“Place of blessed gold”, that is the true meaning of the word Jamaica, my new destination. Hello, if this is the first time you read my stories, allow me to introduce myself, I am Lucy and I travel around the world visiting different destinations just to have a good time. Jamaica has an interesting history of pirates, buccaneers and corsairs, it was here that reggae originated and from this place the Rastafarians also originated.

  Arriving in Jamaica for me was the best, I was able to discover its rivers, beaches and incredible forests. The quality of its people is wonderful, their smile, discovering that you have a cheerful and young spirit revitalized my soul. Negril is synonymous with relaxation. Famous for its beautiful sunsets, a 7-mile stretch of sparkling white sand beach, and picturesque cliffs overlooking the emerald green sea, this is the place for you to travel and soothe your soul. Enjoy the slow pace of life here with the freshest seafood caught daily and the most incredible beachside sunsets you will ever see.

  The women’s hairstyles, the men’s beards, the clothing, the outfits, their colorful spaces, everything seemed incredible to me and I feel that they were blessed with a wonderful and unrepeatable culture.

After a short tour of the coast of Negril and learning a little about its charming history, I had to look for a nice and outstanding place to stay or eat, my virtual guide helped me with this, a new APP that I downloaded to make better tours in each trip.

  And so it was that I came to Country Peppa’s Bar And Grill, this place reminds you every second that you are in Jamaica and that way you start to love it without hesitation.

  The exterior environment is surrounded by palm trees and a few meters from the beach, it is a spectacle.

  I liked the architecture of the place because they are wooden cabins with up to three floors, before selecting my room I had to think about it a bit because depending on the type of room it will be located further away or closer to the beach.

  For this reason I booked a premium room in the upper part and so I was super close to the beach and the view is privileged.

  My goodness, how amazing are the rooms, I was shocked when I entered. The bed was designed with bamboo, the tones were lime green, the decoration was in shades of brown, the lighting was mesmerizing. I liked sleeping in this place, if the cold was too much I had the alternative of turning off the air conditioning and turning on the fan, few places offer you this option.

When night came in the shack facing the sea, a live Reguee music event was presented, around a large bonfire, it was lovely to sing the most famous tunes of Bob Marley, I definitely loved it.
In the morning I went to the restaurant -located right here- Peppa Campestre Restaurant and it was very colorful and rural, an ideal environment to share alone or with others.

I ordered a ration of bread, eggs, orange juice and coffee, not bad to start the day with good energy. How delicious it was to have breakfast almost at the edge of the beach. After this I moved to the beach and the short walk was very good, the vegetation fed my lungs, fresh air was what I breathed.

  I sat down for a while, got some sun and then got into the water, it was a bit warm and I could enjoy it. I have to put this place on my agenda because it was the best choice I could have made when visiting Jamaica.

  I sat down for a while, got some sun and then got into the water, it was a bit warm and I could enjoy it. I have to put this place on my agenda because it was the best choice I could have made when visiting Jamaica.

  Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica is an incredible destination, its structure is impressive and immense just a few meters from the beach. Before confirming my reservation I was focused with the reception area and wondered if the room would exceed what I was seeing.

  At this point I must emphasize that the attention was first class and they helped me with the luggage to the room. Light tones on the walls and the bed with dark and light tones, I liked that award- winning combination with a beautiful balcony that gives you a unique view of the beach.

  When I went to the infinity pool area I was also fascinated by how big the place looks, spacious and with many chairs to rest for a while and almost on the edge of the beach. Bathing here is pleasant, I felt wonderful with the temperature and color of the water. In addition to this, the bodies that walked around here were spectacular, both men and women, toned and it was impossible not to see them.

  I left the pool and went for a short walk to the beach, a beautiful and extensive stone pier that was there caught my attention. Until there I went, I went through it, I enjoyed it and when I reached the end of it I extended my arms and thanked for being there. A little later I went to the restaurant and they treated me like a queen, the food was exquisite and the drinks too, I thought that the dessert would not be and like the rest it also exceeded my expectations, the culinary variety offered by the Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica is exceptional. I was able to taste from international dishes to Japanese, Italian, fusion cuisine.

  Here I also went to take advantage of the facilities of the Renova Spa at the Montego Bay hotel, located a few meters away, and received a delicious massage, nothing more pleasant after a great day at the beach.  During your visit to Jamaica, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful hotel and its SumFest reggae parties, and its nightly parties at the swim-up bar located in the infinity pools.

  As the days passed, I decided to leave the comforts of the hotel and get to know a little about the most popular places on the island and so I did, I did a quick search in my new travel APP and I found this place to start new adventures.

