Cayo Santa María Beach, off the north coast of Cuba, the good reputation of this island among natives and tourists is due to its beautiful beaches and water sports that you can practice here whenever you want.

Cayo Santa María Beach, is located on the Atlantic Ocean, on the Cuban coast, depending on the wind it can have more or less waves, at the same time the temperature is lower than in the Caribbean Sea, the sand is magically white and coral, the water of the sea ​​is transparent amazing turquoise blue color. This beautiful beach is a true paradise, very green inside, its infinite white sand beaches, a calm sea that looks like a swimming pool, incredible and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets.

Gaviotas Beach, located in the heart of Cayo Santa María Beach, was chosen to carry out my travel log. It is located to the northeast and enjoys excellent vegetation which surrounds it and comes from the Fauna Refuge of Cayo Santa María Beach that It has a large number of birds.

Here is also the town of La Estrella, the central town of Cayo Santa María Beach and has a craft market, restaurants and bars. If you want more fun you can also enjoy a dolphin and sea lion show at the Dolphinarium Aquarium located on this same key.

In Cayo Santa María Beach, they have everything to spend unbeatable moments, so dare to live this fascinating adventure that will mark your life forever.

Playa Gaviotas in Cayo Santa María beach, was a great choice because it allowed me to live unparalleled moments, the facilities of this hotel are extremely beautiful, luxury and comfort can be appreciated at first glance.

Upon entering I went to the bar area to enjoy a shot of rum that would turn my body on and give it the necessary heat to activate me and then jump into the pool. That’s how it was, I turned on and wanted to enjoy the sun, the pool and the pleasant atmosphere that is enjoyed here.

After enjoying the pool I turned my attention to an area that is like a kind of game room and there were many guests of all ages sitting at tables. My surprise as I approached was that they were playing chess.

I’m good at this game so I waited for a turn to duel with an opponent and prove my supremacy. I bet $300 to play and that’s how it happened, we started the game and after a close competition I won.

To complete the victory I went to the hotel restaurant and ate a plate of old clothes. I really love this seasoning, this aroma and everything that makes up this dish that captivates the palate of all tourists.

The day was going well so I went to the tennis court and played a good game that left me exhausted. It was worth visiting this place, I felt in family, in unity and as if I were in my own home.

After living the extraordinary experience at the Hotel Playa Cayo Santa María in Cayo Santa María beach, the decision was to transfer my stay directly to Meliá Cayo Santa María beach to confirm my reservation and sleep soundly after a long day.

This place is charming with a somewhat old-fashioned decor and style, and top-notch facilities. Located on the shores of Cayo Santa María beach, it is charming to be so close to the sea, its harmonious sound inspires anyone with a sense of peace and fullness.

Upon entering I decided to go directly to my rooms, just by opening the door, I put my things aside and took a shower, I was a bit tired and the water helped me a lot to drain my stress. I left the bathroom and went straight to bed, turning on my phone and checking my social media for an update.

I ordered dinner service and a bottle of wine from my room, I ate wonderfully and then with relaxing music I began to drink the glass of wine little by little, it returned my soul to my body and I loved it.

I slept pleasantly and when I woke up I got ready and went down to the restaurant area to eat, the breakfast was good and the freshly made natural orange juice. I ate a piece of cake for dessert and was pleased.

The next day I decided to take a walk along Cayo Santa María beach, a walk along the pier and a relaxing walk along its entire coast was really relaxing, the rhythm of the waves paced my thoughts and filled me with calm.

I like the pools here because they have some kind of islets in the center with palm trees in the center and they give you that feeling of being in the middle of the sea because everything looks so natural.

If we talk about the attention here, it was fantastic, they care that you are well, regardless of your mood, they will take care of making you feel better at all times.

Although I was in Cayo Santa María Beach, I was not exactly in the center of it, this is because I was in Playa Gaviotas, so I entered the heart of this Cuban Cay.

Cayo Santa María is the largest islet in Cuba and is located in the splendid archipelago of the Cayerías del Norte. It is the last of the wonderful keys to which the amazing Pedraplén can access.

