Once again I hopped on a plane and embarked on my expedition to a new direction, this time to a place that seemed like a world away, where a picturesque, innocent and relaxing getaway turned into fun, adrenaline, beach, sun and sand. My destiny took me to the perfect place that with its unforgettable magic captured my restless traveling spirit.

  Cape Town, known as the most romantic city in the entire African continent, located on a peninsula under the imposing Table Mountain, is a port city on the west coast of South Africa, it brings together an infinite amount of distinctive curiosities, magical secrets of times gone by and an imposing nature. What attracted me to this beautiful city was its nomination as the world’s leading destination to visit, as well as being the second place on the list of the most prestigious and important vacation destinations. Without a doubt, Cape Town exceeded my traveling expectations and to which I owe one of the best photographic records in my personal blog.

  The main reason why I chose Cape Town as my favorite destination was its impetuous and enviable nature; wide panoramic views and beautiful landscaping that will leave any adventurer struck by such great beauty.

  Upon arriving in this dream city I wanted to go beyond buildings of style and architecture, financial centers and infinite skyscrapers, I decided to enter the coastal area precisely where the sky and the sea seem to join, exactly in front of the majestic and powerful Atlantic as well as Robben Island, in an imposing place called Grand Africa Café & Beach a space that embraces a culture of coffee, beach and free spirit, poignantly located on the shoreline facing the sea and flaunting its majestic views.

Grand Africa Café & Beach – https://grandafrica.com/grand-africa-cafe-beach/

  With an iconic style and playful luxury that caught me like an enchanted princess, the Grand Africa Café & Beach captures the quintessential magic and colloquial effervescence of the bustling atmosphere of the city while offering that much-needed getaway that I highly recommend living in. this beautiful place.

  It is a one hundred percent recommended place, with a perfect climate, the place is beautiful, with the possibility of eating outside or inside and the fact of being on the beach makes it very special. I had the pleasure of sitting in the outdoor area covered by umbrellas blown by the breeze and under the rays of the sun, the experience was truly excellent.

  The menu is small but the food is delicious and fresh. The starters of oysters, squid and the house salad were almost a meal in themselves. The service was very attentive and fast and the special smiles from all the staff, it is worth hanging out there.

Cape Town leaves me in awe of all that it holds in its greatest splendor; It has unique accommodations, 5-star stays that will not give way to a lack of details, high-end services, a traditional gourmet menu and, above all, a hospitality worthy of admiration.

It is that here right on Granger Bay, specifically Granger Bay Boulevard, I stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels that I found in the area called POD Camps Bay Boutique Hotel, a very complete place that made my stay the best and most pleasant, since that brings together a number of activities that you can enjoy and relax, in a group or simply alone.

POD Camps Bay Boutique Hotel, has a beautiful architecture, in the best avant-garde style that offers guests a selection of nine different and exclusive areas that represent the idyllic place.

POD Camps Bay Boutique Hotel – https://www.pod.co.za/

Without a doubt, it is the ideal destination for an escape of those that leave you memories tattooed with pink ink, enhanced by a professional attention that will make you feel at home.The Grand Africa Café & BeachPOD Camps Bay Boutique Hotel, POD Camps Bay offers a pool and breakfast every day for me it was a complete relaxation to enjoy breakfast in this area, it is one of the hotels in the Cape that has that sublime, iconic and unique touch, capturing the charm and colloquial effervescence, it has bars, where every night I came to enjoy the atmosphere next to the seashore, terraces overlooking the sea, areas for private events and dinners on the beach, where I can be completely It is sure to be the perfect place to capture that unforgettable magic, which is Cape Town.

In Cape Town staying still is almost impossible, that is why I did not hesitate to go out, the capenses who told me that they affectionately refer to Cape Town as the Mother City, a name that is earned as an ancient metropolis, cozy and impressive.

The Mother City holds so many wonderful places that I did not want to miss any of them, that is why I visited most of them and had a fantastic time.

