Hello, let’s get to know Ibiza together! You will love knowing and visiting dream places, fun bars and, above all, comfort and fulfillment. On this occasion my adventurous spirit was inspired and I was taken to one of my favorite areas where the charm of the small coasts bathed by the blue of the Mediterranean, abundant pines that practically reach the sea, days aboard a sailboat, quiet villages with Rural charm, luxury beach clubs and accommodations in paradisiacal settings welcome me to the heavenly and idyllic island of Ibiza.

  For me Ibiza is my dream destination in the Mediterranean, the place where I can unleash freedom and enjoy the hippie atmosphere of its fashion and markets, revitalizing moments in Balinese beds by the sea or sunsets with inspiring views. I love touring Ibiza because it is so genuine that it is capable of combining the most fun night in the world with a historical site and marine biodiversity declared World Heritage.

  Being already on my idyllic island, I put on my very comfortable summer white knitted dress, as a sign of the identity of Ibizan fashion and which reflects freedom, comfort in all senses and that trip to the interior to rediscover myself, after To be to the nines, I went to explore this beautiful place, taking advantage of its short distances, I found a range of environments to relax, to revitalize and to feel younger than ever. 

  Before finishing my tour of this beautiful island, I wanted to try part of its gastronomy, so you can see the large number of options and variety in price and service, and it was the BEACH CLUB CASA JONDAL that stole a sigh from the first moment Huge when entering I felt like a queen, this is one of the best clubs on the island, classified as such by great gastronomic critics.

  Its summery but at the same time modern appearance, with a chef who is passionate about the fruits of the sea and his great kitchen team, make eating a real pleasure, and make CASA JONDAL an idyllic resort where the guests are the kings of home.

  The simple fact of being able to rest and daydream between its sun loungers makes this beautiful place fall in love with anyone, it also has a choice of snacks that should never replace food.

  The most unusual thing about CASA JONDAL is that there is no piped music. The music is really set by the sea, as indicated by its picturesque and young owner, because the sounds of the Mediterranean when it stops and rests on a beach mix with those of the pines and junipers, not to mention that when the heat says present , the cicadas are crying out for someone to turn on the air conditioning, so they take for granted that this is the authentic song 

  Ibiza undoubtedly has a sublime location, it seems the Olympus of the gods, it is that the feeling of freedom that this land of white surroundings transmits gave me the opportunity to know some of the best hotels in Spain, located here and for which I I relaxed and enjoyed each tour of its impressive and comfortable facilities.

  This was the first option on my list when choosing a place to stay, in fact it is the one that heads the top of the best in Ibiza, this emblematic hotel awakened my music lover side, I was caught by its charming e Club Tropicana Pool Bar and its fun restaurant His name, the Pamelas, has a very bohemian style inspired by the 70s; Not to mention the magnificent attention and the comfortable rooms that make this place a modern and iconic palace. 

  The musical shows in this place are very common due to the assiduous stay of music greats such as Grace Jones, Freddie Mercury, The Chemichal Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Wham and George Michael among other international artists.

  To vary a bit around the stay and enjoy different environments, then I moved to PETUNIA IBIZA, a fabulous boutique hotel that distinguishes it from the most well-known venues in Ibiza.

  What I loved about this hotel was its view of the magnificent islet of Es Vedrá, which can be admired from the renovated roof of Petunia Ibiza, I stayed in one of the new luxury suites surrounded by centenary olive trees, at night I went to sunbathe in his new swimming pool with a relaxed atmosphere and in the morning he would visit his small and comfortable gym. It really is very charming, pleasant and comfortable.

  I followed my tour of this range of fabulous hotels and my last days were spent at the 7PINES RESORT IBIZA this hotel is on a cliff, from where you can also glimpse the imposing islet of Es Vedrà.

  I chose it to be able to enjoy its so famous gigantic pool called Infinity Pool from which I was completely ecstatic. Afternoons in this place are totally unforgettable enjoying the place with the rest of the guests, with good music and delicious cocktails. I decided to reserve for my visit one of their exclusive villas with a private pool, a total marvel.

  During the day he would go out to sea in one of the boats in the Ferreti Group yacht fleet. Without a doubt this hotel is my favorite, you never get bored, you never get tired and where I stay to rest a bit from the long and productive days of adventures.

  Just as the accommodation was excellent, the tour of the island was spectacular; I got carried away by suggestions from some Ibizans and I was in the best places on this island doing the best activities

  From visiting the best coves of Ibiza located to the north of San Antonio, a true paradise on earth, going to wandering around Dalt Vila which is the historic center of the city of Ibiza, it is located on a small mountain, the Puig de Vila and where I enjoyed a delicious ice cream touring the walls in Carrer del Comte de Rosselló from where I obtained some magnificent photographs of the views of the Cathedral of Santa María. 

  But the best part of my trip was Contemplating the Walls in Carrer del Comte, the most beautiful thing to see in Ibiza to the beat of the hippie drums, I witnessed one of the best sunsets in this place, although the place is always very populous there is a good place to admire this natural spectacle.

  In addition to touring the island on a motorcycle which was a lot of fun, buy a few things at a small hippy market called Hippy Market Punta Arabí, the most genuine in Ibiza located in Es Canar.


  My body was full of adrenaline, so walking the streets of this pleasant island, I took a full day excursion to Formentera, another of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean with beaches dreamed of by its clear waters and the long stretches of beach surrounded by dunes and pine trees. While there I immersed myself in the sea to snorkel where I was able to enjoy the beautiful marine fauna.

  On my return to the coast I took another tour, but this time to the small private island of Tagomago, where I was able to practice scuba diving on the surface of its fabulous crystal clear waters.  

  Outside the water I also had a great time, I went on a guided excursion inside a cliff of Port de Sant Miquel, to the Can Marcá Cave, it is a beautiful natural enclave more than a thousand years old, whose visit is one of the different activities to do in Ibiza and which I get hooked on.

  Although it is true that Ibiza is known for its paradisiacal places, it is more famous for its endless parties, when night came I did not hesitate and I dressed my best party clothes and went out to visit the best night spots that the island hides and where the fun doesn’t stop.

  While on my way I could see that Ibiza is very crowded at night and that we all walk like nocturnal animals in search of the best party, so many locals organize themed shows that generate a diverse atmosphere.

  I started my night at Amnesia, one of the most internationally renowned and historic clubs on the island of Ibiza, it is called the Temple of Electronic music, it has been awarded International Dance Music Awards, it has an amazing dance floor, a DJ show that will not let your body stop dancing with very creative drinks and cocktails, without dancing the best on the island. 

  Flooded by the rhythms of the night, I moved to Pacha, another of the most traditional clubs in Ibiza, with the greatest international expansion, its huge main room is formidable, there the most famous international DJs parties are held, in its part Superior I was able to enjoy the music on the super relaxed terrace and a majestic view completed my experience in this place.

  And to close the night in, I went to try the delights of Privilege, one of the largest bars in the world, an imposing and majestic musical empire, with a huge central court, a pool with high ceilings, several outdoor rooms and countless people, which made it very clear to me why Privilege is in the Guinness Book of Records. The best thing about her is her attention and musical variety.

  With a big farewell like the nights in Ibiza, I took my waxes and my wonderful experience and embarked on a new adventure to an amazing land. I don’t want to leave without first inviting you to accompany me and let yourself be enveloped by landscapes and dreamlike places; so sign up for my next destination, you won’t regret the best experience of your adventurous life