Fuerteventura today is still an unknown paradise, but gradually over the years it is gaining strength and capturing the attention of more and more visitors who fall in love with this place. People who have visited Fuerteventura say they are in love with its warm climate, ideal for visiting at any time of the year. This allows you to prepare a list of activities that, thanks to the weather, can be done.

Over time this island has been capturing the attention and receptivity of lovers of water sports such as wnidsurfing and kitesurfing, championships are held to bring out the winners of these sports competitions. Diving, or sailing will keep you connected with the sea. Fuerteventura is small and thanks to this you will be able to explore it by bicycle, there are many cycle paths here that will allow you to practice this sport with complete confidence.

Other elements that make Fuerteventura attractive are its gastronomy and cultural heritage. Hundreds of users have fallen in love with these two and assure that in few places in the world you will find something like it.

Hotel Royal Suite has positive reviews from people who have visited it. They emphasize that the attention is very good, the service is optimal and the food is well prepared by professional chefs.

If your thing is to sunbathe at the edge of a swimming pool, this hotel complex has the possibility of doing so in the beautiful hotel swimming pool. There you can enjoy good music, excellent food and attention.

People who visit Hotel Royal Suite will have access to the beach, in this way they can enjoy the sea while having a piña colada accompanied by delicious appetizers to complement.

Many are worried about their pets because there are places where they are not received, but don’t worry and don’t worry anymore because here they are received and there is a place for them at all times.


Every day you can enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by the local chef, European, Caribbean influence and the best grilled fish.

Last-minute reservations are possible here, a user points out that at the last minute he did it without problems and received the best possible treatment. The Wi-Fi and pay TV service has also been praised.

The rooms are spacious, with large beds, comfortable mattresses and affordable prices, as reported by those who have booked here and spent the best nights.

The contrast of opinions arises when other visitors assure that the service is not of the best quality and apparently the rooms are dusty, they also emphasize that they do not have clean sheets.

Despite this Hotel Royal Suite continues to receive guests every day, offering the best for each one and accepting suggestions for improvement in all aspects.

According to the opinions of hundreds of people who have visited this hotel, they highlight through their comments on Internet forums specialized in tourism and excellent travel packages that after the remodeling the site was amazingly beautiful.

The strength of Sol Fuerteventura Jandia is food, here they prepare specialties by the hand of a renowned chef who gives each dish a special touch and manages to attract a greater number of visitors.


The quality of the food is complemented by the quality of the service, first class attention and one of the best facilities in Fuerteventura with extraordinary spaces perfectly designed to provide the best comfort to guests.

Another aspect that stands out about this place is its spacious and bright rooms, apparently the rooms are clean, with comfortable and large beds, as well as excellent ventilation, windows and large bathrooms.

The food adds points in favor here, it is varied every time it is time to receive diners and many ask for repetition. A beautiful swimming pool was designed for the guests, criticism arises here because at 18:00 they close access to the public.

In general, the guests, the large percentage of guests, always choose this hotel among their first options for the attention, cleanliness, security and all the good things provided by the staff that works here.

A single opinion coincides with all the comments of the people who have come to Cuevas de Ajuy and that is that if you want to see the force of the Ocean you have to come here so you can see its waves break furiously.

When you arrive at the place you will run into many squirrels, some visitors describe them as nice and friendly. In this way they have become one of the attractions of the place.

5 points out of 5 this tourist experience receives in Internet forums due to its majesty, visitors to the Cuevas de Ajuy have highlighted that it is fascinating to hike here while feeling the fury of the ocean.

They also recommend not coming with people who have a disability because they will not be able to enjoy the trip due to its rocky areas and access to the cave. The Caves have also become the most visited point because of how impressive they are. A path of railings was built so that you can walk and enjoy the scenery without haste while admiring everything around you.

The lime kilns are also other attractions that people enjoy during their visit. The cliffs are huge and from above you can see how the waves hit with all their force. They also recommend low-top shoes to better enjoy the tour without suffering so much when walking.

