During an excellent evening with some good friends, between drinks and a good chat we were talking about the many destinations we have visited and the many others that we still have to discover, many of us coincided in a large number of countries and islands which we had already visited and We really like all of them. Among them, the most common and well-known islands came to light, among them we mention Anguilla Island, on a couple of occasions I have already visited it but I will never get tired of doing it, I told them how much I like that island and the tremendous desire that I feel they had suddenly woken up from visiting her again.

  And so I did, I planned a few days to be able to take a break from the routine and give myself a well-deserved getaway to the island. Anguilla was chosen by experts as the tourist destination to visit in 2022 due to its innumerable entertainment options and healthy family recreation.  The pristine turquoise, serene and warm beaches make its coasts one of the best in the world. The white and soft sand highlights the immense sea that if you look at it closely you will lose yourself in the power of charm and seduction.

  Its modern resort stands out as one of the best tourist options of the year, in addition to its gastronomic innovation that includes the best flavors, colors, smells and textures. The inhabitants of this small island of 26 kilometers are very warm, charismatic and full of good energy to renew the spirit of those who have the opportunity to meet them. This little treasure surrounded me from the first moment and I will never stop loving it.

  In my previous visits I had already made some acquaintances on the island and when I arrived I contacted one of them, Andy, a tour guide who provided me with support and transportation during my days on the island.

  Once I arrived at the airport, I was greeted like a star with a flower necklace and a traditional dance show, I was able to enjoy this for a while while I waited for my bags, and immediately went to the exit where Andy was already waiting for me, to take me to my first stop, a beach club that had caught my attention so much.

  Steep green roofs announce that we will be arriving at this beautiful beach club that is surrounded by select and planned gardens with red flowers that will make you fall in love and will make you discover the charm in its aroma.

  A dark-toned wooden floor lets you see over the beautiful loungers with elegant and sophisticated umbrellas, this allowed me to sunbathe after staying and leave things in the room.

  While my body rested, I took advantage of the moment to answer some work calls from one of my companies, it was very comfortable and even better when they brought me the cocada courtesy of the house.

  Among other areas of the beach club, I loved the areas with furniture, umbrellas and tables that will serve to chat for a while or simply have a drink while enjoying the beautiful panorama. After settling in this place I went to relax and take a cool dip in the small pool, it stands out for its turquoise blue color, the water was very clean and the constant maintenance and good care of the staff was noticeable. 

Around this are palm trees and green areas that enhance the beauty of the pool. Almost without realizing it, lunch time had passed, the delicious aromas in the environment were what took me out of my moment of relaxation in the pool and took me straight to enjoy a delicious meal, I got dressed up a bit and in the restaurant I leaned towards the chef’s suggestion, seafood accompanied by a delicious vegetable salad from the garden, super fresh and accompanied by the most delicious tropical drinks, everything was in impeccable taste.

I had booked a full day in this beautiful place, so I was willing to enjoy it to the fullest, at night I went to greet a large group of people, who were enjoying themselves around the area, and between drinks and good music and talk the we had the best time, we began to play charades and between laughter and more this evening became a luxurious time.

  I was already exhausted from all the hustle and bustle of the day and the trip so I went to my suite, the room is very beautiful, the walls in different tones, modern bedside tables and elegant lamps, the incredibly perfect set of sheets and a ceiling fan ceiling.

  I can comment on the bathroom that I loved, spacious, nice, clean and with a plug for charging the phone or plugging in the hair dryer to make myself beautiful at every exit. Immediately I was exhausted in the arms of Morpheus and without realizing it, morning came and after breakfast by the sea, I had to leave for my lodging during the following days.

  After a wonderful first day on Anguilla Island and my stay at the Ceblue Beach Club, I really wanted to meet and enjoy my chosen hotel to spend the rest of my stay on the island, leaving with my bags in the hands of the beach club, and Andy was waiting for me, I think he was more excited than I was to take me to see the Sheriva Villas.

