Exotic and multicultural, this is the beautiful Mauritius Island. It is located in the Indian Ocean and this allows tourists to find a beautiful and accessible place to enjoy all the wonders that nature has to offer.

On the island there is a mixture of races and languages that enrich this land and allow tourists to feed on other cultures, which would make the adventure more interesting. In this same order of ideas, there are many religions that converge here and you can see churches, mosques, pagodas and temples.

Sugar plantations, extinct volcanoes, turquoise beaches, white sand and coral reefs are part of the biodiversity of this wonderful place.

The music, gastronomy, festivals, places for romance and enormous golf courses will offer you a unique and unrepeatable experience during your visit to this paradisiacal and exotic island full of magic and charm.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a live sporting event, you will find it here, if what you are looking for is good gastronomy, here you will have it, if your thing is good drinks and a musical atmosphere, stop looking elsewhere and visit Banana Beach Club.

With a ranking of 4.3 stars out of 5, this place has positioned itself over the years and thanks to the excellent positive reviews and comments that embellish the good service you will find here.

«Very nice place with a good atmosphere» expressed one of the many consumers of the place, he also highlighted that the attention of the waiters was exceptional, that the dinner was delicious and without hesitation he assured that this is the best place on the island.

Another user went further and pointed out that this is one of the few places in Mauritius that offers a dance floor to entertain its visitors. The prices here are high but many say that it is worth paying the cost.

Others praised the structure of the premises, they assure that they loved the distribution and decoration that they observed. The bathroom, air intake and natural light, the security service and immediate delivery of orders position Banana as a great option.

This place has been gaining notoriety because it has become an ideal place to welcome families looking for a place with certain conditions that guarantee the well-being, safety, entertainment and comfort of each member of the family.


Given this, hundreds of families recommend this place and have raised it above another with 4.6 points out of 5, ratifying the quality and excellence of the good service offered to those who assure that it is worth the cost.

Here you will find ideal spaces such as a spa to lighten your body and align energies, there is also an excellent swimming pool that has sun loungers and clean water so you can enjoy a good glass of wine while sunbathing.

If you want a place to exercise and tone your body, this hotel is recognized and very popular with people who are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the field of couples it has also gained popularity because it is ideal for dream encounters.

«Everything here is excellent, from the smell in the room to the views that the place offers» was stated by one of the users who spent more than a week staying here and did not feel like going home because he also felt at ease here. House.


It is even one of the most expensive restaurants in Mauritius, if you are looking for excellent service and haute cuisine food, you will be in the right place. Prices are high but worth it.

In Hasu you will find appetizers to taste in a pleasant atmosphere full of comfort and tranquility. Here, despite being an ostentatious place, you will not need to go dressed in black tie, since you will have the possibility of accessing it informally.

This place is also ideal for children as they have areas designed with their well-being and tranquility in mind. If you want to visit the place in large groups you can do it because they have spaces for you and everyone who comes with you.

The opinions of the people who have visited the place summarize their experience in 4.7 points out of 5, assuming that it is a place that enjoys the acceptance and approval of tourists and locals.

Users of the place assure that the menu and the tasting are wonderful, the quality here is identical to that of an expense. Sit down at the bar and enjoy the exquisite dish prepared by international chefs.


The Black River Gorges National Park is a place with extensive mountains, swamps and a diversity of flora and fauna unique in Mauritius, which is why it has become an ideal place for tourists.

Excellent has been the qualification that tourists have issued about this place and that is based on their experiences, denoting a 4.6 out of 5 points in the final score. This site is ideal for children, you can do outdoor activities, enjoy beaches, outdoor activities, learn about their history and the art they possess.

Tourists indicate that the site is well signposted, which they appreciate. They make the suggestion that people wear shoes that are good for the road, the accesses are very easy and they recommend the experience.

The different routes indicate the various levels of experiences you will have in the place as you explore them.

This place is also described as something impressive, which is why it has become a mandatory stop for everyone who visits the island. Enjoy in the company of a tour guide and wear your best smile.

For 8 hours you can enjoy this experience at the hands of an English tour guide who will teach you everything about the place, its flora and fauna. Enjoy while you closely appreciate the different animals that live here.

This reserve allows you to make an unforgettable safari since you will share closely with lions and you will see how their nature and coexistence are. The animals are loose, protected and move freely.

Zip lines, safari and visit to different animals is part of the activities that take place here. Turtles, giraffes and rhinoceroses are part of the species that you can see here and enjoy each of them up close.

When you pay for your access they give you approximately 8 tickets that you can use to access the different areas, tourists recommend not visiting the place on a Sunday because that day the lions are not available for entertainment.


Enjoy a romantic night with live music or experience the best atmosphere with friends in a place that offers a wide variety of services at reasonable prices with great benefits. If you are looking for fun and adventures in a nightclub, Kenzi Bar and Seha Bar have it all because it is well located and with exclusive access to the beach so that your experience is the best and you can complement it with exquisite cocktails.

The facilities of this place are very comfortable, they adapt to the demands of the people to offer them a great evening. The dance floor is the most requested here and although many are far from their homeland, this place brings them closer to the good times they have lived.

Fridays are for reggae music, the staff is very nice and they offer a first class service. The drinks are exquisite and are influenced by flavors and elements from other continents.

This barraca has an extraordinary and original atmosphere, while live music plays, enjoy a delicious and cold beer with incredible people who will make you spend a rewarding moment.

4 points out of 5 have been obtained to position this place as one of the best options in entertainment.


With 4 ranking points out of 5, this site is emerging as a good option among tourists to spend an incredible night. The menu they offer is somewhat small but acceptable to the taste of those who visit the site.

For lunch, the sandwiches and grilled hamburgers are the most requested when tasting a dish. The friendliness of the staff stands out among comments, the good attention and efficiency of the staff.

The cleanliness of the place is recognized and they appreciate the dedication of those who carry out this work. The cocktails are well prepared, they have mixtures of ingredients that are quite popular and they make more than one vibrate.

Jazz and soul are some of the rhythms that sound here. If you want a hot drink here you can try it to warm your body. The competition behind the bar is quite popular because they are in a race to offer you the best.


Mauritius is an island that has everything to offer. Charming beaches, fine white sand, first class hotels, nightclubs, beach clubs, sites with interesting stories, protected reserves to offer the best to those who want to experience.

Discover the warmth of its people through its streets, fall in love with its landscapes and its benefits. In Mauritius you have everything to spend an unforgettable holiday