Returning to Mexico is always a great blessing because this is a land full of grace and blessings, the kindness of its people, their gaze and feeling a hug from them, is touching heaven. This time I came to Oaxaca and I can describe it as an earthly paradise, truly this area declared a World Heritage Site has many benefits and natural riches.

  Oaxaca is a city in central Mexico, known for its colonial buildings, many of which are made of green volcanic stone. In the central square of the Zócalo, is the Government Palace, with colorful murals that represent regional history. Plaza Alameda de León faces the ornate façade of the Oaxaca Cathedral. The 16th-century Templo de Santo Domingo church has a lavish baroque interior and an old convent next to it.

  It is an example of New Spain baroque architecture, it has been the scene of several important events in the history of Mexico: it was converted into a military warehouse, a stable, closed to Catholic worship in times of the War of Reform, and then returned again to the Church. by agreement of Porfirio Díaz. In 1979 it received a visit from John Paul II, and was later declared a World Heritage Site.

  During my visit I was able to see the popular fluorescent lagoon, that is, the sea water lights up when you make some kind of movement in it, but I will tell you about this later. I also discovered that the best of Mexican gastronomy is concentrated here, so during my visit I was able to see high-class restaurants and that is where the best of Aztec cuisine is found.

  In my initial visit to the historic center, I discovered that it was declared a World Heritage Site and called Verde Antequera because of the majestic green quarry structures, it tells the story that the first conquerors, upon arriving in this city, compared its geography with the city of Antequera in Spain. This, coupled with the greenish hue of the quarry in its buildings, gives it the name of Verde Antequera, as the city of Oaxaca is also known.

  Just as I mentioned a moment ago, Oaxaca is the door to the best of Mexican gastronomy and Clio’s Huatulco offers the best to taste and explore the different flavors of this beautiful country.

  This delicate Beach club, restaurant is located on Chahue Beach, in Santa Cruz Huatulco, it is the result of an exotic fusion of Guatemalan origin, based on French gastronomy, using local ingredients from Mexican lands, just knowing it made me water mouth and I set out to meet him.

  It is a unique and modern concept by the chef brothers Olivia and Roberto de la Fuente, it has materialized in a space with various environments.

  To start I went to the restaurant area, as a starter I opted for a coconut seafood soup, it was really delicious, its flavor was exquisite and it suited me very well. But what did this soup have, well now I’m telling you, shrimp, clams, mussels, catch of the day and coconut milk.

Truly, eating here has been one of the best experiences ever, so the main course was necessary to close with a flourish. The waiter brought me a chipotle loin based on sous-vide loin, chipotle and mezcal sauce, Parmesan risotto. The best thing was the dessert, so I tasted Expression of Summer, this was delicious because it had fruits of the forest and pineapple mousse.

  After lunch I went to the bar counter and ordered a Frozen Piñada made up of pineapple, coconut and cinnamon, it really was delicious and in search of new flavors I tried Mango Frozen which is nothing else but lemon and yoghurt and following the frozen wave, I tried the Frozen Jamaican Rose made with Jamaican rose, lemon and syrup. I must admit, a mix of quite particular flavors that gave me a ride on the citrusy and sweet, but it was totally worth diving into them.

  All this melts to the sound of music in a pleasant tone, the view of Chahue Bay is very beautiful, the tranquility of the place, a plus because you really enjoy the place. Eating here is the best, the attention is first class, a quality and quiet atmosphere and a service from the very friendly staff and with a wide space for healthy enjoyment and recreation.

For the rest of my days in Verde Antequera, I decided to find a new hotel and tried to locate one of the best and most luxurious in the area and after several queries on the web I found the Misión Oaxaca hotel.

  Luxury and comfort offers us Hotel Misión Oaxaca, located near the center of the city, this attracted me a lot to be able to have access at all times to know the beauties of Oaxaca.

  If I have to describe this beautiful enclosure, I must start with the room because it was incredible to sleep there, the bed is on another level and the bathroom, not to mention, it has all the comforts and also 24-hour room service.

  I loved the Wi-Fi service being in all areas I could navigate with ease, this helped me get out of some unexpected work pending that came to me in full vacation. 

The pool was also amazing and with comfortable loungers, the water was room temperature, it wasn’t freezing and I was able to get a tan while repeating my new favorite Frozen Pineapple drink for the second time. Breakfast was included every day before leaving, I took advantage of tasting different dishes, both national and international, it has a wide variety of options to eat, I loved it.

  One day I was about to go out to see a little bit of the city, I stained a dress with wine and the dry cleaning service was super helpful and they helped me get its color back, they really are very kind.

  The green fields of this place allowed me to relax, enjoy them, meditate and drain the energies, the restaurant was a show and I was also able to taste a delicious orange octopus.

  At night I went to visit the bar of the place, here I tried many cocktails that made me a little intoxicated, and to the rhythm of the music and beautiful views of the sea I always had the best time.

  Feel at home, that’s how you will be when you arrive at this place full of the greatest magic that only Oaxaca offers you.

  In my hours of browsing while working a little I got an advertisement for a site that caught my attention and I entered the web to learn a little more about the Manialtepec lagoon, what caught my attention the most was seeing how its waters sparkled.

