Travelers are always in search of good weather, if there is no sun there will be no fun, so Barbados throughout the year has the perfect setting to have an incredible time and do not look for excuses to leave.

Another of the most outstanding aspects of Barbados is that it is located outside the so-called «hurricane alley». For those who love historical sites in Barbados, you can find multi-colored buildings with wonderful stories.

If you like shopping here there are some commercial streets that you can go through to see shop windows and buy what you want.

The beaches of fine sand and blue waters coming from the south annually attract tourists from all over the world. The wild and rugged coasts offer wonderful settings to those who want to admire the best of the landscape.


A setting of white sand and turquoise waters adorned by colored umbrellas and an imposing sun that, together with the wind, will offer you the best day of your life. Yachts near the place show the best parties of wealthy people who spread the place with good energy.

Extraordinary criticisms and opinions have been left by tourists regarding this place. 4.3 out of 5 is the score loaded with good comments about the place, about the attention of the staff and the occasional suggestion.

«Very good food» so wrote a user about his experience in this place. But he also took advantage of the moment to suggest that the service is very slow and asked to improve it as much as possible.

Here you can relax, enjoy the splendor of the beach and sit under some umbrellas while you sunbathe and drink a delicious cocktail. One of the attractions of this place is that some ships are sunken in the sea and when people dive they can enjoy this spectacle.

Shortly before sunset you can play with paddles, they always prepare recreational activities for children here. The daiquiris here are in great demand because they are very well prepared.

Regarding how inefficient the service is, many tourists assure that the situation is throughout the island. Here you can also enjoy the bathroom service, Wi-Fi, showers, good music and security.

Hilton Barbados Resort offers a privileged view, from here you will be able to appreciate a few kilometers the cruise ships that have this area as a tourist point to allow tourists to enjoy the best landscapes in the area.

The beach here is not very big but it has turquoise waters and white sand. The waves are not very big, which represents something positive when having fun in the company of family and friends.

The space here is very large so you can appreciate and occupy the lounger of your choice. The beach here is private, which provides hotel guests with a safer and more reliable place.

If you prefer not to enter the sea you will have two beautiful pools for you, sunbathe and drink a delicious cocktail. Taste a dish and savor the best flavors of the Caribbean prepared by professional chefs.

You will have three restaurants at your disposal here, each one offering a variety of food and excellent prices. Keep in mind that they only speak English here, so you must take precautions to communicate.

The common areas of the hotel are beautiful but lack air conditioning, as guests have assured, so they ask for better service.

This snorkeling catamaran cruise lasts 5 hours and includes transportation to meet tourists at the hotel door. This alternative is very common in this type of tour.

You will sail along the west coast in this 18 meter catamaran. Feel the pleasure, have a glass of wine and enjoy the sun.

This 18 meter catamaran will make a few stops so you can experience and explore at sea. Sailing, diving, seeing marine species and contemplating the landscape that is close to the immense sea.

Here there is a wide variety of corals, when you stop to swim you can run into sea turtles that will make your day. The most striking thing is that you can snorkel in a shipwreck, so this experience of discovering what one day decided to belong to the seabed will be interesting.

Attention with this, here there are unlimited drinks for lovers of beer and rum, you can also try one or another punch.

Vary the experience on a 5-hour cruise or just a 3-hour cruise with lunch included. Taste a delicious breakfast and snack, you will receive informative guides about this tour that will provide you with important historical data.


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Among what you can do here, the feeding of Monkeys stands out. They are already familiar with the environment and are very close to tourists. Buy some food or just hand them a banana.


Be careful because if you are not careful they will steal what you have in hand. But in spite of everything, people really enjoy the antics of these picturesque animals that will recharge you with good energy.


Another of the activities that are done here and has the same number of demands are adventures with sea turtles. Sail next to this marine animal and let yourself be carried away by emotions.


It will be 6 hours of fun with an instructor completely in English who will teach you everything about each point of this place..

Enjoy an unforgettable dinner by the sea. Beyond being a dinner, here they will display a unique unforgettable show with music and dances to fill the night with brightness and color that will dress up under the moonlight.

Fire eaters, stilt dancers and limbo. This will be the show that will be around you while you taste this dish. Another attraction will be live music, which will put the musical note to the show.

Enjoy the barbecue dinner while you get to know the Caribbean culture. If you want a drink here there is a bar available for you, you can have whatever you want at a good price and the attention will be unrepeatable.

The drinks are unlimited. You will have the option to use the transport that will pick you up at the hotel and take you back.

For 3 hours and 30 minutes you will enjoy this magical moment, an unrepeatable meal. The guides that will accompany you will teach you everything in English. People really enjoy this show because after eating they will dance and dance nonstop.

Live music, DJ, dance floor and a bar full of different drinks that will brighten up your night. Walk where you want, take what you want and dance at the point that you like the most, these facilities are pleasant because they allow you to enjoy yourself in Barbados.

4.3 out of 5 stars has been the evaluation of the tourists who have visited this place and through their experiences they give the best advice to those who will come to this place for the first time.

One of the visitors argued that the experience had been great, that she planned to return sooner rather than later. Others point out that it is a very good place to buy items that you can take home.

If you want to celebrate your event, marriage, birthday, corporate or simply to entertain that special person, here you can do it because they have the ideal spaces to carry out that celebration.

Others find here a point of relaxation, they assure that they de-stress and find tranquility in the midst of music and drinks.

The attention, Wi-Fi quality, efficient service, security and parking are some of the factors that have allowed this site to achieve such a high score by tourists who feel at home here.

Live the experience of a Caribbean fusion party with the best international standard. This hand in hand with excellent hospitality and security that will allow you to enjoy yourself at all times without setbacks.

4.3 points out of 5 is the score for this site, a good score thanks to all the good things it offers. Visitors point out that the house drink is fascinating and that it is the best thing they have ever tasted.

The theme parties on Fridays are highly commented, those who have participated say they like them a lot. The DJ is one of the most talked about here, his current sound mixes make more than one shudder.

According to some comments, the place deserves a little more fresh air, when there are many people, it seems that the air circulation is very bad. Despite this, there are no limits to enjoy to the fullest.

Barbados has wonderful sites. The innovation that exists here is very good because it will allow you to enjoy shows at the forefront. Sites to visit that are full of history and beautiful beaches.

Take advantage of the agenda that each site has prepared for you and join the scheduled activities that are intended to unite the family.

Complete services, first class attention and the best spaces reserved with your high and demanding expectations in mind.