A new destination has come to meet you, as you well know, I love discovering new horizons in this world so diverse in culture, gastronomy and traditions, and of course I already had the opportunity to visit Sainte-Maxime and I can tell you how rewarding it was. I tell you that the night before the trip I packed my bags with the enormous emotion of meeting this French population, by the way, Europe is one of my favorite places and I had the opportunity to travel many years ago and as a promise in a beautiful special dinner in front of to the Eiffel tower I promised to return to this place.
  I hadn’t been back to France for a while, and I’m so pleased to have accomplished that goal I had set for myself, and I really enjoyed it. Sainte-Maxime is located in the region of Provence, when I arrived at this destination I could feel the affection and affection of the inhabitants who are called «maximous», they received me as one more member of this town and how good I felt! I was quickly approached by a very friendly young woman named Amelié from Uruguay and at that time working for a tourism agency, she offered to help me tour this beautiful place, and of course, I gave her a huge hug and told her: I longed for do it.

I told Amelié that my stay would be for two weeks and for the beach club she recommended the Eden Plage for its comfort and easy access, I immediately looked for them on social networks and we called, in just five minutes they notified me through my email that everything was ready for my reception. While we were on our way to the hotel, Amlié told me that Sainte-Maxime is one of the favorite destinations on the French Riviera, since it is a haven of tranquility where they offer walks by the sea and invite tourists to live moments that one would like eternal. I noticed that it is a small paradise between land and sea, the city is home to many beaches where swimming, sunbathing and water sports come together in a family and peaceful environment. Things that I loved from that first day.

  Arriving at the hotel and receiving a glass of juice with French plums as a starter was fascinating, the temperature at night was high, however, I quickly adapted to that rich heat. When I got to my room, the first thing I did was take a shower and unpack my things, then I went to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, entering I perceived the movement and the passion with which the chefs were inspired by the dishes. They made me discover Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, undoubtedly full of many flavors and lightness. Divine!  

  The date on which I traveled to Sainte-Maxime was very special since it was a season where they were promoting new and tasty dishes that enriched the menu, without forgetting the great classics of the beach such as Calamari with flavors of Provence, Carpaccio of veal , Garden of Eden Salad, Caesar Salad, Tuna Tartare and my favorite the Royal Fresh Fruit Platter, some great dishes. Then stimulate my palate with the best vintages of Champagne and Côtes de Provence, as well as wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux. Without a doubt, Eden Plage is fascinating, Amelié was not wrong in recommending me to this beautiful paradise, imagine if with only the first night I was delighted with the exquisiteness of her dishes, I was eager to know much more.

  At the end of dinner I went to the Eden Plage bar, a delicious cocktail was the welcome, in the center of it were some tourists from Argentina, Mexico and a girl from Spain who had already been in the place for three days and very kindly included me in your group with a nice bottle of champagne.

  It was a lively night, of laughter and anecdotes, where each one told the traditions of each country and without forgetting the experience they had in Sainte-Maxime. Their kindness was impressive and the connection we were able to make during those hours, which even included me in a WhatsApp group; I am delighted, that even today’s sun remains and we are in contact.

  After that spectacular welcome, I went to my room to rest to recharge my batteries for the next day, which I knew was going to be unforgettable and it was. With high spirits I wake up and call Amelié to schedule the time of our first tour, before the time was up I went to the restaurant to have some Linguine with pesto and fresh and candied cherry tomatoes for breakfast without forgetting the Caprese salad! I fell in love with that food! A tasting that I loved enormously.

  Amelié was waiting for me to discover new experiences, I had previously told her how passionate I am about discovering new places, and we were ready to start our tour.

  The majesty upon arrival at Best Western Premier Montfleuri was fantastic, its elegant structure and the combination of its colors totally made me fall in love. Its location is close to the heart of the city and it has full access to the markets, which I love to satisfy my tastes. Amelié didn’t think twice and she took me to one of the stores to buy a bathing suit because in just minutes we found the beach.

When we were already back at the hotel, the security server named Antoine, recommended me one of the most iconic places in the hotel, such as the botanical garden and the blue coast, I did not hesitate and I immediately went to see the garden. 

  Impressive, a beautiful and large tree welcomes us, nature is the protagonist in that place, its striking green colors in different shades made me feel at peace and tranquility, without a doubt my soul was comforted in an incredible way and longed for a long time.

After recharging energy with the plants, Amelié and I went to Nartelle beach, its spectacular sand, so fine that it got between my feet, and we did not stop looking at the horizon of the sea from the crystal clear waters. Without a doubt, a magnificent place that I enjoyed like never before, without forgetting the fury of the wind that made me fly mentally. That day was spectacular, being so close to nature fascinated me, it was a pleasant moment to find myself.

  After a good rest in an air-conditioned room, a surprise arrived at the door of the room, because it was a delicious breakfast to enjoy comfortably from bed. How wonderful that was, I had not received those surprises for years! Since it is one of the services offered by the hotel for tourists. On the plates were some crispy croissant, baguette, sponge cake, accompanied by butter, jams and honey. In addition, a natural fruit yogurt with an oatmeal cereal bar. I was delighted with that breakfast, I will never forget it.  

  When I was looking for places to visit I remembered that since I was a child my grandmother was very conservative with plants, in her garden there was a great variety of flowers that helped to water it, from those beautiful moments of my childhood I fell in love with plants. Without a doubt, during this trip the most magical moment was visiting the Domaine du Rayol botanical garden in Golge-Saint Tropez.

