In my last traveling experiences I have had the opportunity to meet countless hospitable, simple, humble people who share the same passion as me for experiencing new unparalleled experiences by discovering, as if it were an expedition, new lands full of beauty, history and Too much fun; This is how my story with Becky was born, a nice Canadian girl, who in one of my adventures through Tulum was attached to me as if she were my lifelong companion; Becky is a marine biologist. She has told me that since she was a child she liked to get to know part of this beautiful kingdom, especially the aquatic species. This led her to become an internationally certified defender of this branch and of the animals.
  Returning to my usual routine at home, I always stay in touch with Becky, a few days ago I was at a convention with executives from a company associated with my firm, I met Becky again, coincidentally she had a marine zoology convention in the same hotel as I and we were able to meet to talk and catch up on many anecdotes. It was there that Becky’s invitation to be her partner in her new investigation, this time to Mauritius in West Africa, was born.

I went back to put some things in order in my home and work, then I did what was pertinent with my things, I took my passport and started my expedition; A little over noon I met Becky at the airport, as she always greeted me with a big smile and that adventurous spirit on the surface, her eyes shone just like mine from just hearing the airline operators announce our next destination.
Mauritius Island, I always saw it as a mythical adventure story that I would one day discover, today my heart races knowing that it has ceased to be a mythical story and will become a beautiful reality. 

  We arrived in Port Louis from Paris where our plane made a stopover after a long trip of 13 hours, on the way I was talking with Becky about more of the culture and activities of this beautiful island and something very curious and interesting that she told me is that They call this place “the island of boyfriends” because most of the newly married couples or in plans of them visit this beautiful coast to strengthen their love for what makes it romantic and interesting.

  Due to the late and exhausting trip, we stayed temporarily at the Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel located in the center of the city where we were able to rest and enjoy a delicious dinner with Becky’s colleagues who were impatiently awaiting departure to Four Seasons where they would be installed to start with his research work.

  As dawn broke, a private car picked us up at the hotel and took us to the Four Seasons, where a secluded cove on nearby Ile aux Cerfs, an island famous for its stretches of white-sand coastline and turquoise lagoon waters, made me wonder. doubt between reality or fantasy, that place was taken from a book.

We arrived at the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius At Anahita, a place bathed by perfect turquoise waters, full of lush vegetation and spectacular views everywhere I looked, I felt for a moment like Alice in Wonderland, at every step I took I ran into a elegant villa or residence which has its own private garden and pool.
Without saying a word, while waiting for the accreditation of the Association for which Becky works, I jumped with the idea of enjoying our stay in the place to the fullest, so we visited the beautiful and spacious Beach Bar and Grill of the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius At Anahita .

  Where we tasted an extensive menu of fresh seafood, brought in daily by local fishermen, for their part Becky’s colleagues were delighted with favorite meat dishes, refreshing salads, after eating and with the relaxing sand on our feet we chose between beers drinks, freshly squeezed juices and cocktails enjoyed sitting at the bar stools of the Beach Grill.

  Once the accreditation was approved, Becky and her colleagues were assigned one of the 10 residence villas that exist in the place where, among luxuries, they offer relaxed and comfortable interior and exterior life; these are centered around an open concept living and dining room, a terrace and a large heated infinity pool with a private kitchen for entertaining at home; The view has no comparison, it is the perfect and romantic one from where you can appreciate a beautiful sunrise or an imposing sunset in the Indian Ocean.

Without a doubt, the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius At Anahita is one of the favorite options to stay on this beautiful island, here I feel like in heaven, the attention has been privileged, a highly professional staff has managed to be more of my days here of the best.

While Becky went on an expedition to the ocean; I didn’t want to miss out on anything and I went to do some of the activities offered by this convenient and comfortable hotel, that is, after eating at the spectacular Chef’s Table at Beau Champ where I delighted in the flavors and aromas of their menu chosen for select and demanding diners. , across from an open kitchen on Beau Champ. As she and her colleagues had to work for several days, I decided to leave this place to discover new directions.

  Mauritius has caught my attention a lot because this small island nation in the Indian Ocean has dream beaches, lagoons and reefs; In addition, in the mountainous interior, it includes the Gargantas del Río Negro National Park, with tropical forests, waterfalls, excursion trails and fauna and much more, it really is wonderful.  

  Within all these wonders and because of my adventurous spirit and desire to get to know the whole place in depth, I decided to find a good place to stay and this is the Anahita Mauritius.
  Upon arrival at this wonderful and luxurious hotel I loved it I knew right away that this place would give me all the attention and even more, at the reception, I met There a girl from the area who checked her in right away told me that since I was coming alone she could offer me many activities where he could socialize with the rest of the guests who were also traveling alone.
  He led me to my room with a long list of activities, as I made myself comfortable I decided to sign up for a special 10-hole golf championship for beginners that would be held during the week.

