Oh my God, how tasty it was to return to Mexico, beautiful and dear, to rediscover so many memories and emotions that made my heart race. In truth, the warmth and embrace of our Mexican brothers cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

  Food represents love at first sight, its smells, colors and flavors mix to offer you something unique that your palate will appreciate. I love the way they enhance the spiciness to give that different touch to each dish.
  My flight arrived at 6:00 p.m. Mexico to Cancun, when I was still in flight and seeing from the clouds the immense blue sea that bathes the things of Cancun they have no comparison, as my heart went down, my heart accelerated, the first did not happen time, but I think that this time he went through the emotions experienced on my first trip and that now, being here, they would connect with me again. 

  I wanted this trip to be better than the previous one, I went with the intention of dancing, enjoying, laughing and, above all, loving, loving life and the good things that God gives us in his infinite mercy and love. And so it happened, when you connect with gratitude you attract positive things and that happened to me. I met new people, each one I would describe as amazing because they changed my life for the better.
  I rented a small vehicle again. I set out alone and just spent the time observing the landscape, listening to the song of the birds, feeling how the waves crashed when they reached the shore and letting the gentle breeze melt me into a leaking hug. With each trip I connect from the soul and heart and good people come into my life, each time I get the most valuable to improve day by day. During my trip to Tulum a bird hit the glass of my vehicle, without thinking I stopped quickly and there she was on the road, stunned by the blow, it was a pigeon that was in a hurry, surely to feed its offspring.

I tried to help her but her nature made her attack me, after several attempts I managed to grab her and put her in the vehicle wrapped in the scarf that I had on my head.
I gave her some water and very grateful she accepted it, seeing that I did not represent a threat to her, she dropped into my hands and accepted some food that I gave her, she felt protected in my hands.
Although I offered her comfort, she needed to fly to reconnect with her little ones, I made one to stop, got out of the car, kissed her and extended my arms to the sky and asked her to be free, to remember me fondly and if it was written in destiny that we would cross again.
And so she was, she flew in a hurry to the south to be reunited with hers and like her, I too had to follow my path to go in search of my destiny.

  Once again, I took the Cancun – Chetumal road that will connect you with all the cities of the Riviera Maya, incredibly amazing. The trip through this area is super relaxing and comfortable. I arrived in Tulum and as its name encompasses it – sunrise – inside me there was a rebirth that I cannot explain, this land has a magic that will only be recognized by the one who is truly awake.
  Right at the entrance to Tulum there was a car parked on the side of the road, from inside they made signs for me to stop because it was damaged. So I did, I stopped and at that Sabrina, a 19-year-old woman who was also going to stay a few days or more in Tulum, was looking for refuge to escape from something or someone and that’s how it was, my instinct did not fail me.
  I helped her repair the breakdown of her vehicle, it was a cable that had come off her and when I finished I was able to look into her eyes and as a woman I felt that her eyes filled with tears from her were caused by a man. And indeed, that’s the way it was, she was going to stay in Tulum for a couple of weeks, she came from Mexico City with a broken heart. I offered her my shoulder to cry and she did not hesitate to do so, we cried together because I even felt her as my daughter because of her young age, but I asked her to take the road together and she accepted until we reached our destination.

  Sabrina asked me how long I would be in Mexico and coincidentally it will be two weeks, the time she had planned to stay in Tulum. Given this, she asked me to stay with her the rest of the trip, she needed someone to not feel so alone and who better than me. 

  Without thinking I accepted, this is what I love about these trips that you can heal and help others to also heal from the inside out.  

  As Sabrina knows Mexico, I let her guide me and she recommended that we stay at Gitano Beach, one of the best options that Tulum has for locals and foreigners, they will make you feel at home.

  Palm trees, great green vegetation, white sand and a place with a beautiful roof built with palms was a great choice. Here we only come to eat and enjoy the sea water.

Grilled fish and the inevitable glass of wine, that was our choice of the day, attention was first and after eating we went for a walk along

  The coast and Sabrina continued to comment on part of her story, she confessed that she has known her fiancé since the childhood, that they grew up together and due to family pressure they decided to marry but love was born, love that now turned into pain. This place has a charm because it allowed us to feel peace in the middle of the storm, although there was pain for a moment the calm returned to you and made your heart feel free of loads.

  As night was about to fall, Sabrina and I moved to our vehicles and went to the five-star hotel, one of the best in Tulum to stay.

When choosing a place to stay, I always opt for comfort and this was offered to me by my dear friends from Casa Malca. For those who do not know, this property belonged to Pablo Escobar and was later converted into a hotel.

Touching the bed in my room was like being in the clouds, I really came very exhausted from the trip and the bed helped me to rest, of course but before I took a bath with essences and aromatic candles courtesy of the hotel.

