If you are one of those people who travel to enjoy the beach doing water sports, this place is perfect for you because you can go diving, surfing, kiteboarding, parasailing, sailing and more.

Temperature that oscillates in 30 °, soft and controlled winds, white sand and turquoise sea water, the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the sun in the best possible environment while relaxing.

The options that this island offers to enjoy are very wide, for this reason you will always observe sailboats, yachts, boats, surfboards, people, music and more on the docks. Enjoy all this panorama while you are there.


Beach club to access informally, this is one of the many reasons why tourists come here, that is, they feel at home. Critics and opinions give this place 4 points out of 5, for its excellent environment for children and unbeatable cocktails.

The sunset on the beach is one of the moments and scenarios that people enjoy the most during their stay here. To this is added the excellent attention provided by the employees of this place.

The food is very good, they have a wide portfolio of options to choose something different every day. If we are talking about cocktails and beers, there are always good prices during happy hour, so you should check with the staff when you arrive so you don’t miss out.

If your gaze observes everything around you, you will realize that wherever you look there will be fresh fish to eat. The prices are not so accessible to the pocket but tourists assure that they are reasonable and that they are worth it.

Tuna nachos and margarita pizza, these are the great gastronomic references here because they are the first choice of tourists. Even if it is just to enjoy the sunset, this site remains positioned as the first option for tourists.


If you add a few more nights to your planned days of stay, you will have the possibility of receiving an average rate, in addition to this you can bring your pet because they have free access. Excellent attention and more to make your stay unbeatable.

The rooms of the place are described as something extraordinary, the bed, the shower, the view and the design. To this is added the correct attention that guests receive and that they qualify as positive.

In this hotel complex there is a beach, this is described as something «impressive» according to users. Regarding gastronomy, some define it as excellent and others as good because the culinary options were below what was reasonable.

Silent nights are what tourists feel when they sleep in the beds of the place, if you come here on a date that is not the season you can enjoy the beach and pool all to yourself, many have lived this experience and feel like kings.

They constantly do maintenance to the place, something that tourists appreciate. The location of this hotel is privileged as it is close to many areas of interest that you can visit at any time.

An island that is one hectare in size, it houses a hotel and a bar, which attracts many boats and people who are looking for a good drink to liven up the night.

You can stay here to, in addition to enjoying the impressive rooms and areas of interest that this place has, you can learn about the life of marine species in an educational meeting.

The design of the place, its architecture and good service are obvious and generate positive comments because from the entrance, through the bathroom and even the rooms, maintenance is constant.

Saba Rock represents a great and tempting choice for dinner, this is because they have a varied and extensive menu that will allow you to taste a wide variety of dishes, this accompanied by a glass of wine and all prepared by the hand of a great chef.

The good thing about this site is that admission is free, many tourists like this because of the economy and accessibility it offers. These are beautiful baths loaded with exotic pools and grottoes.

For lovers of swimming, these baths are ideal because they can snorkel in crystal clear waters, while strolling through sea caves protected by gigantic rocks that will make you live a phenomenal experience.

If you are one of those people who likes geology, you need to open your eyes wide because here you will be able to appreciate volcanic rocks that will reveal the volcanic origins of this fascinating island.

It is advisable to wear water shoes because there are many rocks that can hurt your feet, prepare your camera so that you can photograph the sea sponges that will be in your path to make the tour more fun.

The recommended time to visit this place and avoid crowds is at 8:00 am. A curious fact about this place is that the curved outline of the island reminded Christopher Columbus of a reclining woman.

Sail in the middle of a mangrove forest, climb aboard a paddle board or kayak. This excursion lasts about an hour and a half from road town.

The size of the group you will join is 12 people, together they will navigate through the sea nursery that is protected because it preserves the life of young marine species and lengthens their period of existence through balance.

The guides that will accompany you speak English. It is necessary to listen to the guide because he will give you safety instructions and how to walk throughout the tour. After this you will be equipped with your Kayak and paddle.

If you don’t know how to practice the sport it will only take you 10 minutes to learn, after this you will be an expert. This is one of the reasons why people give 5 points out of 5 rating to this tour.


People who have lived this experience assure that they recommend visiting this place because they have the opportunity to learn terms and things about nature that they did not know, with this tour they feel that they have a greater knowledge about the sea and the flora.

Enjoying a drink by the sea has no comparison, so dare to visit this place and vibrate to the rhythm of the best music on the island.

Tourists who have visited this place assure that this is a mandatory stop when during their tour of the British Virgin Islands, they describe that the place is very beautiful and has an excellent atmosphere.

The sea water is crystal clear, but the curious thing about this place is that if it is not what you expected, you will have the opportunity to visit others around it. Enjoy incredible food dishes prepared by international chefs.

Take cocktails and ask them to prepare them to suit you, you will savor the true essence of this drink, if you like beer you can also drink the ones you want accompanied by a cigarette if that is your thing.

Dance, meet new people, let the rhythm enter your veins and make you shiver. A cocada will be ideal to start the day and while you wait for lunch, go into the sea to enjoy the crystal clear water.

4 points is the rating scale of this place of 5, here you will find fun, drinks, food and more. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of this place and feel the earthly paradise

While you wait for the ferry to move on, you can make a stop here to enjoy a good drink, good food and a satisfying atmosphere that will make you feel in a pleasant and comfortable zone.

Sunbathe on the beach, enjoy the breeze, watch the palm trees move, the birdsong, a piña colada or a beer. Describing this place is like a dream because its decoration, its setting, the tables and lights are spectacular.

Entering is breathless because lights hang from the ceiling that illuminate the place, making it look like a field of stars that illuminate your night. When you arrive you will feel closely the brotherly affection of the staff that attends to you.

The tables are very comfortable, the bar of the place has many liquors to choose from, cleaning is frequent, everything is very comfortable and security is guaranteed. Everything you ask for will be delivered to you at the moment.

British Virgin Islands has one of the most serene seas and sought after by hundreds of tourists because it is perfect for practicing different types of water sports while preserving your safety and stability.

Enjoy the exotic and varied gastronomy that you can only find here. Have fun, enjoy the cultural exchange and learn about fish and volcanoes. The hotels here are some of the best in the world and you will have the comfort you are looking for.