Some time ago I was in some wonderful lands belonging to Mauritius Island, I was at the invitation of my great friend and adventure partner Becky, to whom I promised to repay with great love that gift of which I have great memories; Those beautiful sunsets and sunrises that made me daydream on the shores of the Indian Ocean could not come out of my head.

  Reviewing my correspondence I found some travel proposals of which I was tempted but none like that beautiful Island, I was talking with Becky all this time through social networks and email, where she told me about the progress of her research in the ocean and that in the In the next few days she would be close to home again to share a coffee or eat together. While I was still thinking what would be the best gift for Becky, without having excuses because it was her birthday soon, so I started my search.

  I remembered that at Christmas when I went to my parents’ house, at parties, we received a beautiful postcard from my cousin Cristina on her honeymoon to the Maldive Islands, we were also able to give her a virtual Happy New Year hug because she made contact from her hotel that was perfect at first glance, so I didn’t think twice and got to work to prepare my trip, our trip to the land of «infinite shades of blue». I know that Becky will be happy to reconnect with the Indian Ocean.

  Two weeks later I received new news from Becky, so I prepared my surprise, we met at a restaurant in the center of the city to celebrate her arrival, after 6:00 pm we met, in a tender and warm hug I could feel that Becky misses me so much like me to her.

  We ordered wine and something to eat, between talking about everything a little bit I made reference to her birthday and she with a downcast voice told me that she had nothing to do and that thanks to my traveling occupations I would have a lonely time, there I showed her the tickets and the reservation to the Maldives, his eyes shone again and he only told me this is tomorrow, I only had to tell him that I didn’t have time to unpack so we started our new adventure to the Maldives in Asia. 

  The trip is somewhat long but in a quality airline we did not have such a bad time, we left the airport bound for the Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean, south of India. It is a set of 1,190 coral islands distributed in 26 large atolls, coral structures separated by lagoons that extend creating a landscape that falls in love with its natural charm.

  The first thing we did was look out the window of the plane before landing, and seeing the atolls from the air is one of the most impressive things we could, we arrived in Malé, the capital, a picturesque city, somewhat chaotic, in the purest style Asia, but she did wander around a bit and we found her a certain charm.

  Among my reservations I could notice that my assistant Carla, made reservations to an atoll on this island, called Baa or Maalhosmadulu South, it is located in the west of the series of atolls in the Maldives and to which there are different ways to access, among which are : air by hydroflights or private and public ferries for which we were lucky to arrive on a day that was Friday because on the island this day is a holiday and water transport does not work.

  Thanks to my reservation, we took a guide to Finolhu Baa Atoll, a large and beautiful place that gives the impression that I was floating on the sand and in which I felt at home. The guide told us that its name means «sandbank» and it is located in one of the best resorts in the Maldives.

  Exhausted and hungry in the Finolhu Baa Atoll we were able to stay and to the sound of the music of the waves and the turquoise blue of the sea we were able to taste an exquisite dinner in one of its four restaurants, the Kanusan, located on stilts and surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

  The most impressive thing is that to access you have to cross through a short wooden walkway to reach the comfort of this beautiful place, which offered us delicious sushi from its own area, as well as a snack bar, without a doubt In this place I was able to taste the best of classic and modern Japanese cuisine.

  In addition, its style is idyllic with an atmospheric design with dim lights and the sea breeze, it is definitely a charming place where the atmosphere is charming, in fact we made a couple of new friends in this magical place.

  Finolhu Baa Atoll also has Beach Kitchen where we were able to enjoy a free show while enjoying our breakfast, a pod of dolphins were playfully jumping out of the water right in front of our eyes, it’s amazing to have a front row seat overlooking the ocean or right next to the pool.

  Here we were able to taste in various buffet sections the wide selection of culinary specialty dishes from different regions of the world: Asian, Maldivian, Italian, seafood and more. Without a doubt this place is heaven in the sea. 

  In order not to stay in only knowing a single part of this wonderful place we were, besides that the clueless Carla only made a reservation in this one for one night, but thanks to an employee we were able to find a place to stay in the same atoll, knowing the place I was speechless just say thank you.

