A few days ago I was accompanying Frank, my cousin and partner, to a beautiful and colorful party on the occasion of Croatia’s anniversary, a reception full of elegance and comfort, in a motto of building the future of a young country in a world of rapid changes through joint action and mutual respect, taking into account the main objective of the well-being and standard of living of the people who today celebrate their indecency victoriously.

  We were surrounded by the consul and high-ranking leaders of this noble country, at this reception Frank introduced me to the Croatian ambassador with whom I had a pleasant conversation during the night and who, with the nobility that characterizes this people of brave warriors, invited me to his country.

  Andrej, this is the name of my new Croatian friend, a 42-year-old man, somewhat young for the position he represents, divorced and with a wide dialect, who has traveled almost the entire world and who undoubtedly attracted my attention by sharing the same passion for knowing every corner of the world in unique and unforgettable experiences.

  Today I venture into a new experience, it is more amazing than the other and I tell you, that it fascinates me more every day, the idea of ​​knowing cultures and traditions, which although they make us different, also make us unique in the whole world, in addition to making wonderful friendships in every place I visit.

  I contacted Carol, my travel advisor, and asked her to find me a flight to embark on my adventure to this land of elegant beauty. My direct flight takes an average of 15 hours from the United States to Croatia. airport I was already waiting for a flight from Zareb to Split, a warm town with great tourist attractions, there are many options to get there, from train to bus and commercial flights.

  I arrived in Split at dawn and here I was able to enjoy a city famous for its beaches and for the historical value that it contains in each monument that emanates the living history of the formation of this young country when walking. At the airport I met some young Americans who were coming to vacation on the Croatian coast and they told me about a beautiful island which is very popular for its great natural attractions and its exotic parties and I did not want to stay with the desire for what was coming In Split, I contacted an agency to head to Hvar, a port and tourist town located on the Croatian island of the same name.

  To get to Hvar take the most common route from Split, although there are two destinations: one from Split to Stari Grad, which I really enjoyed on a ferry that carried both passengers and cars, it took two hours to get there and from which I was able to rest in the comfort of cabins and enjoy an unparalleled view of the Mediterranean as well as the jump of a pod of playful dolphins alongside the boat.   Somewhat tired, I arrived at the island of Hvar, called the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. According to locals, it has been famous since ancient times for its important strategic and nautical position, the richness of the various historical periods, culture and natural monuments, and literature.

  Following the recommendation of locals who live on this beautiful island, I went looking for places to eat and thus start the gastronomic adventure that I love to do, I arrived at Carpe Diem Beach Croatia, an imposing place with a unique, modern and comfortable style, for being on a small but beautiful island it is one of the top 10 world famous beach clubs and without denying it i enjoyed the luxury lifestyle its beachfront bar and restaurant on the illusory island of adriatic paradise.

  The summer breeze and the sound of the waves accompanied me throughout the club area, where more than 3,000 square meters located under dreamy pines and a warm yellow sun reminded me of him because he was there, he took me to connect with the fullness, in a beach of stone and sand, I was able to enjoy its luxury cabins, as well as a large wooden deckchair overlooking the turquoise and crystalline sea where time did nothing to me.

  The feeling of revitalizing myself with just a greeting to the sun in the ostentatious and impeccable facilities of Carpe Diem Beach Croatia made me take it as my favorite place of reference on this beautiful island, in addition to its rich gastronomic offer in its extensive menu with healthy salads, seafood Freshly caught and top quality meats, they put the exact point to my ecstatic fantasy.

  With the purpose of being on the island of Hvar and in my eagerness to explore this beautiful island, I went to the historic center, there I found myself staying in a quite comfortable and comfortable hotel located in the heart of Hvar, just a few steps from the most emblematic attractions of the island. city, the Palace Elisabeth Hvar Heritage Hotel.

  A place that elegantly combines the beauty of its past with its luxurious present. I loved its distinguished treatment that is linked to unique architecture and exceptional design, for me it was a pleasure to stay in this emblematic hotel that captures the true essence of Hvar’s legacy.

  I stayed in one of its rooms with a sea view, with the typical and emblematic comfort of a palace where I slept like a true queen, thanks to its king-size bed with a spectacular view of the port and the town square, with an elegant design that It incorporates Venetian elements, as well as having excellent free high-speed Wi-Fi, a luxurious and beautiful marble bathroom with a shower, a refreshment bar, a 49-inch flat-screen HDTV and a Nespresso coffee machine. Without a doubt the best of all places.

