A new chapter opens in my adventurous blog and this time responding to my desire to go through more of the pre-Columbian and American culture, that is why I invite you to embark with me on my adventure to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where we will visit the best of the Riviera Maya. I boarded a flight where I met a group of travelers who share the same tastes for the history and origin of Latin America, this time to one of the places with the most beautiful view of the Caribbean coasts, bathed by warm waters. and crystalline Caribbean Sea that are just an appetizer of what all this paradise has to offer.

  We arrived in Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Mayan Riviera, recognized worldwide for its cosmopolitan beach with a wide gastronomic offer and a variety of accommodation and entertainment options that leave the visitor.

We were received by some native guides who gave an appetizing appetizer to our adventurous historical hunger, indicating that in the past this beautiful area was known as a fishing village known by the name of Xaman Hà or Xpu-ha, which means “water from the North”, today known as one of the most sought-after and busiest destinations in all of Mexico.

Since I was a child I have wanted to travel that magical land that only in universal history books I admired where great men and women lived under the reins of nature, in this astronomically privileged area, today I can achieve my dream by visiting each space that keeps the history of An ancient Mayan civilization considered the most important group in the Caribbean Sea area because it is located on the way to the pilgrimage to the Ixchel sanctuary, which we later learned as the historical Sacred Mayan Journey of Xcaret.

Starting my fun tour, I came across a gastronomic boulevard, a fabric of restaurants that range from the most expensive to the most accessible, but with a rich gastronomy based on all the fruits of the sea. There I started my adventure.

In this ancestral cradle of culture, gastronomy and comfort that idyllically attracted me with thoughts as sweet as the honey of a lover, is that 20 hectares located in the middle point between Tulum and Playa del Carmen in a town called Xpu-ha, with a An aristocratic-looking construction, but with a romantic image, he took me to BEEFBAR ESENCIA, where I had the fortune of meeting Jimena, a traveling girl who accompanied me to see this beautiful hotel that offers wonders in every corner.

  I was in each of the spaces of this beautiful place that made my stay at Beefbar Esencia – Xpu-ha, Mexico a true culinary experience thanks to its simple menu based on the finest ingredients and the exceptional selection of cuts of meat. The best thing about this warm place is the preparation of each dish at the moment in a spectacular open kitchen and wood oven, in a way that turns them into comforting and sophisticated flavors.

  After dinner, Jimena and I took a tour to see the place in a beautiful walk in this property that at the time was a place of leisure for the nobility and that is now the reference inspiration for a modern reinvention. I loved the central house, the central part of the hotel, in a pleasant walk through its surroundings with paths that lead to only 45 suites and 3 villas where you can enjoy privacy and first-class hospitality. I had the pleasure of recreating myself with a bath in the exceptionally preserved beach of Xpu-Ha, where I was able to be the main spectator of the birth of sea turtles, thanks to its reserved and isolated location from the huge resorts and the roar of the tour boats, Hotel Esencia invites you to adopt it as your home in the tropics.

  My journey through the Hotel Esencia was without a doubt the place where I confirmed that the traditions of the past can be combined with a cosmopolitan style of good living. This aristocratic oasis left me wanting to relive the experience of entering the Yucatan jungle that dissolves in the virgin sands of Xpu-Há, and is part of the best preserved coastline of the Riviera Maya.

I continued my journey this time without Jimena, she had to return to her European country for personal reasons, but it was not an impediment for me to continue my way in this beautiful area blessed by the gods. I took advantage of my stay at the Beefbar Esencia – Xpu-ha and took a tour of the best Beach clubs and fun spaces in this town.

  I entered the Antera Hotel & Residences, one of the most sophisticated and exclusive establishments in the Playa del Carmen area, where I was able from my inheritance to enjoy its facilities in the best style and the best Caribbean and Mexican creativity.

  This luxurious hotel is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen and very close to the sea, its facilities left me totally impressed, after registering Lupe the girl who attended me gave me a little tour of the facilities, I loved the pool area , right next to a beautiful garden that adorns the entire view.

  They have a very friendly staff who offer a sophisticated service; this small but comfortable space I could experience a perfect mix of absolute relaxation. 