The origin of this name is due to the fact that the writer of agent 007 loved Jamaica and on one of his trips he bought a piece of land near the beach and built a house in this place and it was here that his novels were written.
Also known as Laughing Waters Beach and Roaring River Beach, it is a beach that is located on a small peninsula in Oracabessa Bay, on the north coast of Jamaica.
On this site there is a photo of agent 007 but despite all this history it is rarely visited because it is a bit hidden.

There is a lot to do on James Bond beach, you have access to showers and a restaurant area where you can taste typical Jamaican food.

  They served me an oxtail and I must admit that it was super delicious, to the point that I asked for another serving so as not to forget that exquisite flavor and aroma. The time for spicy came with the Jerk Chiken, this is quite spicy but delicious, I also tasted it without remorse and then I went to enjoy the water of this beach.  Spending the day here was a great choice, I was able to swim and sunbathe, and just that day I was in the mood to have some local beers and that’s how the day passed, until I could admire the beautiful sunset, I loved it

Another of the pending tours that I had scheduled in Negril was to visit the Blue Mountain of Jamaica and get to know the streets of the central area of the island, all of this fills me up because that way I can soak up its culture and folklore.

  It is said that here is the best coffee in the world that is grown only in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, considered the highest mountain formation in the Caribbean. While I made the tour of the mountain with the group that touched me that day, in the highest sections of the road in the light of the sun we could see the island of Cuba in the distance, the cultivation of coffee is favored by the climate that the altitude and location generates constant rains that sprinkle the crop daily.
  In addition to the captivating smell of coffee, we moved to a room where there was plain coffee liqueur for the women and cigars for the gentlemen. We were also able to see uniformed soldiers training in this area, it was good to see that spectacle. We also saw the coffee harvesting process, how it was selected and even its preparation, which we then had a few cups of, I love coffee and living here would be a good idea for coffee lovers.

  Days later, I decided that I couldn’t leave Negril without getting to know this beautiful island more closely.

  Walking through the streets of Jaimaca allowed me to meet the authentic Rastafarians, people who belong to this religion that preaches peace.

  There are few true ones and they show you their good aura and energy.
  Their clothing is unique, very colorful and in honor of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, the first black king, as announced by this religion.

  It even made me want to wear my hair like them, it looks very striking and breaks the mold of the traditional.
  Beyond this, their music conveys the calm and serenity that reigns in their lives, seeing them feel peace, tranquility and that life is one.

  Its colorful houses and structure make it a scene worthy of a postcard.

Being in this beautiful place I could not stop enjoying the nightlife it offers, after several days of wonderful experiences, I searched and consulted the best nightspots in the area, the idea of knowing these places kept me excited.

  The one who is considered the fastest man in history built this place in Jaimaca with the intention of making it the first franchise in the Caribbean to take advantage of his brand.
  This place was ideal because despite offering an extensive menu, I opted for a janga soup – king prawns – while I ate it I listened to the local DJ livening up the atmosphere so that those present would warm up.
  In addition to this, I ate a couple of hamburgers, they were quite good and what I liked is that the estimated time to serve your order is nine minutes, hence no one can wait longer for a meal that must be ready in that time range. Dancing to the rhythm of the DJ was good, but seeing Usain Bolt himself playing the records was on another level, I felt the adrenaline in my body while the music seduced me.

  This place is quite particular, small rock formations divided by the sea water serve as the scene of the place, that is, all the fun is found on the rocks, from which you can jump into the water, bathe with floats and see how they cross near you some boats.
  Impressive caves also exist here and you can explore them without inconvenience, you will have fun and entertainment without thinking twice.
  While the people were in the water, those of us who remained for a moment on the rocks danced, smoked and drank nonstop.

  As night fell, the bonfires were lit and illuminated the site announcing that the party was not over and that only those who wanted fun would remain there.

  This is a small island in the middle of the sea that houses on its surface a comfortable place to have a good time, that’s how I spent it here because I was able to have different drinks and enjoy an excellent musical atmosphere.
  After having a few drinks on top, I asked the band’s vocalist for the microphone and I started singing for those present, I didn’t do too badly because they applauded me without thinking and asked me for another one.
  We all danced, we met, we exchanged ideas, opinions and talked a little about our culture, it was very good to be here with unknown people who little by little became acquaintances.

  Joy, peace and serenity, that is what Jamaica transmitted to me. The heart of its people is noble and they invite you with their eyes to dream of the world of the possible. Its beaches are unique, its rivers, but what I loved the most was the huge coffee plantation that I wish I had in my house to wake up to that incredible aroma every morning. Every place I visited inspired me to stay there forever, I rarely feel this with the places I frequent and that’s what happened here.