  Immediately upon arrival at this wonderful hotel I felt in a wonderful paradise, its structure is really beautiful, the Sheriva Villas offers luxurious, comfortable, practical accommodation on the island. Sophisticated and modern hotel that shows luxury and glamor on first impression.

  The attention is first class, I was received by the hotel staff, they opened the car door for me, took my bags and gave me a warm welcome to this hotel complex. The registration at the reception was very fast, they put themselves in order with a tour guide and vehicles in case I needed to move to another place on the island. I found this very interesting and would facilitate my transfer.

  I decided to stay in one of their most luxurious villas, Villa Mystique, a beautiful private beachfront villa with the most majestic views across the sea to neighboring islands and the Anguilla coastline. The luxury and the comforts left me enchanted, I decided to stay for a while to get to know and rejoice in all the fabulous villa for a while.

  In the afternoon, when I already had my batteries recharged, I went down to take a dip in the pool, without a doubt it is a beautiful and great place to relax and enjoy the moment, very beautiful, warm and with an ideal environment to cool off and relax during all day, the sun was already setting and you could see the beautiful color and fusion of day with night.

  At sunset, the hotel bar is immediately ready to enjoy a great night, and I can tell you that it was, it is an air-conditioned bar; it is the perfect place to meet. I enjoyed the bar, the great selection of liquors that they have here is fabulous, so I opted for a couple of cocktails and good music while making conversation with one of the guests who was there enjoying the stay. 

  He told me that he is from the United States and that he was enjoying a well-deserved vacation after four years of non-stop work, it was necessary for him to be in charge of the companies. They spent several days inside the hotel, each day I got to know a little more about its facilities.

  I loved going to have dinner at the Restobar, this was very elegant with a terrace facing the sea, here I asked for the chef’s suggestion that day, which was a mixture of seafood on a bed of vegetables, in the best French style, accompanied by the best local wine, this woke up my palate it was a delicious combination.

  Every day I spent in this place I ordered different dishes and each one was paired with the best wine.

  The following days I decided to visit all the areas of the hotel in the open air, I loved walking and admiring the view of the sea and its surroundings, and at night the starry sky is really enchanting. I loved the beach, I visited it to swim, dive or just to walk and relax while I was there, I liked to think and this place gave me everything.

 How could I describe this place, I will do my best to see if I can captivate you and that you dare to visit it in your next tourist destination. As blue as the sky, this is how this immense sea is in which two shades of blue are combined, a light one on the shore and a darker one in the center of the waters that come and go to the shore. As the days passed I decided to get out of my charm and learn a little more about this area of the island and its surroundings.

  Since I had already been immersed in the hotel for several days, I decided to call Andy so he could take me to get to know a little more about the island. He already had a small list which we reviewed together and the first place that caught my attention was this park.

  This is the main archaeological site of Anguilla, here there are two freshwater pools but the best is underground, so you will have to go down 15 meters to see it.

  Petroglyphs rest there, it was wonderful to descend through this cave and appreciate them, understand what the tour guide explained to us and value the historical past of this place, I fell in love completely.

  This site was the first of regional worship and pilgrimage for the Amerinds, so out of respect I made the decision to honor and thank them for giving me the opportunity to have been there.

  This is a protected area of ​​great value to the residents of Anguilla, every day they join efforts to conserve it and keep alive the past that allowed them to be what they are today.

  Another thing that caught my attention was the huge trees that came out of the caves that are 15 meters deep, which, leafy and full of vitality, appear to provide shade for visitors.

  Touring this park was wonderful, I felt a magical connection in this place, so much so that I was extremely excited to continue my tour of the other places that Andy and I had put on the list of pending visits and so we continued with this tour.

  I visited this beach when there was a strong breeze but I did not know something and I discovered it after reaching its coast, come with me and learn about my experience in this tourist destination.

  Resolved that these gusts of wind are used to practice windsurfing and launch sailboats that will steal the attention of tourists and locals, the sea becomes stronger and more alive with their presence.