The next day I met Sabrina at the hotel reception to enjoy a spa moment, I needed to hydrate my skin and be in better condition to rediscover all the good things that Tulum has to offer.

When we left the spa we went to the restaurant of the place to eat something Mexican and we went for the option of tacos, what a delight to feel the Latin flavor and especially of Mexico on your palate. For a moment we went for a walk through the beautiful natural spaces designed in the vicinity of the place, vibrant colors between green and brown that give you a feeling of not wanting to leave the place.

We reflected a little on what happened recently and raised our hands to heaven to be thankful for being alive. 

After many days touring Tulum, I went to live extreme experiences and it was thanks to All Tour Native that I was able to live it. I moved to the NativePark in Playa del Carmen, here the adventure was more extreme than I expected.

First I toured the place aboard an all-terrain vehicle, we passed over bridges, narrow roads and surrounded by a lot of green vegetation. I loved going at high speed and feeling like my heart was going to jump out of my chest as I screamed.

Then the action went up to a thousand because I went zip-lining, I slipped through the heights and below me there was only vegetation.    The good thing is that you have a qualified staff that for them the first thing is your safety and then they allow you to jump without fear. 

  The calmest moment came with the presence of a tour guide who took the time to explain everything about the Riviera Maya and the historical importance of the place, I loved this.  Then we enjoyed some delicious tacos with delicious juice, they were delicious, I wanted to eat absolutely all of them. Although I had already experienced it, I also swam in a cenote. What was new about this visit was the Mayan ceremony led by a shaman, amazing how they honor their roots and connect you with your inner self.

Before answering, I asked her if she felt comfortable with the decision made and she assured me that she did, she asked me to accompany her to dance and indeed it did.

Although the first experience I loved, I was also able to enjoy Snorkeling in the middle of Caribbean fish, as well as entering an underground river. The people of Tulum Snorkeling Tours  helped me to live this new experience, I was also able to swim in the sea, take photos and caress huge sea turtles. I wanted to go for a horse ride and Sabrina recommended me to Cenote Casa Tortuga  with them I could take a horse ride, relax and feel nature, but it was so calm that I came to feel that my body was asking for adrenaline.

I wanted to go for a horse ride and Sabrina recommended me to Cenote Casa Tortuga / with them I could take a horse ride, relax and feel nature, but it was so calm that I came to feel that my body was asking for adrenaline.

So I went to the zip line area to jump from the heights and feel my heart beat faster. This is an adventure that has no comparison and I recommend living.


But since life is one and continuous, at nightfall Sabrina went to look for me in my room to go to party at a nightclub in Tulum. Before answering, I asked her if she felt comfortable with the decision made and she assured me that she did, she asked me to accompany her to dance and indeed it did.

We ran to Santino Bar, my God, what an incredible place. The night seemed short but we enjoyed a good wine and danced non-stop. At that moment Luis, one of the bartenders, came up to us and asked us if he could join us since his shift was over.

We gladly agreed and between dancing and drinks we began to get to know each other. Luis was born in Mexico City but moved to Tulum only for work reasons, a young man of 23 years old, handsome and with a vision of the future.

For a moment I disconnected from the place to go to the bathroom and I let them get to know each other, when I returned it was inevitable to see how Sabrina and Luis made a great connection, they let themselves be carried away by the moment. This was our night, we ended up at the hotel, in the same room and taking the rest of the bottle that was left. What a pleasant moment.

As the days went by we went out again in the company of Luis, we visited another night spot and this time he brought with him his cousin Lupe, who from that moment also became our friend.

So we arrived at Boheme Tulum, another great nightclub in the area, worse, although the night was going well, not everything was rosy as expected.

In the middle of the night, a man tried to go overboard with Sabrina, the fact that Luis, who was a true Mexican gentleman, detonated and put the boy in his place.

The night of delicious cocktails, a pleasant dance floor, good service and attention culminated in the expected way. Then we decided to leave the place to visit a new bar.

The best place to end our party nights in Tulum. The mezcal did the magic for him and we felt euphoric. We came to this site at a good time because different events and showcases are held frequently for the enjoyment of the audience. 

To the rhythm of good music, led lights and shots of mezcal Sabrina, Lupe, Luis and I, we strengthened the beautiful friendship that was born between us. We danced, laughed, enjoyed and even jumped for joy in this incredible place that gave us first-rate attention.

  Back in Mexico and the result of the trip exceeded my expectations, what can I tell you, Mexico is as it is mentioned in other latitudes «Nice and dear.» Tulum offers you so many fun alternatives that in two weeks you won’t be able to do everything, but you can have them engraved in your heart. I invite you to visit this beautiful land of Mayans, ancestors, culture and tradition.