Traveling to Mexico and especially to Tulum always turns out to be one of the best experiences of my life, I define it as paradise on earth. Hello, my name is Lucy and this time I will share all my experience in Tulum and the adventures that I lived there again. It is not the first time that I travel to Tulum, for this reason I feel so connected and familiar with this area of Mexico that is characterized by its impressive sunsets, it is really worth taking a plane just to see the sun go down from here.
  Another of the things that I love about Tulum are its beaches, that beautiful turquoise blue sea that catches you like love at first sight, white sand is also beautiful and feeling it in your hands or feet will be a sensation of another level. To be honest, the cenotes are what I like the most about Tulum, they are impressive and spending the day in one of those will give you peace of mind. Many of these have shamans or spiritual guides that will help you find yourself spiritually.

  Once again listen to that phrase that says: Tulum receives you or rejects you, because I am sure that it has received me and will not let me go, whenever I find any pretext or any new place I do not think about it much, this time it called me this beach club. Located in the middle of the jungle a few meters from the sea, El Hoyo combines flavors, aromas and textures from around the world and mixes them with fresh local products.
  This is a totally magical place, entering through the beach, the jungle walk from the hotel, it is charming, upon arrival I could feel a space of tranquility from the fresh sea breeze, good music and the small pleasures that will make your stay an unforgettable memory. This place is ideal for eating well and not just eating, but also enjoying an exquisite dish prepared by professionals with extensive experience in the kitchen area who will make you fall at their feet with the variety of flavors, colors and textures they prepare.
  I must emphasize that the attention was magnificent, the waiters behaved up to the task with me and almost ran to send me each order, that is one of the goals of the place, to serve the customer as quickly as possible to shorten waiting times. As a welcome they offered me a bottle of tequila courtesy of the house, I must say that it was very good and I accompanied it with lemon and salt. Excellent alternative to start my journey here. After this came the dish I was waiting for, the specialty of the house. It was Prawns with garlic and rattlesnake, now you may wonder what dish that is and the answer is simple. Campeche shrimp casserole with garlic, parsley and rattle chili. This was delicious.
  I must point out that the place is beautiful, the tables, the chairs, the lighting and the music that puts the atmosphere in your favor. The fresh water, something characteristic of this country, was delicious and I loved trying the tamarind one. Jonathan was charming, friendly and made me feel like he was home. The chef is a star because every plate of food he served was a home run. One of the best dining experiences I’ve had in Tulum and possibly even Mexico.

The best hotels for travelers are usually found on the shores of the sea, and in my plans I was to get one of the best to spend the rest of my days, stay very close to the sea and Playa Esperanza hotel was chosen this time.

  This serene hotel is a magnificent choice with simple cabins and views of Pescadores beach on the Caribbean Sea, very close to the ruins of Tulum and the Gran cenote.
  A true society lady, that’s how the hotel staff made me feel with my arrival. They took my bags, took them up to the room and explained to me where each area of the hotel was located.
  The rooms are cool rustic thatched roof cabins with vintage chic decor, filled with many amenities and my cabin had a beautiful terrace where I had the best views of the ocean.
  Once I entered my cabin, very nice and I changed to go directly to the beach, I wanted to take advantage of the hours of sun that was at the moment.

   After a while I went to the spa to receive a massage and a chocolate therapy with volcanic stones, in addition to this an exfoliating treatment made me recover the vitality of the skin that has been withered by the sun and the sea. Contemplating the immense sea was dazzling, feeling how the waves bathed not only my body, but also my soul, brought me back to life. I took a lot of sun, I tanned my skin and I was splendid with that carrot color to take many photos by the sea. That day I brought with me a bottle of tequila, the one they gave me at the hotel and believe me, by the sea it tastes better.

   Sushi was part of the main course during the meal, I love that oriental flavor with Mexican and much more if there is a bottle of tequila on the table. Another thing I like is the fresh waters, the tamarind one is my favorite and it reminds me of the neighborhood of El Chavo del 8.

   It was fantastic to be here because I was able to go back into the history of this tropical paradise. Taking pictures of myself on the beach comforted my soul because from this point the photos are impressive. I made some to have a painting made and hang it in my living room, because of so much art I think I already have a museum.

  There are hundreds of cenotes and beaches to visit, there are some with free access and some others, I think that at this point I have managed to visit a good number, so I love revisiting some of the ones I like the most.

There are hundreds of cenotes and beaches to visit, there are some with free access and some others, I think that at this point I have managed to visit a good number, so I love revisiting some of the ones I like the most.

The advantage of booking this tour was that in addition to booking the tour of Laguna Kaan Luum, a tour of three beautiful cenotes Zacil-Ha, Grand Cenote and Cenote Cristalino was also included.
Let’s start with Laguna Kaan Luum because here the first thing you will see will be the water divided into two shades of blue and turquoise, a wonder of nature. The tranquility of its calm waters is captivating so you can enjoy a good swim without anguish.
It is a paradise because the sky is combined with the water and the green area that covers its surroundings is of another level. 

  An ideal place to share with the family and make a good plan that will result being here. I dove into these waters, swam and relaxed this is what it’s all about when you visit this lagoon, then lay on the sand and let the sun do the same to my body and ended up with a wonderful tan. Cenote Zacil-Ha is open so it has direct entry from the sun and if you appreciate it well it is like a pool, it has designed wooden stairs to go down and is conducive to family fun.

