One of the biggest attractions of Bonaire is the water of the sea, this highlights because it is very clear due to the little Water what ‘s in this land and does not reach the sea what pollution _ it is almost null .

don’t you worry for the hotel search , in Bonaire there are more than 340 places to stay , of which 14 % are category hotels and with extraordinary services for which looking for excellent options .

Here are the best _ red flamingo breeding of planet . Plus beyond this the diversity of species _ it is large , in addition to the flora and fauna that it is right conserved and protected .

the parrot is a bird that you can only appreciate if you come to Bonaire, so you wo n’t be able to see her in none another part of the earth . there are many options to enjoy in Bonaire , enjoy sites that tea will offer peace and quiet .


Having it all in one place sometimes becomes a bit difficult to achieve, but this hotel makes it a reality for you and they have managed the best areas that have been rated at 4.4 points by users who have raised this place to the site of excellence. 

«Incredible» in this way the users of this hotel catalog their experience. These opinions derive due to the good service and quality offered to those who visit these facilities and appreciate all the effort and dedication of the staff.

The rooms are spacious and have good lighting. In this way it is shown in the photos and does not escape reality. The service offered is great, this is complemented by the good food that has Caribbean influences.

Something that users question is that the distances between the areas are extensive and they suggest reviewing the latest ones. Breakfast should be expanded, as will be pointed out by those who have stayed here requesting more variety.

The attention is exceptional, the facilities, the parking service, although it is far from the rooms, are grateful for the guaranteed security for those who trust to leave their vehicle there.

4.8 stars out of 5 is the position in which users they have left clear excellence and good _ attention that receive when come to this place to hang out the top vacation of your life.

The hosts of this place they have left with much of the good praise that make reference to the extraordinary that it is visit East site . These hosts have Many tips over the island .

the rooms they are in perfect condition , good preserved and maintenance it is frequent . Another one of the points strong of this place is breakfast with the variety of ingredients prepared by renowned chefs.

if you visit East place you will have the possibility to go to different places of interest that are found close , too you can snorkel and swim in the calm down waters of Bonaire. Enjoy the _ marine species .

Service wifi , parking , security and areas healthy  entertainment for family and friends. If you don’t have plans ready, those in charge of place tea they will give the best guidance so that you visit places extraordinary.

5 stars out of 5 is the assessment that users make of this place that has become the sanctuary of more than 400 donkeys that give their best every day to entertain the spectators.

Enjoying this sanctuary allows you to enjoy the greatest experience because you can be close to the donkeys, feed them, learn about them and their habitat. Quiet because here you will learn everything about this sanctuary.
Upon arrival you will be received by the staff that works here, they will attend you with the best smile, they will guide you so that you know each point of interest of this place. Here he will teach you everything about donkeys, food, lifestyle and more.

You can take some stale bread and take it to the sanctuary to feed these donkeys, they love contact with people, they also enjoy carrots and walking freely around this place.

If you have a vehicle you can bring it and drive while you enjoy the donkeys in the best safari style, drive among them, feed them, observe their habitat and all the good things they have for visitors.

A beautiful place to walk and contemplate the landscape, enjoy access to different beaches and let yourself be seduced by the white sand.

For approximately 4 or 5 hours you will be able to enjoy this earthly paradise with access to different beaches, but one of the comments that gains strength is the call to raise awareness to progressively reduce the levels of plastic in the place.
«I like nature, it’s an open-air park,» was highlighted by a user of the place who pointed out that you can ride a bicycle or vehicle to enjoy a wonderful tour that will connect you with the areas protected by the State.
According to the version of some visitors, this site is privileged because it is the only one from which you can see the unique flamingos in the world. This is popularly known as the flamingo sanctuary.
Seru Brandaris is the highest mountain on the island and you will find it here to contemplate and climb, let yourself be captivated by its splendor.

If you are a snorkel lover this is the right place because you can do it while enjoying marine species such as turtles, fish and others.

The trip from the port to the island has a lot to offer, beautiful landscapes, sunsets and a wonderful sky that is illuminated by the sun. Users emphasize that there is nothing on the island and this seems wonderful to them.
The site is very clean, soft white sand, clear and clean water. Here there is a protected reserve that is a kind of thicket and you can access it to enjoy it. For snorkel lovers, the water turns clear and then turquoise at the bottom.
Access the deepest parts of 30 meters. The marine fauna is spectacular and the impressive nature reserves in all their splendor.
Some people recommend not taking anything to this place to avoid contamination and preserve it. Just bring your best energy, smile and desire to feel peace in the midst of this immensity.

3.5 points out of 5 is the user rating of this place. With the passage of time it has been maintained and accepted by tourists and residents of Bonaire who are looking for a night of pleasure and fun.

The reposaras and cocktails are highly recommended here, but in addition to this they recommend taking a good swim in the sea. If you don’t want to get hurt by a piece of coral, people recommend that you wear water shoes.
The water has an ideal temperature, as suggested by users who have enjoyed it here. But entering these waters is pleasant because you will have contact with colored fish and others.
Although the beach has many stones, it is ideal for snorkel lovers because the clarity of the water is perfect.
Take a sun lounger and enjoy the sun for a small price, it also enjoys an excellent musical atmosphere, good drinks, fun, parties and more by the sea. The mix of flavors in the kitchen and the mix of musical sounds make this site the best place to have fun.

Food with European and Mediterranean influences and a fusion of the Asian country Japan to please the most demanding palates who seek to taste the best dishes prepared by important chefs.
Here there is something for all tastes, that is, if you are vegetarian, vegan or if you cannot eat gluten-free foods, here they have everything you need to have a good haute cuisine experience.
The staff that attends handles good information to provide customers, kindness, cordiality and education is very good. Delivery times are just as established.
They also have a high presentation of wines for all tastes, but if your thing is other types of drinks there are also for you. Book on time and don’t miss out on the opportunity to try exquisite flavors and mixes.
The music is also very good, it is managed at the ideal sound level to have a good conversation with people who keep you company. Enjoy the presence of people from other cultures, guaranteed safety and cleanliness.

Bonaire is a pleasant place for tourism lovers who are looking for clear and clean beaches, white sand and mountains that will take your breath away.
The largest concentration of red flamingos is found here, visit paradisiacal places and these species that you can only see here. The warmth and friendliness of its people is unique, their kindness and simplicity will make you feel at home.