Have you ever imagined a beach with sand in the shape of popcorn? Well that’s a reality because in Popcorn Beach while you walk through the sand you will find remains of coral in the form of popcorn.

People who visit this place are delighted and enjoy the experience in the company of the family and joke about this famous popcorn that is not edible at all. A warning arises around this beach and that is that tourists are taking the famous popcorn, thus causing damage to the place. Many warn you not to take even one to take with you because in this way you will be contributing to the preservation of the place.

To get here you will have to walk for 4 kilometers but the people who have come here warn that it is worth making the journey because that way you will enjoy the landscape in all its splendor.

The last meters to reach the place do not have asphalt, many visitors suggest renting a vehicle but you must bear in mind that if something happens to you on the road you will not be able to cover them with insurance because you do not have this option.

You will not only see the famous Popcorn here in this area, keep in mind that these corals are between the small beaches of town Corralejo and the natural park. So live this experience with family and friends.

Start the tour from Lajares. It will be 3 kilometers of road with 30 minutes the journey. A path on the right side is the most recommended but keep in mind that the last part is more recommended. The view in this crater is impressive, so bring nuts because there are many squirrels here that you can feed.

Go up to the middle of the volcano on camels, if you come in vehicles you can park it in the town, at both ends of the volcano there is space. Walking it will take you only 32 minutes to reach the top. Other people suggest wearing comfortable shoes because for them the climb time was 50 minutes, but that will depend on the speed with which you advance, you may stop to contemplate the beauty of the place.

Here there is also a viewpoint, the most daring can walk the mouth of the volcano. In the background there are squirrels, they say they are very picturesque but others recommend not feeding them as a precaution. Others warn to be careful on the slopes, there are many rocks and you can easily fall. They also recommend coming in the morning hours because the heat can be suffocating.

If you analyze comments in travel blog forums, you will realize that Fuerteventura has plenty of places where you can have a good time at night, the night spots are highly visited by all tourists and locals.

Arriving at Jaira de Damián , they stop and ask for something from the menu but without knowing it they fall in love with the specialties that they prepare here, from fish to pizzas and they eat until they drop.

Clients assure that the cost of a dish here is very cheap, they emphasize that the atmosphere is pleasant and the attention is first class. They have a place to park the vehicle, security, Wi-Fi, TV to watch games and good music to dance to.

The tapas are highly recommended here because it is one of the options that customers request the most. Some suggest ordering 3 for 2 people because the quantity will be sufficient.

They warn that the waiters take the trouble to suggest the best quantity so that the diners order what they will actually eat because the portions are misleading and often leave on the plates.

The sourdough bread with oils and salts is something you must try and you cannot leave it out of the options to taste. The demand is very great because it is well prepared and users highlight the effort with which they do it.

The panoramic views offered by this place are impressive, this is one of the main reasons that people visit the place more and more. It is very wide and the musical combination makes everyone dance.

This is one of the most renowned places in Fuerteventura and most voted in tourism forums as one of the best options for tourists.

Comments from people who have visited the place indicate that it is a very large place and they like this too much because people feel free and comfortable when dancing and moving around the place.

The DJ has also earned recognition because the musical themes that are released immediately play them without having spent 24 hours. This makes people feel happy because they feel like they are going to an updated site.

The drinks and cocktails are also well praised, with clients saying that they are well prepared and of very good quality.

After a day at the beach, people come here to end the day with a flourish. Some users do not recommend the place because it is very crowded and apparently all the hotel staff come here and have a good night.

The location, parking and security guarantee make this place one of the most recommended options in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura has magnificent places that will allow you to discover the unimaginable, places with a wonderful history and full of vibrant colors. It is not a very popular place for tourists but over time it has been gaining its place and penetrating the hearts of those who want to enjoy majestic settings that are within their reach. Beaches, volcanoes, caves, trails, viewpoints and more, that’s all you’ll find here and you’ll never want to leave. Come with your family, so the trip will be more pleasant.