Hello girl, how are you? We meet again to see new places. I tell you that during an afternoon of coffee with my friend Sofía we were talking about the number of destinations that we still had to visit, some places we had both visited, however, other places that she has traveled but I have not. Sofía tells me that one of her most fantastic trips was to visit the city of Darwin in Australia. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia and is a former border post. It is also the gateway to the huge Kakadu National Park. Its popular beachfront area has several beaches and green areas, such as Parque Bicentenario. Also near the sea is the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery, which displays art from Southeast Asia and the Pacific, as well as a pearling ship and other seagoing vessels.

  Without a doubt, of all the destinations that Sofía mentioned to me, this city totally caught my attention. I immediately asked her for more information about this place, and something that surprised me was that Darwin is located in the Northern Territory, in the Timor Sea. The city itself stands on a cliff overlooking Darwin Harbour, flanked by Frances Bay to the east and Cullen Bay to the west. The rest of the city is flat and low-lying and the coastal areas are home to recreation areas, wide beaches and excellent fishing.

  This wonderful place was conducive to quickly schedule it for my next trip, Sofia gave me all the necessary instructions to make this trip a wonderful experience. After that afternoon of coffee, I did not wait for the day to take off to Australia, days later I bought my ticket and Darwing would be my next destination.

  After so much waiting, I arrived at Darwin International Airport, the emotion of knowing that great place did not fit in my soul. I immediately grabbed a taxi to visit my beach club for this tour. Sofia had already recommended a place to me through her website and I loved it.

  The driver left me at the entrance of this beautiful beach club, it is a magnificent place to enjoy.

  They received me with special attention. When the beach club attendant met him, he told me that the Darwin Trailer Boat Club is the oldest seaside club in Darwin. From its humble beginnings the Club has grown to become a Darwin institution. Over the last sixty years, the Club has forged strong links with the boating and fishing community, something that really caught my attention.

  The western aspect of the Club is ideal for witnessing Darwin’s famous tropical sunsets. Arriving it was conducive to take a seat under the palm trees, the summer was a bit strong and do not hesitate to enjoy a cold beer on the beach to refresh yourself accompanied by delicious salty snacks. Later, I enjoyed a truly amazing spectacle as the sun sank below the horizon and it was the one that accompanied me on my stay in Darwin.

  As evening came I enjoyed a delicious bowl of Asian Herb Noodle Salad, Pickled Radish, Fried Shallots, Peanuts and Vietnamese dressing. What a delicious dish! After that delicious meal, don’t hesitate to ask for the wine list and enjoy a Yalumba (Organic) Pinot Grigio, the first time I’ve tasted it and it’s a very appreciable Fino.  At night there was the celebration of the marriage of some Australians, and all the tourists who were in the beach club had a membership invitation, of course I enjoyed the first night in Australia, dancing and enjoying until dawn as I very well loves.

After that magnificent night at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club, I was very sleepy but of course with immense joy. Sofía, before executing the trip, told me that a great hotel was The Cavenagh, she was there and the photographs that she showed me were wonderful, therefore, do not hesitate to visit it.

  Arriving at this wonderful hotel I felt in a wonderful paradise, its structure is really beautiful, the Cavenagh offers comfortable, practical and affordable accommodation right in the heart of Darwin.

  Before checking in the room I decided to have breakfast first at the hotel restaurant, at which point it was appropriate to have a sparkling cappuccino with an omelette accompanied by cream cheese, a perfect breakfast to start the day.

  After that delicious meal I went back to the hotel lobby to do the respective registration, the room that corresponded to me was fantastic.

  It was a boutique king with air conditioning, with a large refrigerator with freezer, coffee and tea maker, flat screen television and private bathroom. with spectacular shower, without forgetting the beautiful view to the heart of Darwin. Arriving at the room I decided to take a nap to recover energy.

  In the afternoon, when I already had my batteries recharged, I went down to take a dip in the pool, without a doubt it is a beautiful and great place to relax and enjoy the moment, the sun was already setting and you could see the beautiful color and fusion of day with night. When night falls, the hotel bar is immediately enabled to enjoy a great night, and I can tell you that it was, it is an air-conditioned bar; it is the perfect place to meet. Plus, it has an impressive wine list at reasonable prices, 12 beers on tap, hard-to-find spirits, and the best cocktails in town I could find. That night I decided to taste some delicious beers and at midnight I went to the VIP area to request a delicious cocktail, its flavor is incomparable.

  With the passing of the days I discovered more and more things to do and know in this hotel, including visits to the SPA and the hotel bar, always with a different plan, I always found someone to chat with and have a good time. One of those days I went down to the Lobby to take advantage of and plan my outings to get to know the Darwin area. come and go on foot and on your own everywhere.

