Visiting the countries of Latin America is always a complete pleasure, but visiting beautiful and beloved Mexico has no comparison. Its vibrant colors, its cosmopolitan cities, the warmth of its beautiful people and the deep-rootedness they show for what they do, is unmatched. Millions of inhabitants that beat in a single feeling and make you dream of the idea that you could have been born there, but don’t worry, you don’t have to worry, they will make you feel like part of their people. It is a pleasure to know that you are still here reading my adventures around the world. After the wonderful night here, I started my journey from Cancun to Tulum, it is very comfortable, it takes just over an hour to get to the Caribbean landscape. I love it. Moving through the Riviera Maya is reaching paradise, the breeze, the sound of the sea, the color of the beaches, the green vegetation and the historical, cultural and ancestral past that this area of Mexico contains, it is unmatched what will make you feel if you have not had the experience.

Upon arriving at your Tulum, the ancient city of Zamá, which in the Mayan language means “sunrise”, it is to touch the sky, what struck me the most were the archaeological sites built by the Mayans.

Raúl, my tour guide, told me that those who lived here were excellent navigators, and this area served as an excellent commercial port in the old days, due to its perfect location in front of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

In addition to this, Raúl told me that this area served as an epicenter to study the stars, the fascination of the Mayans for the stars was so great that the city was completely dedicated to the planet Venus. Something curious that he told me is that the first building was built in the area, which ended up being the astronomical tower and later, the plot was built around it.

How great is the history of Tulum, after being here I think that there is much to discover and that the gods do not want us to find out about something great now.

This was part of my first experience stepping on this heavenly place, there is a lot that can be done in so little, you just have to have excellent planning and advice.

Before my trip to Mexico I took some time to research the best places in Tulum, places that will provide me with comfort, quality and well-being regardless of the cost. That is how I fell completely in love with this place, Villa Las Estrellas, it simply has everything to offer me an unforgettable stay, the location is perfect on the road in front of the beach. I was captivated that the whole place is surrounded by palm trees, personally I love listening to how the wind moves them and the sound it emits gives me tranquility and peace no matter the moment. Feeling the sand of this place while you walk along its shores is something of another level, this moment served me not only to contemplate the waves, but to think about what I should release and let the sea take away to have a more leisurely life and Without fewer burdens, spiritual healing is very comforting. During this tour I met Selene, a globetrotting traveler like me, this girl from Italy told me that she has always liked the Caribbean and in that we agree and what a coincidence to get us in this special destination.
I went with Selene to the restaurant of Villas Las Estrellas and we were able to appreciate three menus with more than 100 dishes and the large number of waiters from her to provide a luxurious experience. We start with a good glass of wine to toast life, to those who are not there and to the new opportunities that God gives us. After this, we taste an exquisite shrimp dish with the best of Mexican cuisine. We returned to the beach at nightfall, there we lit a bonfire and continued toasting life until dawn. Then we moved to sleep, the rooms in this place are great, spacious and impeccable, air conditioning to cool you down at all times after a good day at the beach and sun, and relax in your comfortable bed, but the best thing was the bathroom, I enjoyed a delicious and relaxing bubble bath in the room’s tub. When I woke up the next day I put on my swimsuit and a light dress and I got ready to have breakfast in their restaurant bar from where I could admire the beach. I immediately decided to spend my entire day enjoying the beach club.
I took a pleasant walk around the place to enjoy the panorama, its views and the aroma of the sea that I like so much, on the way back I settled in one of the longers with its comfortable bed, under a palm tree, the whole environment managed to disconnect me in this beautiful and peaceful place with relaxing music playing in the background. Between cocktails, champagne, beers and hors d’oeuvres and good music, I spent an unforgettable day. I definitely recommend this place to all my friends who plan to visit Tulum.
I arrived in Mexico through Cancun, how magical that place is and what peace its coasts and the sound of its warm sea transmit to you. I only spent one night in Cancun but before traveling to Tulum in Quintana Roo, I slept in the first Capsula hotel in Mexico, The Yellow Capsule, here you have everything in one place. These comfortable high-tech capsules changed the way I travel, their comfortable foam mattress made me sleep pleasantly, in addition to aromatherapy, safe, adjustable lighting, everything was simply perfect. The experience in this capsule was wonderful, I enjoyed a Wi-Fi zone, room service, breakfast included and other services such as parking for those who go with vehicles, in my case I used uber. I was able to notice, beyond the web portals, that this site is very popular and I feel that it will expand throughout Latin America and the Caribbean due to its novel concept. It is necessary that you live this experience, you will love it.
Cenote Calavera Tulum –
I wanted to visit and learn more about Tulum, among the options I had, I decided on Cenote Calavera. Its name may seem somewhat frightening, but it is characteristic of this region and stands out for its striking natural beauty. Without a doubt, Cenote Calavera in Tulum is one of the best in the Riviera Maya, and my favorite, it is called that because it looks like a skull, there is a main hole with two smaller ones that look like eyes. The water inside is quite clear and the area is very popular for swimming, snorkeling or diving as the visibility is excellent. Swimming and diving under the ground is impressive, feeling the cold water, rocking from one side to the other and going down a large wooden staircase that is there, it has no comparison. Visiting this cenote is definitely one of the best things you can do in Tulum.
What would my Tulum trip be without a day trip to Chichén Itzá, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, this archaeological site is definitely worth a visit. I personally booked a guided tour half a day in advance to learn about the pyramids all their history from the experts of the place.

