Playa Bonita Las Terrenas, is a small tourist town in full development located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, on the Samaná peninsula. Initially it was just a small fishing village isolated from the rest of the Dominican Republic and years later it became one of the most popular in the area.

Playa Bonita is mentioned in many guides as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a long and beautiful bay separated from Las Terrenas by a rocky point called Punta Bonita. Lovers of wild places and magnificent beaches will be delighted. Playa Bonita Las Terrenas, as its name suggests, is a beautiful white sand beach with a variety of boutique hotels, villas and restaurants. The western part of the beach is a good swimming area, attracting families, while the eastern end, opposite hotels and a kite school, offers waves for the more adventurous.

Playa Bonita is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful paradises in Samaná, where you can spend a few days free from the typical crowds of the busiest beaches in the Dominican Republic. In addition, Playa Bonita has a wide range of high-quality hotels, where you can enjoy a splendid offer of typical dishes from the area and some delicious and refreshing cocktails.

This little paradise has unparalleled conditions, since its crystal clear waters are perfect for practicing water sports, such as surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving, among many others. Although scuba diving is the king sport of this beach, since it has a wide and varied marine ecosystem.

For you and everyone who wants to spend a few days relaxing and disconnecting from the cosmopolitan stress, Playa Bonita is your ideal destination in Samaná, Dominican Republic.

After knowing a little about Playa Bonita, I wanted to know in more detail all its tourist attractions, which were promoted everywhere, and my tour began in this Beach Club.

Without a doubt, in Beluga Beach Club you have a great time, located in the heart of Playa Bonita Las Terrenas, it is a fascinating place where the fun is spectacular. Upon arrival, you can enjoy a good reception of refreshing drinks to take off the heat instantly, it is perfect to start a dance with various musicians who perform a few meters from the beach.

Upon entering you will be impressed by the simple but practical natural design of the restaurant and, above all, by the extremely friendly waitresses. Smiling and eager to help, I would say with attention and patience above normal.

Beluga Beach Club, a cozy and family restaurant bar, where they prepare exquisite food and have delicious drinks. They also prepare breaded shrimp with fruit sauce, goat cheese salad, seafood casserole, dorado fillet, extremely delicious creamy black rice.

The most impressive and delicious are its peculiar dishes, so delicious and with explosive flavors; which make you rumble. It is a beach club that will allow you to distract yourself with the birds that arrive at the place and with a super fascinating and spectacular view of the sea, without forgetting how close it can be to Playa Bonita.

I ordered various appetizers such as fish carpaccio, lemon garlic squid. All were excellent with a nice balance of flavors. For the main course, I ordered Beef Filet, Grilled Fish, and Ribs in BBQ Sauce. Everything was absolutely perfect, both in taste and in the way the food was presented on the plate.

When talking about lodging, there were many offers and sites that looked good, it was really difficult to decide on one among so many and such spectacular hotels.

Atlantis a dream environment, located in one of the most privileged areas of Playa Bonita Las Terrenas, at the beginning, it was just a rustic place with a few fishermen who moored their boats on the shore of the Las Terrenas era bay. this set of small stone houses, with curves instead of corners, inner courtyards, columns, towers and galleries, are its initial design, creating a garden-like appearance.

Behind the whitewashed walls, invaded by climbing plants, its very different rooms hide, each one more beautiful than the other.

In addition to a restaurant, this hotel has a bar/lounge and concierge services. Free WiFi in common areas and free parking are also provided. It is an impressive hotel because the property has dry cleaning service, laundry facilities on the premises and a library to read a book in your spare spaces. All 18 individually furnished rooms feature free WiFi and private yards.

The rooms have names like Jamaica, Ibiza or Granada… and they all have their own bathroom with bathtub, shower, fan and air conditioning, balcony or terrace with sea views. The common areas of the Atlantis are nested in nature…

At Atlantis, you can play sand volleyball, do yoga on the beach and something very peculiar; enjoy rides or horse rentals along the beach and its surroundings. If you go to Atlantis, don’t worry if you attend with children as they have a phenomenal children’s play area for fun.

