me that, he and my agent had prepared for me different walks and visits to many beautiful places and places of historical and cultural interest in the area, I liked that a lot, so every morning after breakfast I left with my driver for new adventures.

  One of the most extraordinary places I visited in Oistins was George Washington House, a beautiful infrastructure, I loved the idea of ​​its fascinating British colonial architecture, where every visitor is simply amazed, especially people who love antiquity.

  It tells the story that George Washington and his sick brother Lawrence resided in this historic plantation house, also known as Bush Hill House, they also narrate that it consists of 9 tunnels that in their time served as escape routes for garrison troops in cases of enemy invasion. In short, it was fantastic to visit the House of George Washington and learn about all this history.

  To continue visiting different places in Oistins, I went to a heritage museum called ST. Nicholas Abbey Ando Stream Railway, truly a place steeped in local history ideal for tourists visiting Barbados. I loved venturing out for a while in this beautiful steam locomotive, the truth was enormous, being able to travel through the plantation grounds, its narrated tour took me a little to everything in the stories of the place.

We pass the Great House of St. Nicholas Abbey, around the lake, home to wild waterfowl and migratory birds, and through mature mahogany forests culminating at Cherry Tree Hill, an elevated point that offers breathtaking views. from the highlands of the rugged east coast of the island. A refreshing environment with winds coming from the Caribbean Sea to appreciate the old structure. A place to visit again.

  On my next outing I told Edwin that I would like to invite Amy, the girl I met at the Beach Club, and he agreed and adjusted my outing from one to two people, also telling me that it would be much better to be accompanied by him. It was a walk through some caves.

  We went to Harrison’s Cave, a fantastic tourist attraction in Barbados, upon arrival at the cave we got on an underground tram, it was going at a considerable speed to be able to see from the entrance to the destination.

  Immersed in nature with picturesque views of streams, waterfalls and magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites we were amazed. Once we completed the journey underground, we took an exciting nature walk, where we got to know the fascinating tropical flora and fauna of Barbados, as well as its aviary, where we got to say hello to the beautiful native birds of the island. I loved this site in all its splendor, where you can admire the most beautiful geological features, this natural event is simply spectacular

  For the days that I was free from tourist activities, I stayed at the hotel taking advantage of its wonderful facilities and fabulous views, and at night I took advantage of going out to party, so as not to lose the habit of dancing and having a couple of drinks.

  My first night of fun at the Red Door Louge club, I went with Amy and some of her friends who recommended the place. When we arrived I saw that it was a very nice place with dark walls and red lights at the entrance, ideal for the night and inside with some kind of lamps that adorned the place, it was without a doubt a completely luxurious club. 

  The staff that served us was quite friendly, especially their bartenders.

  While we chatted for a while at the bar, we ordered some cocktails prepared by Stuart, one of those who does his job best, and the truth is that when I tried a drink called Amaretto Sour I was fascinated by its incredible flavor. 

  After a round of drinks we danced for a couple of hours to seize the moment. An incredible night indeed.

  Not everything should be highly luxurious, we also need places where our being is more comfortable, in this case the next club we visited called LVL Sports Bar, without a doubt this was different from the previous one, with a more tropical atmosphere and a space full of people. amazing that they often visit this club.

  In the LVL Sports Bar people are very sociable, not only the staff, but also the people who arrive. Here we order a service of very cold beers to better enjoy the warm climate of Barbados. We spent an impeccable night with more freedom when it came to dancing, because apparently the women who were there had no taboos when doing it, simply what was needed in this night of fun.

  We left this nightclub for our final night because it is the best and most recommended by all, it is the Mc Bride’s Music Pub & Night Club, a tropical space and more picturesque than the previous clubs, and it really was the best, especially for the variety of live music.

  One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the good Caribbean music or as they call it Soca, it is a combination of tropical sounds with various instruments that locals and tourists enjoy when they arrive here. Since we arrived, the service they offered us was quite good and warm, it had comfortable seats to rest from the fun. This time we ordered a few glasses of piña colada, one of my favorites. We danced so much that my hair was wet from sweat, we definitely had a great time and I hope to come again, because it was so much fun.

  The day has come to say goodbye to this tropical paradise, small and beautiful, it will not be easy to forget this island that is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful I have visited in the Caribbean. I am grateful for all the unforgettable good times I had, I think there was not a second that went the other way. I hope to return once again to Oistins, a Caribbean city full of paradises blessed by nature itself.