  After several fabulous nights in the hotel, I wanted to see great places in Darwin, of course I did all the trips under the advice of Sofia, and one of the places that I fell in love with without a doubt, was a wonderful park; Crocosaurus Cove.

  As you know I am a nature lover, and finding this place was sensational, Crocosaurus Cove brings together some of the largest saltwater crocodiles in Australia and has the largest exhibition of Australian reptiles in the world, it is an unmissable attraction when Darwin is visited.   This place was my big moment because I got to swim with the crocodiles, get on the crocodile fishing platform and get photographed holding a baby saltwater crocodile.

  Wonderful place, checked out Barramundi, Archer Fish & Whiprays in the 200,000 liter freshwater aquarium and visited the turtles at the Top End Turtle Billabong. The number of aquatic animals that can be found in this magnificent park is impressive, I love it when I connect with nature in this way, feeling it so close and its beautiful connection.

   The reptile house was also sensational, its structure is creepy, since it is in the form of rocks and its entrance is very dark, however, being deeper you can see an infinity and diversity of reptiles. Without a doubt, it is a great place and lovely hills that is in the center of Darwin.

  The variety of places to enjoy is magnificent, but the experience in three specific places was one of the best experiences I had.

  I love stories, this is a very important part of our present and without a doubt, among these places to see in Darwin there is always room.

  This Australian city was directly related to the Second World War and you will find proof of this in the Darwin Military Museum. Its most attractive attraction is being able to witness the recreation of the bombing that took place in the city.

  If you are a history lover like me, you must visit this museum almost mandatory.

  Here you can view a variety of exhibits and artifacts presented in air-conditioned comfort and in a beautiful and peaceful subtropical setting.

  The old tanks that were part of the wars caught my attention and even the clothing of the guerrillas are still preserved, it is impressive how we can go back in time in that magical place of Darwin.

  Majestic park, it is home to several impressive waterfalls that cascade into crystal clear pools, iconic magnetic termite mounds, and groups of eroded sandstone pillars in the Lost City. The best experience was swimming under the falls and relaxing in the water holes, it was my favorite pastime. It is a popular destination for day trips from Darwin and the best and I will never forget was spending the night in one of the camps, feeling the trees move in the early morning and the super cold air was just too sensational.

  Its thick vegetation and winding paths made it possible to live a great adventure within its limits. It is a paradise for all hikers and nature lovers as once you are deep in Litchfield you will be able to see large mounds of termites and other species of animals that are not as well known but equally surprising. I was totally fascinated with that spectacular trip, do not hesitate to visit it if you are or plan to go to Darwin in Australia.

  Another magical place to see in Darwin is Mindil beach, especially if you have the opportunity to see one of its sunsets. If this incentive of nature were not enough, you can also enjoy a fabulous market with native pieces and seasoned with several local food stalls that will make you lick your fingers while you enjoy a pleasant afternoon.

  I was surprised as it is a Northern Territory and is known for the fiery color of its sunsets and during this time of day when Mindil beach really shines. At this fabulous beach I tried Asian noodles and seafood at one of the food stalls, later a live music show.

  Later, I relaxed with a sunset massage. And for souvenirs, I bought crocodile skin items and handicrafts from local Aboriginal artists.

  The illuminated stalls of the market are the stage to enjoy a tropical night out. Without a doubt, this beach is very lively and attractive, points in favor to live an unforgettable experience.

  I couldn’t leave Darwin without getting to know the nightlife, without dancing in a big way and meeting new people, for that Sofia had told me that she enjoyed it to the fullest at Discovery Darwin and that its facilities were sensational.

  And of course, Sofia was not wrong. In Discovery Darwin I enjoyed like never before, as I have always liked, in the disco I met Rashell and his partner from Italy, they made the evening more entertaining. Its facilities are phenomenal, the fuchsia, blue and white LED lights made a perfect color for a disco, and of course, I did not hesitate for a second to go to the VIP area, in that area there are the best seats in the house in Darwin’s largest entertainment venue. Plus, private servers fill the mixers throughout the night to ensure the utmost in comfort and luxury. That night I was faithful to my champagne.

  Later, the music was very good, Rashel and his partner invited me to the dance floor, obviously I went with them and danced too much. The muisca filled me with a lot of energy and I enjoyed it too much, so much so that from that moment I didn’t sit down until dawn and I was totally sweaty. I love dancing, I love these moments of fun.

  My trip through Darwin in Australia was wonderful, enjoying its natural spaces, its gastronomy, its drinks and of course its nightlife will always remain in my heart. This magical place joins my list of fantastic trips, Sofia won the lottery by recommending this city to me. I love spaces with diversity and where you have a great time and learn new things. The kindness of its workers and its common inhabitant is very nice, since they keep you in such close proximity that you become part of their circle. Darwin is a sensational city to visit, do not hesitate for a second, go ahead and live this wonderful experience.