Belize is wonderful because it allows you to swim among nurse sharks but at the same time you can also explore jungles with Mayan pyramids that you can climb if you wish. It is not a Latin American country and neither is it entirely from the Caribbean, but it blends perfectly and has a little bit of everything to offer the best experience.

The mix of cultures here is impressive, you will fall in love with its people, its customs, dances, music, picturesque streets and the kindness that emanates from its heart. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world after Australia.

The jungle that Belize has has a great variety of national parks and nature reserves that you should definitely visit and not miss out on the opportunity to explore these areas with unique flora and fauna in the world.

Placencia Beach Club has many elements that come together to offer you an unforgettable atmosphere, that is to say, here you can relax on some loungers by the sea or the beach, have a drink and enjoy phenomenal areas that will make you feel at home.

The evaluation made by tourists about this place is high, since they highlight through their 4.7 points out of 5 that this place is excellent for vacationing and that it has everything that a tourist looks for during the trip.

«I absolutely loved this beach place» was what one user assured after living the experience on this site. He emphasized that the owner greeted him when he arrived and that the staff was always friendly.

The food is exquisite according to the comments of some people, the shade that the place gives is fantastic and the L-shaped pool is quite popular for its cleanliness, sun loungers, umbrellas, musical atmosphere and drinks.

The bar of this place is the most praised because they have a staff that provides first class service, the drinks they prepare here are incredible and they please you in everything you want.

The beach is a few meters from the place, turquoise water, fine white sand, palm trees, sun loungers and the best environment to go with the family. It is very safe and recommended to spend a pleasant day and watch the sun go down.

Impressive rooms, spa, gym, free parking and the best service you can receive, this is how Costa Blu Beach Resort is a dream place for locals and tourists looking for different moments.

Tourists have defined this hotel as a very good place and this is evidenced by the 4.4 out of 5 points obtained thanks to references on the individual experiences they have had during their stay here.

«Clean, pleasant and with good service», this is how a guest described his experience here. He highlighted that the rooms are very spacious and comfortable, the pool was also to his liking because of how clean and well maintained it was.

In the rooms there are also certain elements such as a coffee maker and coffee beans to make if you wish.

The beach here is not very popular, they emphasize that the sand is not pleasant, there is a wall that separates the sand from the beach and it lacks charm. 

This has received unfavorable reviews but the place remains one of the most popular.

Away from the noise and fast life, in addition to a restaurant with exquisite meals is what you can also enjoy here. You will feel fulfillment and know that you are in a place that is like home.


Enjoy this tour with tour guides who will speak for you in Spanish, English, French and German. Navigate the barrier reef alongside rays and sharks, feel your heart race and your adrenaline rush.


This tour lasts approximately 5 hours to practice snorkeling in the coral garden, 4.5 points has been collected in hundreds of positive opinions that position it as a reference of excellence and quality when looking for fun.

For an affordable price, enjoy this experience, they will also pick you up at the hotel where you are staying and they will take you back. Take your phone or camera with you and capture the best moments.

In addition to swimming through the barrier reef, interacting with sharks and rays, you will sail through the immense blue sea while contemplating the beautiful landscape, having a cocktail and even a little sun.

In Cayo Caulker Island they will make a stop, enjoy its immensity while the tour staff gives you a rum punch to delight you while you feel the sand on your feet and the breeze caresses your skin.

Live this wonderful experience for 9 hours and 30 minutes. They will pick you up at the hotel and they will take you back, let yourself be captivated by the ancient city of Tikal and all the good that hides in its history.

From San Ignacio, embark on a journey of almost 10 hours through the ancient city of Tikal, which during the Mayan period was a powerful center. Today UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site.

Through a border a guide will take you to the Tikal National Park in Guatemala and then you will pass through the archaeological complex. All stipulated fees for each thing to do during the tour are already included in the package price.

Here you will learn about the Mayans and how the process was to build what is today one of the most important sites in the world. Also enjoy a hearty lunch during this tour.

The pick-ups are at 7:00 am, at this point the guides receive very good reviews for doing a job with care and tenacity. The pyramids also take the breath away of those who see them due to their imposing size and structure.

The Lamanai Temples invite you to discover why these ruins are the most important in Belize. Learn from these tour guides about the history of this place in English and Spanish to complement.

You will be able to appreciate the ancient excavated city that rises mysteriously through the jungle on this tour. Here there is a varied and enriching fauna denoted by the presence of birds and crocodiles.

Enjoy a river cruise to the archaeological site, where the Temple of the Jaguar, Temple of the Masks and the ancient Mayan palaces are waiting for you to explore and discover their wonders.

Here you can discover fascinating items such as clay pots and temple carvings at the site museum. The best way to end this tour is by enjoying a Belizean lunch in a renowned restaurant.

What I like most about this trip is that you can see wild animals while you go through the water aboard a boat. Fall in love with Belize and everything it has for you.

When you want to spend a good time relaxing at night, Belize offers a wide variety of options, among which food, drinks and cocktails stand out, as well as good dance floors for lovers of good music and an excellent atmosphere that will make you feel on another level.

4.2 out of 5 points is the average obtained thanks to the reviews and opinions of users who have visited the place and emphasized that they liked the visit, the attention received and all the good things they have to offer here.

Users indicate that this place is excellent because it gives them the opportunity to have fun in a healthy and familiar environment. The musical variety of the place is also quite popular, it makes different rhythms sound.

As for the prices, these vary and will depend on your choice, but they are still accessible to your pocket. If your thing is to dance here you can do it as you wish, another factor of this place is that the attention is fantastic.

If you want to celebrate a birthday here you can do it because they have the space and elements that you deserve to make that day unforgettable.

The best day to visit this site according to visitors is Saturday because there is more fun. Others suggest that the place is not the best in Belize but point out that it is still good for dancing.

Quality site, like this place that has 4.2 stars out of 5 thanks to its good service and attention offered by its staff. The food here is quite popular because it is well prepared and is influenced by flavors and species.

What most attracts attention here is Sunday lunch, not everything is rosy because the music, although it is very good, there are some complaints about the volume level, which is very high.

The drinks here are quite popular due to their excellent quality when they are prepared, offering a wide variety of flavors that will allow you to feel fully. Dancing is what is done the most here.

This place has a spectacular bar, lights, technology and a team that will take care of your safety, free parking, Wi-Fi service and a VIP area that will fascinate you to enjoy the night from there.


Belize is one of the most beautiful places in the world, even if it makes you look like you are in the Caribbean or Latin America, you can feel its warmth, excellent energy of the people, warm smile and good attention.

Dreamlike landscapes, natural beauties to admire and feel them part of you, crystal clear beaches and places to visit that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.