In the calm and hospitable Plettenberg Bay, formerly called «Bahía Formosa» by the Portuguese explorers, one of the reasons that motivated me to visit South Africa was for the impressive animals that live there, impressive whales and dolphins can be seen playing with the waves during all year round. I would call them the kings of the world.

  The city doesn’t offer much to do, so head straight to relax on its golden beaches. Robberg Nature Reserve, the rocky peninsula on the western side of the bay, offers unparalleled opportunities to see huge lions, elephants, rhinos as you walk its trails, but wear good shoes and don’t forget your sunscreen. In addition to a wide flora and fauna that covers most of its territory, beautiful beaches, birds and coasts full of life.

  Another of the most outstanding aspects of South Africa is its gastronomy, textures, colors, flavors and aromas that captivate you from start to finish. Eating here takes you to another level and you will want to try everything. South Africa has a history of struggle and resistance, Nelson Mandela is an icon of this country and represents a lot for them. White and dark skin shows us that the mixture of races prevails here above all else and prevails with acceptance.

Upon arrival at Plettenberg Bay and without much planning, I made a pleasant stop at the Grand Africa Lookout Beach, a place full of elegance and worldly charm. It seemed to me the ideal place to reflect and admire its surroundings on the most beautiful bay in Africa.

What a beautiful place built in wood and large glass, very sophisticated and with a high level of attention. Excellent choice with positive results because I had too much fun.

Eating a delicious sushi in this place was of another level, it raised me beyond the clouds. A glass of white wine was the ideal complement to liven up the moment and have a great time.

The musical environment was ideal, every chord without stunning simply everything works in complete harmony to merge and offer you the best.

The beach is just a few meters from this enclosure, so you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the sea, the waves or the sand. Everything lines up and becomes the perfect moment to spend alone or in good company.

  Lookout Beach is a beautiful beach that you can visit if you travel to South Africa, its wide coast adorned by sand that is washed by the waves of the sea that break on it, is the ideal setting to have a good time in the company of your loved ones. OffShore Adventures is an incredible beach where you can do many activities, including swimming among marine species, doing water sports, enjoying seals resting on the rocks and swimming comfortably.

After a couple of days of so many activities that you can enjoy at the Grand Africa Lookout Beach, I started looking for the best place to stay in this wonderful city, the options were numerous, so like the previous time, without much thought, I made a reservation at The Pletternberg Hotel.

  This fantastic luxury hotel is located near a rocky beach overlooking Plettenberg Bay and very close to the Robberg Nature Reserve, dotted with green areas and white sand. The ideal epicenter to spend an unforgettable vacation.

  When I got here they welcomed me with a few glasses of wine and a short tour of the facilities, this helped me decide which room to choose. The rooms have a white interior design, I stayed in one of the beach houses, I was hooked when I saw that it is located a little far away and has a swimming pool and private services. Everything completely luxurious, I love the white, super comfortable bed, the perfect air conditioning and the unprecedented internet service.

  The restaurant was not far behind, it is super exclusive with a completely luxurious design. They serve modern seafood dishes and there is a contemporary bar, I had the battered shrimp, washed down with a glass of champagne and finally a helping of chocolate ice cream. The waiters behaved incredibly with me, they treated me in the best way. 

  Although the beach was close by, I jumped into the pool and swam, taking advantage of the intense sun and giving color to my skin, I needed it. Robberg is a quiet beach located near this hotel, its gentle waves will allow you to enjoy the water without fear and you can have a good time in the company of your loved ones.

  Very high green hills, white sand and an immense blue sea are the ideal panorama that this site gives us. Beacon Island is another beach that stands out for its blue water, white sand, green area and steep green hills near it. Its waves break strongly on the shore until you bathe, but don’t worry because you will have a great time here.

  Being in this place offered me one of the best experiences far beyond my expectations, filling me with memorable moments.

  To continue my tour of the attractions that Pletternberg has, I wanted to get to know all of nature. Initially I went to the Garden Route, it was one of the most beautiful excursions of the trip, within the so-called «garden route» it was totally worth it.

  The Garden Route National Park is a national park in the Garden Route region of South Africa, resulting from the amalgamation of Tsitsikamma National Park with the Wilderness National Park, the Knysna National Lake Area, and several other areas of state-owned land, all this in one place, it’s lovely.

  It is a mandatory stop on the garden route, and you can reach the mouth of the river, where the three suspension bridges are. It is worth taking your time to go through it completely. 