  Another of the things that can be done here and that I did was diving and I loved it. Going down to the depths of the sea allowed me to discover marine species and plants that I had not seen before.

  Another great surprise that I took during my visit is that weddings and large events are held here, it is one of the most chosen and it was wonderful to see how the union of these people was celebrated.

  Good music is felt throughout the coast, so the atmosphere comes alive and you will have as much or more incredible time than me.

  You know that I am a dolphin lover, because I visited this place because I wanted to play with them, kiss them, swim and receive all the beautiful love and affection that they have to give to tourists.

  When they saw me they jumped with emotion, I felt their good energy and they welcomed me with applause. I hugged them and I could hear their singing very close to my ear, what a wonderful moment.

  They gave me a ball and I was able to play with them, they returned the huge ball with their trunk and when I lost they celebrated it, they are good competitors and very friendly.

  Two docks extend over the sea and allow you to enjoy this pleasant experience that you will never forget.

  Two more spring from the two piers that are at sea level. 

  I went down some stairs and came face to face with the dolphins, very innovative in a protected environment.

  You don’t need great things to succeed in life, as demonstrated by this place that prints quality and excellent service as its main flag to attract new customers.

  It is a small place that rests on the seashore, built of wood in shades of yellow, orange, green and blue.

  At the top of its wall you can enjoy the extensive Caribbean menu that you can taste.

  It is small but with high customer demand, so you will have to fly to ask for what you want, however this will be delivered to you in good time and you will not notice the wait.

  In addition to the place that faces customers, you can enjoy an area designed in wood, with green floors, walls and floors that will serve as a stage to spend a pleasant moment.

  The shore of the beach is dominated by customers who visit the establishment and, like me, many enjoyed some delicious seafood and beer.

  Visiting Anguilla is fantastic because in addition to visiting its beautiful places, at night you could enjoy the nightlife that is lived there every day, full of locals and tourists.

  Its facilities are phenomenal, the lights were a perfect tone for a disco, and of course, I did not hesitate for a second to approach the VIP area, a huge ceiling with elegant hanging lamps and fans, it is part of the image that offers this new restaurant that serves as an alternative for good enjoyment and eating. Large windows allow the entry of fresh air, they are decorated with elegant fabrics that move with the wind, creating an incredible experience.

  The dish of the night and house specialty was a fresh lobster, it was succulent, I loved it because of the influence of Caribbean flavors. I accompanied this with a good glass of wine and an exquisite dessert.

  Contemplating the sea, feeling how the waves roar before reaching the shore was very good, the gastronomic experience in this exclusive culinary venue was quite positive.

  Later, the music was very good, it filled me with a lot of energy and I enjoyed it too much, so much so that from that moment I didn’t sit down until dawn and I was completely sweaty. I love dancing, I love these moments of fun.

  Compared to the other site, this one is more relaxed, it is located on the shore of the beach and its design is very simple, colorful and fresh so you can live an experience as beautiful as I did.

  Colored lights hang from its ceiling that steal the show at nightfall, comfortable chairs and tables are finely arranged to offer the best comfort to customers. This is a nightclub, an atypical and underground place, where I could enjoy a good night out with a variety of activities to the rhythm of vocal house and electronic music.

  The color not only emerges from its lights, on the walls there are also vibrant and striking yellow tones with picturesque paintings full of magnetism. The musical atmosphere is pleasant, the food is exquisite and the quality of service is very good.

  An exquisite paella was the dish of the night, some beers helped me taste the dish and to finish off the night an exquisite coffee to appease the cold I had that night. I liked this place, it’s very comfortable, you have a good time here because it has a beautiful bar, individual tables and a good space to dance.

  Anguilla has one of the best inhabitants on this planet, its people are very warm and noble, their flag is to always offer you the best, even if it is not within their reach, they will do everything possible to make you look good. Its places to eat, dance and enjoy have been evolving progressively and are positioned as one of the best options on the continent, leaving many behind. The tourist sites are beautiful, but the white sands and its beautiful beaches will leave you with no choice but to love them from start to finish.