  In addition to these rooms, this impetuous hotel has many options for accommodation ranging from a luxurious suite to a huge pent-house with an idyllic view of the Mediterranean, not to mention the Spa and recreation areas, where I can enjoy a delicious sodashi massage an innovative treatment developed to return flexibility to your body and to balance body and mind with the use of ancient Asian healing elements, in the huge and luxurious Spa with top quality products and that has an indoor pool on a terrace overlooking the bay of Hvar and the Adriatic Sea.

  I went to explore the center of Hvar, as soon as I arrived I realized that I was going to like it. The little streets, stairs, houses, the moored luxurious yachts, everything was beautiful, even the eternal and surprisingly unordered line to get off the boat that transported the new arrivals to the coast of Hvar. Thanks to the location of my hotel I was able to have an incredible view of the sea and, therefore, of the sunsets that were incredible.

Bordered by a strip of trees, the Spanish fortress of Hvar, also known as, Tvrdava Fortica, built in the 16th century. The castle can be reached by first walking through the stair-filled alleys of Hvar, then along a zig-zag path that takes you further up a hill of flowers and greenery. It’s not a fast hike by any means, but your efforts will be rewarded with spectacular views of the city, harbor, and islands beyond.

Walking through the place I found one of the most important monuments of this small town and of the whole country, the Spanish Fortress, a historic building dating from the 16th century, the period of greatest splendor of the city of Hvar, built by the Venetians. to protect one of the most important cities in the Adriatic.

  The guides narrate during the tour that, not long after the castle was completed, it served to protect the citizens of Hvar from the attacks of the Turks, and shortly after it was almost destroyed due to a great fire caused by an electrical storm. ts walls from the Middle Ages survived and some time after the incident they managed to rebuild it and today we can appreciate it just as it was remembered and it turns out to be the most precious sight of Hvar.

  From this fortress, about 100 meters above sea level, you can admire the best sunset on the entire island. Here I was ecstatic with the view for as long as the sun sank below the horizon. In the meantime, you can enjoy a drink in the castle cafe.

  Hvar has celebrated 140 years of organized tourism and today it is considered one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world, I made that clear to myself when on my tour of the city center I decided to take several tours and excursions:

  It was one of the most exciting and fascinating trips I did in Hvar, it is amazing to discover highlights and hidden gems of Vis and Pakleni islands.

It was a full day with a small group that we arrived with after touring in a small coastal view, the Adriatic Blue Cave and Green Cave where we swam, snorkeled and sunbathed at the amazing beaches of Budikovac, Stiniva and Palmizana.

  Then we moved to Pakleni Island where we dived and enjoyed a view of the Adriatic while the adrenaline ran through my body as I jumped through the waves that hit the boat with force.

  Finally we culminated in the blue cave, the Stiniva cove, the Palmizana beach, one of the most emblematic places where my heart was struck by so much natural beauty.

I embarked on this tour just ten minutes from the center of Hvar, where the Krizna Luka beach is located and where I ventured by kayak to see the Pakleni islands.

Once on board, we will enter the waters of the Adriatic and row to cross the channel that separates Hvar from the Pakleni islands. Throughout the journey we make stops to admire the different spaces that surround us and delight in the views, when we reach our destination, we leave the kayaks on the beach to relax on the sand. In addition, we dive into the crystal clear waters to snorkel and admire the variety of fish and corals of the Croatian archipelago.

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   Located in the pretty port city of Makarska on the Dalmatian coast, it has stunning beaches and a riverfront promenade during the day, while when the sun goes down the ‘party all night’ takes it to another level. This nightclub is the hidden refuge in a natural cave with a view of the sea, which catalogs it as one of the best clubs in Croatia, in it I enjoyed the best Rave style, the overwhelming vibe with the latest rhythms and a crowd that enjoyed both or So did I at the atmospheric cave bar, where I enjoyed great drinks and incredible views that can’t be beat.

  Being a cluster of islands on the Adriatic coast, it is easy to get from one island to another, if you have a yacht or boat for it, I met some friends that I met on the way to Croatia and with them I toured these fantastic places nocturnal. We arrived at Zrce beach where we were able to enjoy a wide variety of music extravaganzas such as Croatia Rocks & Electro in the open air. Here sitting right on the sea I was able to enjoy the 11 bars with excellent drinks, amazing music, hammocks and the resplendent sea below me, I loved feeling among the clouds

  I was with a lot of young people, but even so I was surprised by the amount. And of course, I already checked why they say that it is the Croatian Ibiza, that with only spending one night among the Dalmatian islands to realize the reason for that name. This Croatian city that lives on parties by the sea with a natural sunset scenery and when there are no more sun rays in sight, the party continues through the streets of the center, where two or three little bars are in charge of entertaining the people until the first lightning strikes again, it has been without a doubt one of my best destinations, a destination that I would love to visit again with the company of you, my readers, so that you can be the main witnesses of all the great adventures.