Hello, what a pleasure to greet you, I am approaching you to tell you one of my pleasures when traveling is to know the different cultures around the planet and this time I went to the Kingdom of Morocco, in North Africa, this Islamic country chosen by many travelers and now me, it is for its natural landscapes and important cultural and historical manifestations. It is located in the Mediterranean and as a destination it offers us scenarios worthy of magical adventures, such as the Sahara desert, palm groves, the Dadès Valley with the snow-capped peaks of the Great Atlas in the distance, vibrant cities like Marrakech or seafaring cities like Essaouira. The traditional Moroccan kindness and hospitality, the gastronomy and the exceptional experience of shopping in a souk are arguments that few travelers can refuse. Really, you have to know a little more about Morocco and in this travel journal I will tell you some things and the wonderful places that you can find there. For that reason and to begin with I tell you that the protagonist this time is Beach Mama Club de Casablanca. Casablanca is home to the main Moroccan headquarters and facilities, as well as international companies based in Morocco. Historically, Casablanca remains the main industrial zone of the country. The number of companies that I could see when passing through here are innumerable. The largest artificial port in the world and the one in North Africa is owned by Casablanca. The modern and important architectural heritage is owned by this city, this is due to the architectural diversity experienced during the 20th century. From neo – Moorish to art deco, this is the architecture that you will appreciate on the streets of Casablanca. In addition to this, the city for a time was a kind of an architectural laboratory that filled the streets with different architectures.

The main streets and avenues of Casablanca become chaotic due to the great congestion of these, the uncontrolled growth of the city has originated it and so far there is no solution.

1.2 million people travel by taxi, 15,000 vehicles have been arranged for this and are classified as «red taxis» and «white taxis». «Red taxis» are used on the journey inside the perimeter and accept up to three passengers at the same time. «White taxis» are also called large taxis and these circulate following the fixed routes that link the city center with the peripheral areas and have a capacity for six people.
To experience the excitement as a tourist I got on both, the difference was not great but I enjoyed the walk around the city.

Casablanca is located in Morocco, there I found the prestigious Beach Mama Club, with an exquisite and rich address of the Mediterranean sun. At this point, the art of magnifying fish and seafood stands out, as well as the southern aromas and flavors that delight our dishes. Yes, I ate several fish by the sea, this is one of the greatest pleasures in life, I enjoyed it like never before and well, I could not miss my glass of wine to liven up the moment.
Beach Mama Club: Casablanca surrenders to him https://www.corniche.ma/beach-mama-2/

Beach Mama Club invites us to take our time, breathe, think, love, let go and live the moment to the full. I took advantage of the imposing swimming pool to have a delicious cocktail while the fresh breeze caressed my skin, it is that remembering it makes me bristle.

This beautiful place offers us a great gastronomic variety. The imposing view of the sea comforts your soul and offers you a warm atmosphere, in addition the French cuisine codes are regularly reviewed, giving lightness and sincerity to each dish. Le Béret, pays tribute to French food and Kinugawa, exalts contemporary Japanese cuisine.

Beach Mama and En Lola, will allow you to taste the exotic gastronomy of Morocco.

