Places and many activities to do, keep this in mind when visiting Curaçao because you will have to expand your travel agenda due to the variety of things you will have to do.

Handelskade is the historic wharf, this place cannot be missing from your list of places to visit since it has beautiful houses that stand out for their vibrant colors, outdoor cafes and a magnificent light show at night. Surely you will love to have dinner or have a drink or two here.

Blue Curaçao is a very famous liquor all over the world but the interesting thing about this drink is that beyond trying it you can visit the factory where it is made through guided tours by tourists.

Curaçao is a small island and it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, the dimension of this territory will allow you to visit them all if you so choose, so prepare your swimsuit and sunscreen.


This is a beautiful place that has the approval of tourists and locals because they have rated it 4.6 stars out of 5 for its excellent attention and good service that has permeated the public.


More than 89% of users who have visited this place agree that the service offered here is excellent, another large number favors the gastronomy offered here due to its variety and exquisite proposals.

The beach here is also very beautiful because people like it and consider it a nice option to have a good time.

If what you are looking for is an excellent atmosphere to dance on site, it offers one of the best options on the entire island to the point of being considered «the best», another thing that is very popular is the large portions of the dishes served, they can be shared.

The view that this place will give you is unprecedented, the loungers are beautiful and ideal for resting while you let yourself be seduced by the sound of the sea. The huts are very nice and the areas have a cleaning service and immediate attention.

Tourism, fun, food and transportation you will find here. The perfect place to spend an incredible vacation with that special person. Enjoy all the great services it has to offer you.


Here they have free Wi-Fi service, in the same way you can have access to the parking lot that you can use without paying anything additional. Access to the beach is also a possibility so with these three alternatives at your hand you have a great alternative at your disposal.

The position of this place is 4.5, a high scale that by a small margin separates it from the 5 stars but keeps it positioned in the range of excellence, this translates into quality and good service to the consumer.

«Incredible room with sea view» says one of the comments of a user. The rooms are very comfortable and are constantly kept clean. The view and the comfort they offer are extraordinary.

The restaurant is highly praised for its beauty, as is the food they prepare with exotic ingredients. Regarding this area of the restaurant, some criticism has been made because you must reserve in advance to be able to have a place there.


This is a floating pontoon bridge that has the function of connecting the historic neighborhoods of Willemstad, Punda and Otrobanda. Something curious about this site is that it is nicknamed the «floating old lady».


That a site receives the rating of 5 stars out of 5 is something great because it speaks very well of the quality and that it is worth the place to enjoy this beautiful landscape that God gives us from this point of Curaçao.

People who come here have expressed their gratitude because they enjoy the view that they can get from this place and what has caught the attention of many is that they love to see how the bridge opens to make way for ships.

Just as hundreds of people have done it, you can do it too, bring your camera and capture the best moments that you can only enjoy here, wonderful sunsets and an unprecedented surrounding area.

There is also a ferry service that you can board when the bridge opens so that you can also pass by at that moment when the attention of those present is stolen and they are amazed at the masterful architectural work.


More than a tour of a cave, it is an interesting trip to the past to learn about the wonderful history that exists in this place. These caves were the refuge of slaves escaping from the colonial yoke.

Come and delve into this fascinating tour with guides who will be with you to teach you the whole history of these caves, with brief, dynamic and easy-to-understand explanations.

The native flora is also part of the tour so you will be able to appreciate them, the guides will explain everything in Dutch and Spanish, in addition to English to facilitate understanding of the information.

You will have the geological history of the island in your hands, everything you want to know you will learn on this tour. There are 45 minutes of travel of which you can see bats that live there.

The entrance to the cave has a monetary value, inside it is very hot so come comfortable to enjoy this adventure.

This museum shows how entrepreneurs once traded African slaves, enjoy this fascinating adventure and fall in love with this story of oppression and dreams of wings of freedom in the midst of captivity.

A good score of 4.4 makes this place stand out above many as a great option for entertainment and fun for large groups of people. This tour is ideal for children.

The contributions they make here from religion to culture are very interesting, as a tourist assured. He underlines that he likes the idea of the mass kidnapping of Africans that happened many years ago being exposed in this way.


The narrow cobbled streets outside the museum are liked by people because you can enjoy a beautiful tour while admiring the architectural works. Here you will also find a Dutch village converted into a hotel.

The guides explain everything in Dutch and English, some users ask that Spanish be incorporated during the explanation rounds. The place is big, it has many stories and objects to appreciate.

When going to a nightclub, people think of whether the place is formal or informal, but here the rules are broken and you can access informally, so feel relaxed and enjoy.

This place is defined as very friendly with the LGBTIQ+ community, they have beautiful lights to dance, happy hour drinks and good cocktails, everything you are looking for to spend a phenomenal night with friends.

It is a site that has gradually positioned itself in the public’s taste and therefore has been awarded 4.3 stars out of 5 for its excellence, quality and service at the time of opening its doors to the public.

Users assure that this is a very small place but it is quite enjoyable, others define it as a «simple bar» that has nothing extraordinary while the rest consider it excellent.

Here they offer exquisite cocktails and shots, as well as a good security service, cleaning and current music to please visitors. If you want to smoke and take over the dance floor all night you can.

If you want to request an order at home, this place does not have that service. It has outdoor seating, delicious cocktails, nice comfort areas, casual dress and ideal for large groups.

4.6 out of 5 stars is the rating that users have given to this place after living the wonderful experience, positioning itself as a great reference in this country when it comes to night spots.

The food is called something exquisite but some users refer to the fact that the attention should improve, one of the most requested dishes and that generate more than one diner to repeat is the ribs.

In the outdoor seats you can have a cocktail or a strong drink to contemplate nature while you relax. It is well known that many people come here in large groups to have fun and have a memorable time.


The view of the sea is incredible at night, it is gratifying to see how the lights illuminate the sea while the architectural works stand out for their vibrant colors and the warmth of their people.

Curaçao is a place of charm, it has places that are worth visiting to fall in love with them at first sight. The beaches are spectacular, the sunsets, the warmth and kindness of the people is on another level.

During your visit you will discover that they are more than beaches because they have caves, bridges that open, museums and much more to offer you alternatives on each visit. Enjoy exquisite dishes and fun nights.