Traveling through America has been one of the great experiences that I have lived, when I was in Venezuela it was a beautiful experience, however, one fantastic day I fell totally in love when I saw a publication of the spectacular Mexico, my beautiful and beloved Mexico.

I immediately prepared to make it a reality, while researching I found a destination that captivated me, it was Cabo San Lucas, a resort in the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, known for its beaches, water activities and nightlife. . Playa El Médano is the main beach on the Cape, with open-air restaurants and numerous bars. After the marina, there is the promontory of the End of the Earth, where the Playa del Amor and El Arco are located, a natural arcade in the marine cliffs. Do not hesitate weeks later to schedule my ticket to make this great trip a reality, when the day of the flight arrived my emotion was immense, I left the airport hours before and the next day I was landing at the airport in Mexico City, when I got there I took a taxi to Cabo San Lucas

When I was planning my ticket purchase for Mexico, I took advantage of looking for beach club references to get there, and then I found the wonder of Corazón Beach

The best beach club received me, a wonderful and magical place where I arrived to start this great adventure in Mexico, a spectacular beach club, the largest in Medano beach, which offers an adventure in the Sea of ​​Cortez and relaxation on land, and the first thing I did was go to see that magical place where I did not avoid bathing in its waters, it was an extremely sensational welcome.

In addition, Corazón Beach Club also has the best beaches in Cabo that when I got there I was able to take beautiful pictures, for its beautiful private cabins, after those first adventures I went straight to the restaurant, which I loved for offering its full service of delicious dishes explosives with Mexican gastronomy, very delicious.

Corazón Cabo Beach Club is also famous locally for its creative sushi, I was able to enjoy it when I was at the bar and I loved it. As night fell, a fascinating bar was in charge of making me vibrate on stage with a resident DJ who was there.

This beach club was without a doubt my favorite in Cabo San Lucas, the club has a fresh, updated and elevated experience while bringing the same energetic atmosphere it had back then and the spectacular local venues that I came to love.

I wanted to get to the best hotel and I did it, where I can rest, enjoy and have a great time during my trip, it was so spectacular to arrive at Comfort.

Arriving at Comfort Inn & Suites Los Cabos was the best choice I could make, without a doubt it is a fascinating hotel where I could spend my stay on this wonderful tour. When I arrived, the first thing I did was see the giant and spectacular outdoor pool, obviously I did not hesitate to leave my bags at the reception and go for a dip.

After that great reception I made my respective registration, the room that corresponded to me contained air conditioning and was perfect to relax in the heat of the night, the desk worked perfectly for me to place my creams and colognes, and without a doubt, what I loved the most was the coffee maker; there I could make coffee all day.

It also has a 24-hour reception and free Wi-Fi throughout the facilities, perfect for posting on social networks. The rooms at the Comfort Inn & Suites Los Cabos are equipped with bedding and towels, and I can tell you that they saved my life, because I had forgotten to put the towel away when I was packing.

At dawn, there was a knock on the door and it was the buffet breakfast service, delicious omelettes with fried eggs. I remember that one day, while visiting the hotel, I came across the fitness center, a huge space to exercise and maintain fitness routines with excellent trainers, and that service was super gratifying.

One night, it was propitious to go to the bar; a giant shared room was the space to dance at night and see the sea from that altitude, I loved tasting my glasses of champagne seeing the stars and feeling the refreshing breeze. Comfort Inn & Suites Los Cabos is the best.


A great moment marked my trip through Mexico, visiting that arch transported me to my best memories and memories of other trips that move my mind and body to moments of complete peace, the energy was phenomenal.

I loved visiting that beautiful natural structure, when I was below it I felt immense peace and the cold was spectacular. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a rock formation, specifically a natural arch, in Cabo San Lucas, which is the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

The tour guide commented that it looks like a triceratops drinking water and that the arch separates the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean and is impressive. This place attracts many tourists to Los Cabos since every leap year the love beach is formed because you can go under it. As I passed I was able to admire the tropical fish that abound in this area. As I got closer to the arch, I didn’t miss the opportunity to photograph it from the water, which is where you’ll get the best photos and it’s beautiful.

The experiences lived in Mexico are always magical, but they became even more magical when you visited three spectacular landscapes.

During my trip to Los Cabos I could not miss a visit to this paradisiacal cove in the shape of a horseshoe. Santa María Beach is a paradise for snorkeling and diving, due to its clear and generally calm turquoise blue waters. It is located within a protected sanctuary and I loved that enormously, so there is a large underwater life, made up of many colorful fish and the species of flora and fauna that adhere to the extremely beautiful rock walls. The sand is of large grain and I was able to access the beach on tours that leave both from Cabo San Lucas. It is a beautiful beach where nature is totally the protagonist and that made me fall in love.

Although the camel is a mammal native to the deserts of Asia, which is its main habitat, it has adapted well to the arid and desert areas in Cabo de San Lucas. Riding over two meters high on a camel through a sandy area of ​​Los Cabos is an incomparable experience. As they are perfectly two-seater animals, on that occasion I was accompanied by a guide to make the tour more entertaining and I loved that. It was impressive to get to various places on the camel, the view from there is phenomenal.

Cabo Pulmo National Park is one of the most important areas in the Sea of ​​Cortez region. This importance lies in the large number of marine species that inhabit the place and that in its waters is located the only living coral reef in the northernmost part of the American continent and I enjoyed that like never before, it is the only hard reef of the entire Baja California peninsula, and it is also one of the only three living reefs left in all of North America. There I was able to do a great hike and enjoy the great air.

Nightlife in Mexico is very lively, which is why for two nights I set out to discover these great nightclubs.

Crush is the only place in Cabo where I was truly able to get complete pleasure for all my senses. They offer a state of the art sound system that is easy on the ears and attracts DJ’s from far and wide to come play, that night was spectacular, dancing every minute and enjoying it no matter what. In addition, the lighting and luxurious decor is also very inviting and beautiful, but still has the feel of the Cabo beach destination that I loved from the start. With its first class design, Crush is the only place in Cabo where you can dance on the bar and enjoy your drinks at all times and it was spectacular.


It is a very well located disco in the city, La Vaquita is an unmissable disco option for lovers of movement and night with great style. It was a sensational place to dance, meet people, be in contact with a young crowd and drink a lot of tequilas, I loved it so much that I will not forget it. I had an incredible time, the staff are all kind and very attentive. Also, the service is very good and fast with great music. Jessiel greeted me at the door and he made my visit very pleasant at La Vaquita.

What a wonderful experience, I was fascinated to meet this corner of Mexico, without a doubt it is a paradisiacal place where I could share, enjoy and get to know in a big way. Cabo San Lucas, it is sensational. I love the Mexican culture and the most divine thing was to taste its delicious dishes; I have always loved Mexican cuisine. I have great memories of this place, your hotel was magnificent without forgetting the beach club. I love when my trips are wonderful and I enjoy beautiful places like these, which are worthwhile and I never get discouraged. I loved traveling to Mexico, I loved getting to know Cabo San Lucas, a paradise when you contemplate its landscapes and beautiful places.