Chichen Itza
Chichén Itzá is an ancient Mayan city that was built in the middle of the jungle in the Yucatán Peninsula, it used to be the home of a prosperous civilization during the pre-Columbian era and there are many historical accounts about how and when Chichén Itzá was built. You should definitely visit this place, I kept the best panoramic views with the pyramids in the background.

Museum of Mayan Culture
On the second day I visited the Museum of Mayan Culture, I was able to visit it and I was impressed because it is one of the most important museum venues of the Mayan civilization in Mexico.
This museum captures the way of life, everyday life and architectural grandeur of the Mayan culture, as well as its calendrical system and worldview. Artistic representations, scenery and lighting are the basis of the exhibition.

Tumbe Ka Park
I dedicated the third day only to Tumbe Ka Park, this is usually a very common place that we could find in any country. I felt free to walk along its long paths surrounded by green vegetation. I took advantage of the moment to practice some basketball on their covered court and enjoy a delicious ice cream in the rest areas.
If you come to Tulum you cannot miss some of these captivating experiences.

Tulum Blues So far I went to dance and enjoy a good drink to cheer my soul. Here the music was excellent, I danced too much and I laughed like never before. The people who were enjoying themselves here made the moment super special because they behaved very friendly, something so characteristic of Mexicans. The best of the night were the drinks, one was better than the previous one and Ándres, the bartender, was my accomplice in each preparation, his mixes were of another level.
Caribe Swing – In Tulum you don’t sleep, so I went out to visit other night spots that allowed me to live new experiences. Caribe Swing, here I had a few mojitos and sang at karaoke. After a while I decided to sit down to enjoy the best live music and enjoy one of the dishes offered on the menu, I decided on a venison with sauce.
Curandero Tulum Following the wave of visiting the best nightclubs in Tulum, I arrived at Curandero Tulum, a place to feel at home, I had a few tequilas here, I enjoyed the best live music as if I were on the sofa at home, because that’s how you make you feel, it was worth getting here. In Tulum there are no excuses, there are options and you have to leave your room, you cannot miss the trip enclosed in four walls.
I would like to have a time machine so that I can relive each experience in Tulum, but since I don’t have it, I kept the plane ticket to return very soon. The charisma and warmth of so many beautiful people remains in my soul, the memory of my new friend Selene remains in my heart and the feeling of having healed spiritually with her remains in my soul. Visit and discover the best that Tulum has for you this season. Just close your eyes and feel the pleasure entering you, this is how Tulum will make you feel. As I already mentioned, I fell in love with this beautiful country. I dream of being able to go back and buy a house on the beach, that would be wonderful.