Dance and fun
Le CasArt Bar, is presented as one of the best options in Casablanca to go out at night. Here I tasted the incredible well-crafted tapas, which in the first instance allowed me to get an idea of all the good and wonderful that Le CasArt Bar could offer me. The most valuable thing here is the human resource, its quality, warmth and attention is first class line, in addition to its impressive low costs. Diego, one of the frequent visitors to the place, we agreed on this site and we got closer to talk a little about our lives, I have even forgotten what we are talking about, it turns out that he is a dance instructor and he offered to teach me some dance steps, it was Quite fun, together with the other visitors to the Bar we had a first-rate evening.
Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca – https://www.fourseasons.com/casablanca/?seo=google_local_cbl1_emea
When looking for accommodation, the nearby places are wonderful and you can find innumerable from classic ligares to more luxurious places, I particularly liked the places where you can enjoy the culture and gastronomy of the area and you will get the best experience for you and enjoy the best of Casablanca. Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca is one of the hotels that is located near Beach Mama Club and I stayed here and it became a great alternative to spend incredible days. It was what I really needed. Located in the five-star category, this hotel is emerging as one of those that is in great demand by tourists and locals. It is worth paying the amount, the service is first class and the attention is second to none, you have it all in one place.
The location is an elegant beach district, combined with a great nightlife on the Corniche, as well as spaces for sunbathing on Ain Diad beach, I went here to soak up some sun and give my skin more color. I appreciate having chosen this site, it turns out that this point converges with the Hassan II Mosque, Mohammed V International Airport, Rabat-Salé Airport, old Catholic cathedral, Museum of Morocan Judaism, among other important places, that without hesitation I ventured to know them.
Morocco represents one of the most exotic and unforgettable experiences that we can imagine. There a collection of labyrinths arises in which to lose oneself to another time, of sumptuous palaces that seem to have emerged from the pages of a thousand and one nights and vast deserts with perfect dunes on which to contemplate in silence how the sun sets. With postcard beaches that embrace the best light in Africa. That is why I consider Morocco the scene of a thousand adventures.
Merzouga and its Duanas have turned out to be the desert of our dreams, an infinite sea of dunes that change color every minute to turn incandescent red at sunset. It is the Sahara at its best, a traffic of camel drivers and skies that allow you to read the stars clearly every night. The possibility of jumping through the perfect mountains of sand and feeling small in one of the most beautiful deserts on this planet becomes very appealing. Thanks to a reservation in I was able to enjoy a camel ride in these dunes. Amazing to see how these animals surrender to you and allow you to ride on them to contemplate the beautiful panorama together. An experience that I would undoubtedly repeat again and more if it is in the company of these enormous animals that although at first they are intimidating, later they fill you with security.
The dunes of Merzouga.- https://n9.cl/xfc84
Morocco is a good place to enjoy and have a good time. Thanks to all the benefits and magical places that are found here, do not doubt that it will be the best experience, from camel rides, views of sunsets, desert camps, take my camera, my hat and more comfortable outfit to give unmatched walk around these places.
Hassan II Mosque
It is totally Majestic, everyone defines it that way, this mosque located in Casablanca and which became the symbol of the most assiduously visited Moroccan city. Something curious that I knew about this Mosque is that it is suspended over the sea and many refer to a passage that is written in the sacred texts of the Koran. «The throne of Allah that rises above the waters» My second stop was at the «The throne of Allah that rises above the waters» The proportions of this temple are amazing, since it is positioned as the second largest in the world, being displaced by Mecca. 30,000 meters is its surface, surprisingly Notre Dame Cathedral, would enter inside.
Old Sacred Heart Cathedral
In this fascinating tour inside Casablanca, I could not miss the impressive buildings that defy the logic of capturing the attention of locals and travelers, one of the most iconic was the Ancient Sacred Heart Cathedral. This was built in the 1930s and designed by Paul Tournon, it is a former Moroccan Catholic church. In 1956 it ceased to provide its services after the independence of Morocco, later it was built in a cultural center and the headquarters of the diocese moved to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, in Tangier. So, if you are a lover of photographs, do not hesitate to capture the incredible moments in these impressive buildings.

Arab League Park

When visiting the place I was captivated by the impressive water fountain that covers a large part of the place, in it the birds perch to quench their thirst or simply take a little bath.
It is an urban park and is located in the city center, west of Hassan II boulevard, this park covers 30 acres of land and is divided in two by Moulay Youssef Bouleverd, with impressive paths designed with palm trees, paths that come to life with the green color that receives the rays of the sun and the strong breeze moves along the road.
The wide and open paths are covered with beautiful flowers of different colors and sizes, thus harmonizing the view of the place.

As is customary for me, I do not say goodbye to any of the travel destinations without visiting and enjoying all its corners and I did so a couple of nights before packing my suitcases I decided to go out to see the night magic of Casa Blanca, Morocco . Doing a bit of research I came across these popular clubs.

Sky 28 
One of the options that bursts into the nightlife, with good music and delicious tapas and hors d’oeuvres, I opted for a delicious fresh sushi and some seafood tapas.
To the rhythm of music and some delicious craft beers were the special touch of the night.

Cabaret Embassy 
My next stop was at the Cabaret Embassy, I loved visiting this place, I went in the company of Diego and together we enjoyed the dance shows. His outfits, his way of moving his hips, of looking, everything was spectacular. Accompanied by some delicious drinks to the rhythm of the music, I was able to let go of my body until I couldn’t.

Casablanca has it all, not only will the Beach Mama Club captivate you, but also the impressive architectural structures that will make you perform at its feet for its majesty and style. Visiting this heavenly place will allow you to feel a great spiritual connection and renew your energies, give yourself the best.