This botanical garden is a highly protected natural space and is in front of the islands, a beautiful place where I was able to observe one of the most charming gardens, when I arrived they offered me exhibitions, a guided tour, precisely at that time of my trip the Festival was held de las Plantas, is an event where various growers exhibit their most beautiful plants of the whole year, where they evaluate the warmth of their leaves, the care and hydration they had in their growth, it was the first time that I attended such an event and it was very impressive.

The guide landscaper of that day, in his tour, took me to travel through the Mediterranean landscapes exhibited there that represent panoramas from all over the world, California, Chile, South Africa, Australia, the Mediterranean Basin and others, and landscapes with a more arid or subtropical climate.

  Mexico, Asia, New Zealand, subtropical America. It was so beautiful to connect with other countries through these gardens, where I met the various flowers and plants that captivated me with just their fresh smell.

  I cannot deny that when I discovered this garden I felt some of the emotions that a botanical explorer experiences, those who inspect the planet and feel it is theirs. Well, just like I felt those giant plants, which were my property because of the energy they transmit. In the place I will also find a place to eat at the «Café des Jardiniers», a bookstore specialized in receiving all the visitors of the place in the best way.

Sainte-Maxime is the largest city on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and enjoys a geographical location embellished by nature and water attractions. So I decided to make my trip more pleasant by visiting and enjoying all these places to appreciate the magic of this little corner.

  Initially I decided to visit the best beaches in this place and that’s how I arrived at Plage Tahiti, here I got literally everything to spend the best day.

  Upon arrival I was able to admire its beautiful beach, accompanied by large cliffs, the turquoise of its waters together with the bright sun and the color of the vegetation, the place seemed charming to me.

  Upon arrival, I rented a sun lounger and made myself comfortable to sunbathe and enjoy delicious drinks from a beach bar that I found nearby. About the third drink in this place they recommended an excursion that was about to leave, I was interested and immediately I got the complete information.

  I joined a group of tourists and Serge the guide took us to see the cliffs through a hiking route that was totally relaxing, from the top of the cliffs we did not take beautiful postcards and immediately we left to return to continue enjoying Plage Tahiti . Without a doubt, an ideal destination to recharge your batteries and fill yourself with energy!

  The next stop was to visit an island in the area, it contains an impressive biodiversity, where the fauna and flora are magical, I totally love the spaces where nature is so alive that it transmits that magnificent peace to me, so exotic and captivating at the same time. weather.
  After the outward journey to this place in the sea aboard a boat, on arrival I found myself with this little paradise. Surrounded by turquoise blue water, where I could appreciate the beaches of the island, to swim, relax and admire the landscape. I felt like on another continent, I immediately felt at home.
  As the afternoon passed, I set out on a bicycle tour to get to know the area, which by the way was another moment where I remembered my childhood, I discovered the riches of Porquerolles Island, a place that is full of beautiful stones to admire.
  They were so appreciated moments that helped to connect with my inner self, in these beautiful places.

  Between the sea and the hills, I was able to appreciate the magnificent panoramic views of the entire Gulf of Saint-Tropez. It is a beautiful park where playing golf is the main attraction. 

  I had never played golf in my life, however, I took a risk and it was a super extraordinary afternoon. In Beauvallon there is a sports store, where all the tourists buy clothes from their favorite athletes, of course, it was inevitable not to enter. 

  The store offers a wide variety of equipment and clothing, as well as accessories necessary for the game of golf. I loved a beautiful fuchsia red, it was also propitious to cover me from the strong sun that afternoon. In that wonderful park I played golf during the entire stay, later I tasted a delicious ice cream enjoying the beautiful landscape with the singing of the birds.


After a few days of unforgettable experience, Amelié invited me to celebrate at the hotel where music and fun are present. I changed into a blue dress inspired by the corals of the sea that she had bought at the Plage de Tahiti.

  Arriving at the place, the lounge and chill-out music made by DJs were iconic that night, at the party Amelié met some friends that she had guided a few months ago and they returned to Sainte-Maxime, I met them and they were very happy people and they danced perfectly, we shared a super pleasant moment and at the bar I tasted the best fruit cocktails. 

  The spirit of Joke Club is above all exceptional events to prolong the moments of escape by the sea with unforgettable festive memories. The live musicians, resident and guest DJs, cabaret dancers during the night were the best. I enjoyed that night like never before!

  The next night we decided to escape to VipRoomStTropez, an exclusive club with the best and most exclusive parties, that day the Birds Of Mind were performing, a great international musical group that offers the best presentations and mixes of musical rhythms live, we dressed the best outfits regarding the subject and we launched into the fun, located in the VIP area we admire the whole show between drinks, light show, dancer, at the break we went to meet the band, they were super friendly and lively guys they invited us to stay in the DJ area while they continued with their presentation, they played the best music of the moment that takes over your being and makes you shiver in the middle of the dance floor. This really outing that closed the nights in this town with a flourish, we chatted, shared, took photos and much more.

  Sainte-Maxime in France is a place that I will remember for the rest of my life, at the beginning of the story I told you that it was one of the destinations that I wanted to visit, and I managed to get to know that place and at all times I enjoyed it to the fullest.
  What a rewarding trip. Amelié, more than a tourist guide, behaved like a sister to me, always attentive, so understandable, charismatic and friendly, she helped me in absolutely everything. In addition, he guides me through the most beautiful places in Sainte-Maxime from the first day we connect to discover new adventures.
  You can not miss visiting this magnificent place, if you are lovers of nature, the sea and energy Sainte-Maxime is the perfect place. I packed my bags with many mixed emotions, but with the joy of returning in a new opportunity.