 When visiting the Laguna de Manialtepec in Puerto, I had the opportunity to navigate it at night, of course with the corresponding security measures. I witnessed the natural phenomenon of the luminescent waters of the Manialtepec lagoon.

  On a 3-hour overnight trip from Puerto Escondido, aboard a boat with a professional guide, I was able to admire a fascinating insight into the science behind the lagoon’s bioluminescence.

 While sailing, everything was illuminated, it was filled with light in the middle of the darkness and only the moon was a witness. Just at that moment everything was changing because under the water the light was becoming more and more intense. 

I was amazed at the phosphorescent light created by millions of microorganisms while sailing through Isla del Gallo and its atmospheric mangroves. All this had me totally enchanted, I could not believe what my eyes were seeing, we reached the shore of the island and I was able to take a step on foot along the coast and then dive into the illuminated waters for an unforgettable swim. This has been the best moment during my time in Oaxaca.

  Days later I continued my journey through this land that has it all, between the warm air of the sea and the humidity of the foot of the mountain I did not stop my experience.

  I arrived in San José del Pacifico on the road that leads you to the beaches leaving Oaxaca to live the experience of climbing the mountain by bicycle, the view here is privileged and allows you to see everything from the top of the world.

  The weather is super cold, some parts of the mountain are foggy due to the low temperatures, but you enjoy it and when you start pedaling your body warms up.

  Touring it by pedal was the best, you can also take photos of me, stand on huge rocks and enjoy the green nature that fed my lungs thirsty for clean oxygen.

  Another advantage of this tour is that they welcome you with a great breakfast, the egg, the drink and the bread are super delicious, it was worth not eating at the hotel to eat outdoors and with beautiful people who have a clean soul.

  Everything in one place, this is Puerto Escondido. An ideal place to visit, I noticed that because there were a large number of tourists, many of them taking advantage of its strong waves to practice a bit of surfing, while the rest stay alone to contemplate the great rock formations and much more.

  After swimming for a long time, I rented a boat and in the company of Raul, the fisherman who owns the boat, and we went for a walk in the sea. I wanted to fish and they provided me with all the necessary implements to do so.

  My good God, I managed to catch something big, it was hard to get it out of the sea, I needed help but a big fish, when it reached the shore, it was funny to carry my trophy and in the company of Raul and his family, we cooked it on a campfire and shared all together. Puerto Escondido is wonderful, I could visit it again and again, I love being there.

  I arrived at one of the few nudist beaches in this area and without fear of success I took everything off and started walking all over the place, I managed to get a few looks and that boosted my ego.

  I took advantage and got a tan from the front and back, feeling the water completely topless is on another level, although I tell you that you should be careful with the sand because it gets into areas where it shouldn’t -laugh-.

  Many people here practice surfing because it is a beach in the open sea and the waves break inside, it is ideal for this sport, it also offers you some majestic sunsets, you can see the sun in its maximum splendor at any time of the day because the area is located to the south.

  Here in Verde Antequera, I got a good party atmosphere, so I decided to visit certain places in the area and prepared my best dance moves, my most comfortable attire and visited all the trendy places with the best atmosphere of which I keep the best memories and without a doubt the best experience.

  The blue, green and fuchsia lights fill this place with brilliance, it is very spacious with a good dance floor that I enjoyed to the fullest because I danced all night, I did not sit down because I said I was going to dance.

  The drinks were delicious, I ordered craft beer all night, I smoked a cigarette outside, I must say that I went to the bathroom many times because of the beer and they were in good condition.

  The DJ played last minute songs, took us to a retro wave and varied the mixes evoking different times where we used to fully enjoy ourselves, how wonderful he did.

  The adrenaline, the emotion of the people, sweating while you dance, feeling like the queen of the night, everything was spectacular, I had not finished the drink when the waiter was waiting to serve me.

  Diversity and respect for people’s preferences, this is how this place is defined and beyond a promotion on the website I could verify that it really is like that, there is an opening here.

  I noticed that people could dance and show their love without suspicion, there was complete freedom and the rest didn’t think it was bad, they also celebrated that love is a single language.

  A couple –José and Manolo- approached me and invited me for a drink, they are from Mexico and we talked about their culture, how well they had a good time there and the three of us ended up dancing.

  They really made me feel special, empowered and more eager than ever to conquer the world. They were very special to me and I thank them.

  They dance very well, they taught me a few movements and we lit up the atmosphere because we even got on the stage.

  This is the first gay bar in Oaxaca, I loved being part of the history of this place and José along with Manolo were there with me, to show me everything beautiful about their community.

  We had craft beer, it was too good, we shared cigarettes and talked about their relationship, they told me that they have been together for more than 15 years and they are both 27 years old.

  A love story that began in adolescence and you could see the love in their eyes. The atmosphere was very good, good music, the friendliness of the community and heterosexuals who were also here.

  The dance floor was fabulous, I felt part of them, I could laugh, love, feel and see what they enjoy so much without fear.

  Oaxaca has great stories to tell, I lived a few and others supernatural, but I loved being able to admire the luminescent waters of the Manialtepec lagoon. Everything was wonderful, I enjoyed fishing, getting to know so many areas that are World Heritage Sites. Touring its roads, climbing its highest areas and entering a beach in the open sea are priceless, if we are talking about enjoying you have to visit this beautiful paradise in Mexico with super affordable prices