Visiting the British Virgin Islands will always be a great privilege for me because this is the perfect place to carry out certain sports activities and some extreme ones that are combined with the sea. On this occasion I went directly to Virgin Gorda, one of the main islands of this group of islands, its particular name is due to the colonizer Christopher Columbus, after appreciating the particular shape of his territory.
  Her name is due to a reclining woman, what a disturbing fact but the human eye is not wrong in its perception and so I was able to verify it when I arrived at the place. The main characteristic of Virgin Gorda is that tranquility reigns here, that is, you will not find crowds of people or noise, so you can enjoy in complete peace because time seems to slow down every second.
  Among those that I can highlight are diving, surfing and parasailing, another of the great attractions that the island has is that you can dive and navigate inside ships sunk several years ago. It is important that you know that many of these ships were shipwrecked in areas full of sharks, swordfish, rays and other species that could be deadly to any human being. But today you can walk inside and learn a little about its history. Another thing I like about this place is that the people have great human quality, they are very friendly and make you feel part of their culture.

Upon arrival in Virgin Gorda, I located myself in the heart of the Spanish Town island, in this place I found myself with this fabulous beach club that I wasted no time and I immediately got to know it.

  The cuisine is the strong point of this place due to its Asian-Latin fusion, so when you get here the combination of smells, flavors and colors will take over you and delight your palate like never before.
  That is why I decided to try succulent sushi, accompanied by a good glass of wine. This was touching the sky, what delicacies worthy of haute cuisine.
  Tasting this dish on the shore of the beach was fantastic, the moonlight illuminated the place and the starry sky captivated us with every sparkle.

  Another thing I enjoyed was being able to sit on the sand of the beach, here the beach club provided us with comfortable sofas and tables worthy of a living room. Here I enjoyed a glass of wine, I was able to talk with other people who were there and the moment was very pleasant. 

  While I was talking I could see a long and beautiful pier in the distance, I got up, walked on the sand and went there. Being there made me connect with the sea, I felt free and full, I felt my loved one there with me. The lighting and security here is first class, you can really move around without any problems because you will feel safe at all times.

   My stay in Isla Gorda was just beginning, and in order to fully enjoy my days on this beautiful island, I booked one of the best suites at the Sea Shore, I had already read beforehand that it is one of the best places to stay when visiting Girda Island.

  Located in the center of the Virgin Islands, Sea Shore Allure provided me with a lot of luxury close to the sea with unparalleled panoramic views of the island. This boutique hotel bathed in luxury and many activities to enjoy, I loved its shops, restaurants and more make this place a one-of-a-kind beach retreat
  The beautiful saltwater pool of this enclosure was one of the things that made me adore this place, in addition to that on the terrace they have a hydromassage Jacuzzi, all this is located a few meters from the sea. How wonderful to feel the sea close by while you swim and tan in the pool.

  The green areas of this site are wonderful, they invite you to a moment of peace, relaxation and comfort no matter what else. That’s what happened to me and I really wanted to stay there living. The best part was when I opened my room, it was literally a house inside the hotel. 

  The space was too wide, with large and comfortable sofas, in addition to the comfortable bed that I had.  The wooden floor was combined with the other elements and adorned the privileged view offered by the place from the windows to the bay. On the terrace I also found a table for breakfast or dinner, how wonderful to do it from there and feel the breeze caressing you.

   The wooden floor was combined with the other elements and adorned the privileged view offered by the place from the windows to the bay. On the terrace I also found a table for breakfast or dinner, how wonderful to do it from there and feel the breeze caressing you. The food was very good, with all these comforts and privileges I did not go down to the restaurant but the attention was timely and first class in my room.

One of the activities that I was able to do in this hotel was a guided walk along its hiking trails around the hotel and to get to know the island a little more, this captivated me, everything I was able to know and the contact with the nature was an enriching experience.

  One of those vibrant mornings in this place, together with the travel guide who is at the hotel, I set out to explore the waters, to venture a little into the depths of the sea. 

  The best experience I had in the British Virgin Islands was diving and going into the depths of the sea to explore the interior of ships sunk hundreds of years ago in high-risk areas due to the high concentration of sharks and other marine species that can be deadly. 

  Cabins, cockpits, corridors, great halls, bows and others, being there touching every inch of those ships and keeping the best in my mind was on another level.

  I could feel how the sea reclaimed its space, asked for respect through its fury and charged what seemed fair to navigate its indomitable waters. During the tour there was a guide who obviously gave us a talk on the surface, showed us the boats to see with images and gave us a talk about the history of the place.