Activities such as kayaking and scuba diving offer a great opportunity to enjoy the water and, if you are looking for a little adrenaline, you can take walks or bike rides on trails and ecological tours in the surroundings of the fascinating Atlantis hotel.

It is a very nice, quiet and cozy place, the hotel staff is very friendly, and it has an excellent restaurant. You can enjoy the tranquility of Playa Bonita Las Terrenas just a few steps from your room.

It is advisable to get to know each of the places or destinations, in order to achieve the best of experiences we must know each of its corners on our own, which is why I decided to get to know this area of ​​Playa Bonita Las Terrenas in depth.


Very close to Playa Bonita Las Terrenas, the waterfall and forest of El Limón are a magnificent place for the most adventurous travelers to take excellent photographs. Traverse the path up the mountain on horseback or on foot, enjoy a meal at the secluded restaurant of El Limón, and be captivated by the native jungle of the Dominican Republic.

From Playa Bonita Las Terrenas there is a group of guides who make this tour a reality. You can choose one of the two means of transportation to the waterfall. One of those options is a horseback ride, the most efficient way to explore the forest. Let the horse lead the way while you enjoy the scenery and identify native plants, such as the white cigua and the royal palm tree.

If you are more adventurous, you can put on hiking boots and take a hike to the waterfall. The trail can be muddy and steep in parts. The tricky hike makes the view from the top more worth it. You could also take the opportunity to enjoy a cold beer.

After several days in this place I was able to find many good places to visit, I got several options in my travel guide App, including parks, keys and beaches.

If you visit this place during the day, you can access for free the public beach of the island, located on the north side of Cayo Levantado, connecting directly with Playa Bonita. Although there can be many visitors during the high season, this wide beach remains relatively empty for most of the year to enjoy its spaces. Find a good place to spend the day sunbathing, reading a book or walking along the refreshing and transparent water.

Explore the mangroves full of birds, beautiful hills of exuberant vegetation and amazing caves, in Los Haitises National Park. Join a boat tour or bring a comfortable pair of shoes and hike through the park. The name of the national park comes from its original inhabitants, the Taino Indians. In their language, «Haitises» means mountainous, a reference to the steep geological formations of the coast.

From Playa Bonita, you can get to know Playa Rincón, as it stretches along a 2.5-mile (4-kilometer) strip of white sand along the pristine part of the coast and is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. This intimate beach is surrounded by coconut palms and the tops of mountains and cliffs, making it a true utopia, isolated from civilization.

To end my days of travel and tourism on this occasion in Playa Bonita Las Terrenas, I also included the nights in my selection of places to visit and this is how I arrived at Gaia.

Gaia, is a super modern and cozy three-level Penthouse, Playa Bonita Las Terrenas, on the first floor there is a cool nightclub, for those who want something more tropical the second level and on the third level you will find something different that you do not You will find in the municipality of Las Terrenas a Japanese sushi restaurant set with good music and a spectacular view of the sea.

It was designed to offer its clients comfort, without the need to move to another place. Here you can dance the night away and taste delicious tropical fruit cocktails with grenadine, they are ideal for refreshing and sharing with friends or family. At night and especially on weekends, Gaia is a reference very close to Playa Bonita, for its great sculpture and great attention to tourists.

What a great experience lived in Playa Bonita, without a doubt visiting this beautiful place is fascinating and extraordinary. Upon arrival, you can feel the air so fresh and at nightfall the stars are protagonists. Playa Bonita is a beautiful landscape of the Dominican Republic, it is worth visiting and discovering its beautiful corners. The food, the lodging and each one of the attractions are spectacular, in addition to the attention of each worker of this beautiful beach. If you have the opportunity to visit this site, do not hesitate for a second, you will be quickly surprised and enchanted.