  You can also practice diving here if you wish, the best thing about this cenote was that among all the families that were there we organized a barbecue with beer and it was given to us, so it was an afternoon of bathing in the cenote and grilling. A large cave and a cavern as well as areas with light entrances to facilitate your movement is what you will find in the Grand Cenote. This site is perfect for practicing sports activities such as diving and snorkeling, as well as swimming.

  I immersed myself in these waters and went through them all, it is impressive what nature does and how the rock formations are detailed, it is incredible to appreciate the sunlight for a moment and then it disappears to find it again at another point.

  And finally we visited the Cenote Cristalino here it was magical the experience imagine jumping from 3 or 4 meters high, reaching the water is endless but you enjoy it as if you were a child. I loved the security of the site, everything is very quiet. I went in the morning and there were few people I assume that was why, here they have places to store your belongings and for that you will have to pay a low cost, if you are one of the most trusting you can leave them on one of the benches while you swim.

Ideal for swimming, diving and snorkelling, best of all, the guide will be with you at all times and you can ask whatever you want about this beautiful place.

   According to what they say, for the Mayans they were sacred places and of course they were, no one can approach a cenote without immediately feeling that magic they have. They say it was the way to the underworld, where they even say some Mayans still live.

  This site is a pool of crystal clear natural water ideal for practicing different sports activities, the tourist package that I purchased includes a guide that will accompany you throughout the tour.
  On the site I was able to observe palm trees, stones, beautiful stairs built by the hand of man, the color of the water is turquoise and its temperature is very warm, I love it when the water is like this.
  Here there are also some places for the sale of food, so you will have some alternatives to buy and be able to eat there.
  Among the activities that we could carry out inside the cenote, I chose diving, I did not do this alone because an instructor accompanied me at all times.
  How incredible it was to dive into the turquoise water and swim safely, it was wonderful to improve my diving skills, I think that’s what it’s all about when we put it into practice.

  Immersing yourself in the jungle will mean visiting Punta Laguna, a site that is not categorized as a destination for many tourists because it has a reserve of wild monkeys, as well as other species such as a stealthy jaguar, birds, and reptiles. To be able to appreciate each one of these I needed the help of a tour guide who took me to the indicated point of this jungle to be able to appreciate not only the sounds of the animals but also see them face to face.
  I was terrified because I thought the monkeys would attack me but thank God it didn’t happen that way, although few have seen it I could also see the stealthy jaguar, too beautiful to be true, I felt its roar in my chest and my heart raced.
  Another of the activities that I did here was to take a canoe ride, this is one of the many activities such as zip-lining or descending into a cenote, they are some of the ones that you can practice in the water if you do not want to go to the jungle. Be prepared because this route will be very wet due to the dense vegetation, so I ended up soaking wet while walking. It started to rain and there was no alternative but to continue walking and enjoy the tour in the rain.

  Going out to dance a little was one of the best ways I managed to continue enjoying the benefits of Tulum, I wanted to move the skeleton and get to know or revisit some of the trendiest places in Tulum.

  Upon arrival, I noticed some tables at the entrance, ideal for having a drink or smoking a cigarette while having a good conversation.
  The decoration seemed a bit colorful and folkloric but it gives the place its touch and makes it stand out among so many, I liked the lighting, it is very sharp but I loved it because it is combined with the wooden walls and brown elements.
  When I arrived I asked for a soup, it was on the menu and many people were eating it, I think the choice was not bad because it was super tasty, it had that Mexican touch, that spicy characteristic of the country.
  The bottle of tequila was too rich, it’s one of the best things they have in Mexico. After this I tried the sushi, I thought it was not going to be that good but I was wrong, it tasted splendid.
  I liked the attention, the staff is very attentive, the place is perfect for dancing and talking, one adapts quickly. Everything may be missing here except the excellent musical atmosphere, very varied by the way.

  You’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean when you get here because their live music is perfect, it has that indisputable trend and influence of Latin America, that which only Latinos recognize and know how to dominate with their bodies.
  The site is not very big but it has its areas with good spaces to get around without complications.

  I liked the dance floor because I was next to the live band and wow how exciting to dance that way.

  The live bar is ideal to have a drink there and listen to the anecdotes of people who are perhaps already drunk, you can laugh alone or just click with the bartender and laugh with him.
  Everything is perfect here, it is an incredible place with highly recommended attention and the energy that the place gives you is unique.

  Eating octopus was the best thing about this place, they serve an octopus that just by smelling it you will be captivated, the culinary wonder that they prepare in this place is impressive.
  It tasted too good so I ordered another dish, I needed more of that octopus in my life, a bottle of champagne was perfect to accompany the evening. I must say that the sushi was also delicious, they prepare oriental food too good.
  The peculiarity of this place is that the ceiling is made of wood but out of nowhere it will stop looking like that and you will see it in multiple colors that light up here and it will be a visual spectacle for the human eye.
  On one side we have the tables to eat, on the other comfortable sofas to have a drink while we talk and on the other the bar. It is ideal in any environment, it also has its perfect point to dance without causing discomfort, it has its own space for this.
  The bar has flashes of wood and combined with lights it is too fascinating to be able to sit there and have a drink, personally I loved it.

  Mexico of my heart, beautiful and beloved Mexico. I wish I could stay here and live more adventures with all the wonderful things you allow me to have and live here. It is a beautiful country that is worth living in, it is immense so it will take time to explore it but it is worth falling in love with its culture, its landscapes and the human quality that its people offer you. I loved seeing the sunset in Tulum again, this has no comparison and I really invite you to experience it, seeing the sun fall over the sea is amazing.