  Navigating with other fish, seeing marine plants and so many memories submerged there made me feel happy, happy because I was still alive and living to make others happy.

There are many things that I was able to do and visit on the island, I walked the route of the granite grotto in Los Baños, snorkeling in the Devil’s Bay, I loved feeling the adrenaline, the sea and the competition with other people who were also there. So in my tours I continued to learn more and more about this place.

  The turquoise blue sea of Anegada is beautiful, in addition to its snow-white sand.

  Its warm waters welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to swim in its depths because I did some diving here.
  This area stands out because in addition to the beautiful bay it will offer you a large number of luxurious places to eat while you pass through here, so I took advantage and tasted one or another dish here.
  The shrimp were divine and not to mention the octopus, I think the best thing was the dessert I tried, it was divine and it had chocolate beyond words.

  I love places where there is really good food.
  Walking the beach, I did that because I needed to release energy, feel free, let go and reconnect with myself, so it worked perfectly, after several minutes I felt full.

  Crystal clear water and white sand, is the main attraction of this area of the island and it is not for less, I dare to say that it is the best that the entire British Virgin Island has to offer. While I was here, I got on a yacht to tour the place while we sailed and drank a delicious wine. There was a DJ on board and he put that musical touch at the moment, after several minutes I was already dancing and enjoying the moment to the fullest.
  I took many photos in a bathing suit, I needed to continue expanding my travel album. The food was delicious, they were cooking fish fresh from the sea on the grill. While here I took off the upper part of my swimsuit, applied sunscreen and sunbathed to brown my skin a little, the result was incredible, to the point that another girl who was on board also accompanied me in the process. Seeing the island from this point was wonderful, feeling the birds singing, the trees moving and the sea roaring was a very beautiful moment.

An island that measures about one hectare but will make you feel in paradise because in its heart it houses a hotel, places to eat, around it there are yachts, boats and lots of fun, so as usual I ventured to spend some incredible nights on fat island

  Once here I tried the food, I must say that they were huge fish just taken from the sea and they were very fresh, their flavor was exquisite, I accompanied it with a little lemon and wine.
  I liked coming to this site because in addition to everything I mentioned, I was entertained watching the paragliding flights, how people were directed by the wind and flew over the entire area to offer a first-class show to those present.
  I liked visiting this site because I was also able to buy some local handicrafts to remember my time here.

  The musical atmosphere was also very good, dancing here was wonderful because I was able to connect with people in an incredible way.
  To get here there are boats available that will take you to the place, everything is part of the island and thus facilitate the movement of visitors without inconvenience.

  This site is not ostentatious but it keeps everything you need inside to offer you a day of fun, comfort and fullness. I must say that I loved the attention of the waiters, always attentive, with a smile and an anecdote to tell visitors about the place.
  I fell in love with the white sand of the beach, it was like seeing snow and that captivated me. There, in that beautiful sand I lay down on a chair to rest and contemplate the sea while I tanned, I loved the sailboats that were there.
  The sunset was also another spectacle, everything looks too beautiful. After a while I lay down in one of the hammocks that were hanging from the palm trees and slept for two hours, the breeze and the sound of the sea caught me.
  At night, surrounded by the sea and green vegetation, in addition to the human warmth of those who were there, we made a fire, we ordered tequila and we began to dance under the moon.
Everything was wonderful, if I could go to this place again I would do it a thousand times without thinking about it.

  This place filled me with serenity because it has everything I wanted to spend on one of those many nights of my trip, I loved the detail in the wood of the place, the colors, the decoration and the lighting.
  Upon arrival I was warmly received, I was offered a table and something to drink. That night there was a live musical show, the singers really had talent and they had us all excited.
During my visit I also took advantage of the special meal of the night, a large pig was grilled and would be distributed among those present at no cost, so I took advantage of that good moment.
  While the pork was ready I ordered a bottle of champagne and glass after glass I felt more comfortable there. It was time to try the pork and I must admit it was delicious, it reminded me of one of my trips to Cuba.   Then I began to sing with the group that was there singing live and together we made people dance, they applauded me, well that always happens, it must be that I have a talent for the arts.

  The best thing that Isla Gorda has is the sand of the sea, it is as white as snow, something that I rarely see on my travels, its beautiful sea is the ideal complement to spend an incomparable moment. The attention and human quality of its people is the best, you can see the cheerful and fighting spirit to be better every day and offer the best of them to those who visit their beautiful country. The sites are incredible, they do not have large infrastructures but they do know how to make you have a good time, I would return to the British Virgin Islands a thousand times, it is a destination worth visiting.