This paradisiacal islet will not only provide all kinds of services, it also offers the most varied alternatives for nature tourism, especially in the south, where a landscape of exuberant vegetation predominates. So, if you decide to visit the most virgin side of the key, the endemic flora and fauna in their best state of conservation.

Arriving at Cayo Santa María very close to Playa Gaviotas fascinated me because, as in other areas, the sand is super white, the water crystal clear and calm for those looking for something quiet.

I put on my swimsuit and walked along the seashore to feel the temperature of the sea on my body until I finally got in and submerged. I loved it because it was so warm.

In the late afternoon with a group of people I dove to dive, so I enjoyed the wonders of this sea, its marine species, its warmth and coral reefs. If you are in search of peace and feel tranquility, this place will offer it to you.

The best experience I had in Playa Gaviota because I recovered my strength, I felt relaxed and that the trip was worth it.

Visiting the Dolphinarium in Cayo Santa María was something of another level, I never thought to do this kind of thing in Cuba. I came here on the recommendation of an employee of the hotel where I stayed because he told me wonderful things about this place.

Previously on other trips I had lived this type of experience but in Cuba it is something else, when I arrived at the Dolphinarium they treated me very kindly, they gave me a tour of the facilities and they talked to me about the site and the experience with the dolphins.


After this they put a life jacket on me and took me directly to the dolphins, together with a group of visitors I got into the water and we started playing with them, we felt an indescribable emotion, they hugged us, kissed us and threw the ball.


As part of this experience, they also took us to eat and the dishes really had an exquisite aroma.


The fish was fresh from the sea, well prepared and pure pulp.


It was worth visiting this place because I felt recharged and ready for more, it really was like going to therapy or a spa.

Cayo Santa María continues to surprise me with its beautiful places, one of the many days I spent there I went to visit Plaza La Estrella, I wanted to walk the streets of this Cayo and discover what was in them.

That’s how I came to this beautiful place full of incredible people, happy and wanting to give their best, that’s what their faces and eyes conveyed to me. Starting to walk I met Julián, a 28-year-old Cuban.

I asked him the time, noticing that he was a foreigner, he welcomed me and kindly offered to guide me. So we began to walk and he was narrating to me all the wonderful things that he could find there.

In addition to food and clothing stores, he took me to stalls where they sell handicrafts made with the good hands of hard-working Cuban men. Julián gave me a bracelet that said Cuba as a token of gratitude for visiting his island.

At another point he offered me to go to a street where traditional cultural manifestations of Cuba were presented, there were colorful clothes and good music. He taught me to dance, each step he had to take he explained to me and went further because he even went back in history so that he loved this dance as much as they did.

One of those Cuban nights, when the end of my days at Cayo Santa María beach in Cuba was approaching, I decided to go out and explore the place a bit, and in this way I decided to visit this famous bar restaurant.

They assured me that I would eat the best lamb in Cuba here and so it was. But before I describe my experience with the dish, I want to highlight the wonderful attention I received when I arrived, which is that they greeted me cordially and moved me to a table immediately.

They placed an authentic Cuban mojito as a courtesy on my table and then presented me with the menu. While I was reviewing, I entertained myself with the music of the place, it was varied and there was something for all tastes.

There were people dancing, the place is sensational. Then my lamb dish arrived and it was the same chef who brought it to me. He explained its preparation and ingredients to me and wished me bon appetit.

This was delicious, after eating I kept drinking mojitos and got fired up. I felt ready for the dance floor and when I turned around Julian was there. He hugged me when he saw me and we began to dance.

We had an incredible time, this bar has been a great experience and I am happy to have shared so many good moments with Julián.

If I have to use a single word to refer to this trip, it would be friendship because it was what Julián and the rest of the Cubans taught me. I felt very good, I wanted to stay there forever because they made me feel like family.

I madly love the beaches of Cuba, they are beautiful with white sand and crystal clear waters. I loved and had a lot of fun bathing in its waters, diving and meeting dolphins.

  Cuban food is exquisite, I loved tasting it, its aroma, flavor and texture is pleasant. They do everything with love and it shows in the treatment they provide. I liked learning to dance Cuban genres with Julián in public, I really enjoyed it.