  Becky helped with some of the luggage to the locals who brought us to the Vakkaru Maldives where the beach and the villas on the water overlook the rows of coconut palms and the turquoise waters, where sometimes we could enjoy their private pools and whirlpools.

  We stayed in one of its 115 villas and residences, which are huge, comfortable and beautiful, perfect for in the mornings we walk straight down from the terrace to feel the soft white sand between our toes, before diving into the turquoise waters. of the lagoon.

  At Vakkaru Maldives we spend part of the day soaking up the sun with a cold drink in hand at the poolside lounge, Cabana, enjoying culinary quirks spanning flavors from Asia to Europe, made with hand-selected fresh organic ingredients from the organic farm. To round off the night, the overwater Lagoon Bar serves creative cocktails and light snacks.

  Thanks to the date we were in this paradise, we were able to witness the flowering of plankton that attract manta rays and whale sharks that feed on the area, and that invite us to carry out different aquatic activities with safety and guidance to admire them up close.

  I had my pending debt, I wanted to give Becky a birthday gift as nice as the one she had with me, thanks to one of the activities offered on the island I was able to contact a private tour around several atolls.

  I managed to get this private tour that lasted most of the day, with an exclusive tour of the outskirts of the neighboring atolls. Already on this tour we were able to make different stops and innumerable activities to enjoy what I like the most, marine life. 

  We were both delighted by it, at the first stop we snorkeled with manta rays, these creatures impressed us, they really are gigantic and we felt surrounded by them, it was a long walk, and at the second we practiced diving through the reefs of the place, where we could admire all the aquatic species.

  At sunset where in the light of a sunset that reflected the color of the rainbow and the turquoise green of the water, I surprised my friend with a delicious mini birthday cake and I expressed my sincere wishes to Becky for her new year of life to which In a playful and playful tone, he replied that he was so excited and moved by all these experiences. We spent an afternoon laughing, taking pictures and talking a lot, alone with the sea on stage. It was the best.

  We managed to make a reservation on the private island of Voavah, this place is for the exclusive use of the guests of this exclusive resort, Four Seasons, upon arrival you can notice spectacular landscapes, white sand, palm trees and transparent turquoise lagoons that are a barrier reef separates from the intense blue of the ocean, which surrounds the whole place. Upon arrival we register and in order not to waste any more time we immediately go out to enjoy its innumerable activities.

  First, to take advantage of the afternoon, we went for a walk around the island’s surroundings aboard an excellent jet ski with the company of André, the specialized guide of the place, during the walk we were able to observe the wonders of nature, the colors of the water, we met the large amount of marine fauna that lives there, in short, it was a fairly complete tour, until sunset.

  Upon arrival, a couple of masseuses awaited us in our room for a relaxing Spa treatment, which we had already booked in advance. The use of exclusive treatments with ingredients from the area and in addition to being practically on the seashore, left us totally relaxed. To end the night we enjoy a light dinner with tropical fruits from the season.

  We loved visiting this beautiful place for a day, where the whole world ceases to exist and only this island remains to catch you, it was a great day we were able to taste a rich menu prepared for us.

  As we have already shown that we are one of those that the day is not even close to being enough to burn all the energy and batteries that you charged for this adventure, we went to experience the nightlife in the Maldives and it is really lively, we visited several places of which two were the best.

  Although it is located in Hurawalhi we were able to get there, the attention is perfect, the cocktails are really good as well as their delicious pizzas, we were in this bar that we have already visited part of its franchises in other places in the world and we love it but this one in particular is the sunken bar and lounge take on another dimension under the soaring wooden ceiling. Coco Bar becomes even more cheerful and enthusiastic with seductive lighting and the artistic acoustics of the DJ with whom we dance the night away.

  The impressive thing about this place is that it is located in Bandos, on the blue waters of the lagoon, the Aqua Bar has a variety of classic cocktails and light food that we enjoy at leisure, I loved its bright and elegant premises as well as its wide views of the sea , the perfect setting where we toast with a cold drink while we watch the sun rise.

At dawn that Maldives gave us, Becky thanked me for such a beautiful birthday present, she made me see how important traveling and getting to know is for someone who has done it on many occasions but without experiencing the excitement of sharing the adventure, that is why that I made her the offer to become my adventure partner, of course for when her time is enough, as well as for you, to continue discovering corners and wonderful places.