Hello travelers, we found ourselves once again in this very pleasant adventure as a globetrotter, this time I decided to visit SOBE, the so famous South Beach known for its beaches and the glamorous atmosphere of its nightclubs and restaurants of famous chefs. Its trendy shops on Lincoln Road Mall.

Arriving at this place I decided to tour the entire area and my first stop was Ocean Drive, known for its well-preserved art deco architecture. The outdoor cafes offer a privileged view of the surroundings.

  Sobe is home to the strands of sand, swaying palm trees, and the pastel Art Deco buildings that I believe have become synonymous with this iconic destination and make it so undeniably photogenic. As a lover of art and design, I immediately decided to take inspiration from the world-class collection of the Wolfsonian Museum – FIU. From this area of Ocean Drive, a few minutes’ walk away, I got to know the best hotels and restaurants in emblematic Art Deco buildings that preside over a wide beach lined with palm trees. Guided architectural walking tours beginning at the Art Deco Welcome Center are delightful.

The beach is, of course, the biggest draw in the neighborhood, so I decided to spread a towel out on the sand and enjoy the sea breeze and sun for a while, definitely the best of both worlds, land and sea, and the opportunity to enjoy this quintessential Miami Beach scene.

  I already had this place in mind before arriving at SOBE, the Delano Beach Club, is bathed in comfort, category and fun in this paradise in the middle of the cosmopolitan city with color and Latin flavor.

Right here, next to the sea, I found this imposing Beach Club full of a refined and distinctive atmosphere. Surrounded by a whimsical path inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

  This almost magical path leads to the iconic pool, and as I continued to enter it I went straight to the ocean, it was only when I arrived and felt how the gentle breeze caressed my skin, it made me shiver and connect with the depths of my inner being. And there I spent the afternoon relaxing to the sound of the waves of the sea.

  Back at dinner time I decided to do it in the pool and have a refreshing drink. The music, the decoration, the atmosphere and its proximity to the sea make this the perfect place from sunset to sunrise.

As a good lover of travel, new experiences and adventures, here I was able to enjoy the exclusive service in its comfortable rooms, Bluetooth sound bar, sky bath sunrises, and a large rain shower, which made my nights the best in this place.

Upon entering I was struck by the majestic view that the hotel offers you towards the paradisiacal beaches of South Beach, offering the best views of sunrises and sunsets. South Beach of Miami can be contemplated from the different rooms that this place offers.

This place surprised me with its gastronomy, two styles of cooking merge to offer the best culinary experience at Esme Miami Beach, on the one hand I was able to taste the rustic style of cooking over an open fire and on the other the kitchen informs. At all times and at all times I could try their best dishes.

At night, she went to try the most delicious drinks at the Casa Matanza Bar, accompanied by other visitors to the hotel and the best musical atmosphere.

One of those mornings that I was walking through this place, I decided to participate in a yoga class offered near the pool on the Roof, to connect with my interior, the experience lived and the personalized attention was totally relaxing.


Every day and every moment in this place was wonderful, I felt like a star just knowing all the celebrities who had stayed there, Desi Arnaz, was a Cuban actor and musician who cut the red ribbon to inaugurate one of its spaces, it is magical to move to that time, in addition to its location, make it one of the most coveted hotels in the area.

This sightseeing adventure with expert local guides aboard a high-performance, Zodiac RIB boat took us to explore secluded locations, popular landmarks, natural areas, and historic landmarks in Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

This was without a doubt an unforgettable stop, this intimate ocean cruise experience, with just six passengers, all eager to explore the heritage and history of Miami’s colorful past, from its origins as a mosquito-infested swampy outpost favored by famous mobsters and business titans to its rise as a trendy international cultural mecca.

All together we were able to explore environmentally diverse and spectacular areas, including Biscayne National Park, the largest underwater park in the US, known for its abundant marine life and vast areas of underwater preservation.


Beyond the Delano Beach Club at SOBE I found myself with experiences and places to visit everywhere, just crossing to the beach and climbing on one of the lifeguard towers to enjoy panoramic views of the beach and the sunrise was terrifying. As the sun rises and Miami Beach wakes up and comes to life. Everyone gathers in the playgrounds of the park, with activities for everyone by the sea.

I rented a sun lounger and umbrella at the nearby beach and ate sunbathing, swimming and people watching for a few hours. I then went on to rent a bike or rollerblades and enjoy the refreshing breeze as I rolled down the beach front trail. At the end of the walk I got to the Art Deco center of Miami, Design Preservation League, and enjoy the buildings of this architectural style.

Another day I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of South Beach to enjoy the beauty of the stunning orchids, the tranquility of the Japanese garden, and the beautiful koi pond. In the Miami Beach Botanical Garden I was able to explore a large part of its exhibits and of course take many photos for my gallery, they are really charming.

The perfect location of Delano Beach Club allowed me to visit paradisiacal beaches located in Miami, Florida. The white sand catches and the cold waters seduced me until I immersed myself in them, thus connecting with the spiritual and letting each wave renew my energy.

On one of my many walks I noticed that South Beach is a nightlife paradise for partiers. From the best dance clubs to cocktail lounges and dive bars. I knew I had to check out this diverse SoBe nightlife. So I decided to visit these excellent and fun night bars that attract all kinds of night party lovers.

This was my first stop as a prelude to tonight’s party, this is a popular hangout, with great music by world renowned DJ’s, this place is huge and multi-tiered, where you can see dancing to many celebrities.

This stylish bar features indoor and outdoor tables on one side, a raised DJ booth and dance area on the other, and lots of beautiful people watching and dancing in the middle. the big dance floor. Attracting the most fabulous partygoers in Miami.

  Staying at Delano Beach Club, in addition to being a great alternative, will allow you to be located in an important area surrounded by the most exclusive brand name stores and recognized shopping centers. City Center, MacDonald’s, Nike, Flamingo Park Pool, among other places that will allow you to enter a new experience to satisfy the most eccentric and expensive tastes.

  There is no better option than Delano Beach Club, After this wonderful tour of gastronomy, architecture, culture, nationalities, traditions, drinks and plans to offer you what you are looking for, Delano Beach Club is positioned as the best alternative in Miami, Florida at time to visit this beautiful city in the United States. The best place where all points come together to offer you an unforgettable experience that you will never be able to erase from your mind, so visit Delano Beach Club and discover comfort.