Initially I guided my steps on a trip to the Chapman Peak Unit, this is a mountain within the city that keeps the most beautiful and vivid colors that I have seen in my life, the path with a peculiar zigzag shape covers an approximate of 114 laps up the slope of the steep, upon arrival the magnificent view will make this journey worthwhile.

The next tour I did in order to get the most iconic place to take pictures to remember this is Cape Point, I fell in love with its majestic view of the ocean, the imposing cliffs and lighthouses of at least 100 years old, enhance this town located within the Cape Floral Region and Table Mountain National Park. In addition to this Cape Point offers the mountainous reserve this is an ideal paradise for hiking, wildlife watching and taking pictures.

Taking advantage of the fact that I was in Cape Point, I continued the route of visits to places where it seemed that the world was formed, by crossing the distinctive plateau of Table Mountain, I was able to appreciate the iconic views of Cape Town, with an extensive diverse flora and fauna and by Of course, the most famous coastal and mountain views in South Africa.

And last but not least I was in the emblematic mountain range of the Twelve Apostles with its rock buttresses and deep ravines, this majestic stretch of land on the Atlantic coast, shows the beauty of its scenic formations from the coastal road that runs between the base of the cliffs and the ocean.

Every day I spent in Cape Town, I added pleasant experiences and unmatched experiences, one of them was the guided tour to the center of Cape Town at Victoria & Albert Waterfront, to absorb a little history, experiences and experiences of the place, I explored shops, I visited restaurants, I got to know Table Mountain, going up in the cable car, admiring during the tour the best views of the city. All this tour was complemented with a visit to different points of interest beyond the city center.

While visiting the city center, I managed to take a day trip to Robben Island, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where you can personally observe the old prison and the cell where Nelson Mandela was held.

During this tour you will have the opportunity to explore the wildlife and spectacular cliffs of Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope and Hout Bay.

And as if it were two worlds, after being on these stormy peaks, I was able to experience a visit to the penguin colony at Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town, but not before tasting the best wines in the area, inland. from the historic towns, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, the unique vintages produced in the Western Cape Winelands region.

My sublime moment of all this tour, I surpassed my adrenaline to the limit, with a diving tour to get to know sharks up close, submerged in the ocean inside a cage, in the coastal area near Hermanus.

Admiring these enormous creatures took me for granted that nature is great and this place even more so, which I confirmed when I went on a private safari to a nearby game reserve to search for the “Big Five of Africa”, which are a quintet of species. African animals made up of the lion, the leopard, the black rhinoceros, the elephant and the buffalo.

As there are no days without nights, in my tours I could not miss the nightlife and fun in Cape Town, when the sun goes down, the parties are born and it is so much so that most capenses recommend going out to party in the mother city from South Africa. And then do not hesitate to prepare my party outfit and best dance movements and to drop me in the top of the funniest places in this great city.

And that was how I arrived at Casa de la Beer, ¨The Kingdom of Beer¨ and yes, as they read it, it is a Bar the queen is the famous foamy barley, the beer, located on Long Street, with a rough style With chandeliers made from old beer bottles, beer taps and delicious food, you will have an enjoyable time trying the wide variety of national and international beers.

As the night progressed, my next stop was to visit the Ficción Bar, it is an establishment with a wonderful balcony that shows you lively street, with delicious food and eccentric cocktails, which made my heart melt, it also has a great dance floor where I was able to let go of my body and lost myself in the different genres of music performed by the best DJ in the area.

A new night brought a new stop of fun, I was blown away by the glamor of the Coco Bar, a classy nightclub where you can see the elegant clientele and the big names of Cape Town, I had to change my outfit and dress like a great famous to enter one of the most luxurious hotels in the dream city. Thus the early morning surprised me in the middle of partying and ingenious drinks that brought out my best movements.

From my memory I will never erase the sunrise that Cape Town gave me by the ocean and it was where I understood why they call it Mother City. I invite you to point out Cape Town as your next destination, you will not regret the best experience of your adventurous life. Join me on my new adventure to a next destination, be sure to visit my travel diary at www.topbeachclubs.com each trip, each destination is a new adventure.