  That night I went for a pre- and post-dinner stroll through the hotel’s boutiques, buying various things in addition to items for my golf championship. As the days passed I got to know its wide beaches and its exquisite restaurants, I always attended with a friend from the golf championship, at the end of the championship I was in second place, wow it was really surprising for me. The prize was beauty treatments at the spa and at the hands of the hotel’s best stylists. My stay in this place was totally pleasant, every day and every night I did different

  As the days went by I found myself again with Becky and her companions had returned from their expedition through the Indian Ocean, we agreed together to visit the surroundings of the island, go through everything that until now I had not been able to know, we left in a private car to the south of the island, towards the 90 degree curve, a place known for its viewpoint, where an impressive and imposing view.

  We were able to enjoy some spectacular landscapes, in addition to having two different angles of the area, since the viewpoint stands out over the sea and can be seen from both sides; without a doubt it was a beautiful.

  We then made a tour of the southwest of the island and arrived at the River Gorges National Park, which covers a total of 6,700 hectares. Upon arrival, we walked through nature, this green area, this place full of serenity and peace.

  On the walk we were able to explore the rich and diverse flora and fauna of the island. The enchanting and wild expanse of thick forest is home to over 300 species of flowering plants and 9 species of birds unique to Mauritius, including the famous rosy pigeon, which is very gradually coming back from the brink of extinction.

  And as we continue to explore, we find fascinating waterfalls that flow into crystal clear rivers. Here we found ourselves with a picnic area, surrounded by wide canyons and spectacular mountain ranges, which create panoramic views as a whole, and where they had prepared a picnic for us and between white wine and relaxing, entertaining and fun conversations we were a bit late. I loved this place with magnificent landscapes together make it a wonderful way to connect with nature.

  In Mauritius I found countless things to do, Becky returned to the ocean and I decided to start my adventure with some excursions, start with the star of Mauritius to go see the dolphins in the wild and swim with them.
I preferred to do the excursion in a private way that included going to see the dolphins with a person who swam with us and we had to follow his instructions, then I signed up to snorkel in Le Morne, see the crystal rock and rest in Benitiers Island including barbecue .
  Going to see the dolphins in the wild and swimming with them was incredible, I was able to swim with dolphins with very few people around and when my guide saw that more boats were starting to come we went snorkeling. This island is very popular for this activity because the dolphins go there to feed in the morning, they arrive in pods and swim very fast, often at depth, so we had little time to swim with them, at the time they come up to take a breath and begin to descend. 

  This area is very popular so there are always many boats, I counted about ten, but I also saw that they controlled the number of people who swam with the dolphins. I finished my excursion with a great barbecue with Benitiers Island with Le Morne in the background.  It is not enough for me to go see the dolphins, on that excursion I met a Greek couple who told me about a package to see the whales in the wild, without many words I wrote down the address and I went to reserve a space which I enjoyed to the fullest.

  I wanted to get to know this paradisiacal island more closely, so I took another of the star excursions in Mauritius, a helicopter flight over the island.

  Although there are several itineraries, take the best known that took me to see the famous waterfall in the sea, a spectacular optical effect that can only be admired from above, we flew over Victoria Falls and other beautiful places.

  I went back to the beach to take it for granted that Mauritius is without a doubt one of the best places for leisurely swimming and snorkelling. The water is very clear and very calm, since it is protected by the coral that exists before reaching the island. I fell in love with its imposing view of Morne Brabant, the best-known mountain in Mauritius and from where there are also beautiful views of the island, which I was able to cycle to about 556 meters above sea level and where the best view is, I I felt the owner of the world.

  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet Mauricio at nightfall, so I invited Becky and her colleagues to take a tour of his places to dance and enjoy their atmosphere, drinks and more.

  That is why we headed to the west of the island where we found Big Willy’s, a sports bar located in a town called Tamarin. Its sports atmosphere took me back to my childhood when my father would meet with my uncles in an afternoon of beers to enjoy baseball games or other sports, it has a large garden and an outdoor restaurant, this bar welcomes fans of sports on the entire island, it has a calm and welcoming atmosphere that we were not exactly looking for, so we decided to move to the North where some locals recommended several Beach Clubs.

  This place is one of the oldest on the island, with its more than 20 years it has attracted tourists and locals, it is located in Grand Baie, what I liked the most was its food and appetizers based on local specialties, among which are Phoenix or Blue Marlin Beer. We were able to dance their enjoy their nice live music

  One of the Grand Baie nightclubs is the perfect place for me that I love to dance, since it has two dance floors and a resident DJ who plays the best songs to enjoy a wild night, I loved dancing until I couldn’t and feeling freedom on this huge track while Becky and her friends enjoyed the exotic cocktails

  We came to this bar by chance because a friend of Becky’s went with a friend to visit places and came to this one but didn’t know how to get back so we went looking for it, I loved its electric atmosphere with a full-time DJ and music Live. Lo ame was one of my favorite places for a night of total fun.

  Each one returned to their hotel stepping a little more than dawn, we waited a couple of days while the expedition lasted, at home I had had some inconveniences so I decided to return from my daydream to reality, but not before thanking Becky for her invitation and promise to repay her enormous gesture with an adventure similar to a place as or more spectacular than this, so I hope you will join us in this new adventure, Becky responded with a resounding positive response, making it very clear that my debt encompassed a beautiful sunset under a roof of incandescent colors.