When it was time to enjoy dinner, I was captivated by its attractive and exquisite gastronomic options of an inclusive menu and drinks. My first option was a land and sea that was full of fish, its homemade chicken and its tasty seafood, here they are a wonderful avant-garde experience in a fantastic environment by the sea.

  The best thing about this place is that I was able to fully comply with my work tasks from my sunbed I made a home office from the paradisiacal beaches of the Riviera Maya, since it has high-speed internet and wide and comfortable spaces to work with my hands on it. keyboard and my feet in the sand. Furthermore, its proximity to 5th Avenue in the Mayan area was a complete wonder when planning all my tours to get to know Playa del Carmen and all its benefits.

With my new group of friends we set out to find a way to have fun with unique activities, that is why a huge range of activities among which we could enjoy our historical adventure in Yucatan

  In previous trips I had visited these wonderful ruins, but each trip is a new experience to learn more about this Mayan architectural treasure.

On this occasion we were able to collect a lot of information that calmed us that avid search for the origin of this small paradise, it was a wonderful experience to visit this world-famous complex of Mayan ruins, its huge stepped pyramid, known as El Castillo, dominates the 6.5 km squares of the ancient city, which prospered from about 600 AD until the thirteenth century.

  I loved to admire that in each of the stone graphic carvings that survive in structures such as the ball court, it could give rise to one of the most famous sports today such as soccer.

My new friends talk about how rich it would be to have been a part of that time when testosterone at its best ran through the courtyards of this imposing place in the construction of the Temple of the Warriors and the Wall of Skulls. But I will never forget the night full of stars that adorned the night and served as the perfect setting for the light and sound show that illuminated the sophisticated geometry of these imposing constructions.

  I said goodbye to my new friends while stepping on a sunset from a long walk along Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen where I was able to share with them something more than a taste for history and gastronomy, we went shopping, we visited bars and restaurants, we also met people from many places in the world that, like us, were on an adventure.

  Not without first eating an ice cream in Puerto Aventuras, a paradisiacal beachfront town where you can walk through its beautiful streets while enjoying the Italian Gelatos of which I became a fan. At the end of our tour we went to say goodbye on the shores of Xpu-Ha beach where with crystal clear water, white sand and starry sky, far from the city, we toasted and reflected while enjoying a beautiful and clear sky. 

  As I am a lover of Frida, I did not hesitate for a moment to visit the Blue House, this Museum is one of the most popular in the area. The so-called Casa Azul Frida Kahlo Museum is the place where personal objects reveal the intimate universe of the most recognized Latin American artist worldwide. Being here I could feel that this small space brings Frida back to life in a place full of light and color that Frida would have been proud of. And to a greater surprise I found myself with the museum’s restaurant, a space designed for the delight of the senses, its theme inspires everyone to experience the senses to the fullest with the life and work of Frida Kahlo.

That is how we ended up at Casa Jaguar, a bar located in the center of Tulum where electronic music and hip are the kings, I loved this bar and its contagious vibe where there is no menu or limits, a rich family atmosphere and better outdoors.

From there we went to Gitano, one of my favorites since it offers a menu of local seasonal ingredients prepared with traditional methods, we danced until we could on its track on the sand of the beach and it has a list of more than 50 mezcals and cocktails. Exclusive handmade that uses locally grown fruits and seasonal herbs, that we did not have enough time to try them all, but the vast majority and boy was it worth every drop of it.

And finally in our night tour we were at the mercy of the most impressive of all the Azulik Tulum bar / restaurant where we live a unique experience with art and nature which generate a channel to reconnect with oneself.

We ventured in the middle of the night among elevated twisting and turning wooden walkways, lit only by candles, creating a natural setting perfect for a relaxing retreat or romantic getaway. A huge bar and balcony facing the thick jungle of Tulum was the setting for between cocktails and good music, my American friends and I said goodbye in the best Mexican style.

So far my stop in Tulum, Playa del Carmen and the entire Riviera arrived, there where every moment became a beautiful memory, it will be until a next adventure I will not leave without first inviting you to accompany me on a new adventure to a place without equal with idyllic landscapes that you cannot miss.