  The path of the bridges is very well done, with several walkways and stairs, which makes it easy for anyone to visit them. Once you have crossed the longest bridge, there is a rocky beach to the right and straight ahead, a little hidden by the vegetation, there is a path where you can climb the mountain, until you reach a bench with views of the park and the sea. During my passage through the Garden Route National Park I had an incredible experience because I was able to see an elephant that was passing through the bay very close and astonished those who were there.

  He was accompanied by a man who guided him, apparently he was tame and I took advantage of the moment to get on him and take a walk on the beach. After a moment there was a huge queue to enjoy this animal up close. It was impressive how she felt when she was on him, she loves peanuts and leaves, she felt like the king of the bay because all the attention had been captured in a matter of minutes.

  This connection with nature had me completely amazed, I already had a camera full of thousands of photos of each place I visited. It is worth taking the time to go through each park in its entirety.

  I found myself in the largest reserve of animals and flora in the world, this is really impressive because they have more than 150 species of birds, more than 100 species of reptiles and the great kings of this place the lion, the leopard, the elephant and rhinoceros.

  Seeing all this in one place made my heart race, I was very excited, the information provided by the tour guide was invaluable and every piece of information was amazing.

  Going in a 4×4 and having the lions ride on top of the vehicle will make your heart race. As part of the excursion you will also be able to go in a grilled truck and see how it is stalked by these felines. We witnessed how a mother elephant fought for her calf and snatched it from the claws of a leopard, it was a fight of the titans but the herd of giants prevailed.

  You will be able to contemplate an immense blue sea when you arrive at this place that is also surrounded by large rocky mountains, if you contemplate it carefully you will feel the need to stay and live there in the middle.

  I felt in paradise, I felt mistress of the world, I felt that my loved one was with me, I could contemplate the rock formations with green vegetation and the birds sing.

  Feeling the sand on my feet, the sound of the sea, the birds singing and seeing the smile of the people who were with me, the tour guides explained everything I asked and the answers left me fascinated.

  I was able to bathe, sunbathe and toast my cinnamon skin, I was fabulous and in the company of a good bottle of wine.

  A beautiful rocky mountain in Cape Town that allows you to see everything from above, you can see the city from there, the people and all the movement of the city.

  I loved climbing it, feeling the wind, the adrenaline, seeing everything. The instructions of the guides were precise, the information and what they gave us during the tour.

  They gave us a shirt, some thermoses and some key chains with the image of the Cape printed on them, what a beautiful detail of them. I do treasure this in my heart with my soul.

  I want to return to this place, I want more photos, I want to relive everything that I experienced here.

  After so much nature and fresh environment, wild fauna and flora, it was time for a little contact with everyday life, and then I wanted to enjoy a couple of cocktails and in the evenings I went to visit different bars near the sea.

  Liquors of all kinds you will find in this beautiful bar built in Wood. Its beautiful bar full of drinks and bottles of liquors of different flavors and colors will illuminate your view. I sat at the bar and clicked with the bartender, he smiled at me, made a joke and offered me a margarita to start the night, it was too good and I enjoyed it to the fullest. 

The lighting, the sound, the energy of the people, the space, the air conditioning, everything was perfect and made me feel in my living room, I didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else. It was just what I was looking for and they offered it to me, I danced all night and again I felt like the owner of the place, the palms acclaimed me and made me feel like a star.

Enjoying a good meal here was the best part of the trip, I loved the chicken, the salad, the dressings and the dessert, everything was perfectly cooked and just as I ordered.

The attention was first class, everything ahead of time and they worried that I felt good at all times. That made me feel full and wanting to continue enjoying there.

The live group offered a classic musical repertoire and took us to other times, luxury and comfort were felt at all times with each musical note intoned, the instruments sounded wonderfully rhythmic.

  A night of jazz, good champagne and very pleasant conversation was what I lived in The Crypt Jazz.

  This calm place is ideal to «see and be seen» just as the great events of good music that are presented here, make this place a very exclusive place.

  That’s why I was there, I loved its very nice decoration in an open space plan facing the street like many of the beach clubs.

  Being here I found myself with a group of guys that I met on one of my tours in previous days, we chatted and danced all night, it was an unexpected closure to my days in Pletternberg.

  South Africa I will carry you in my heart like the roar of the lion in the middle of the jungle and I will nail you in my soul like the strong footstep of the elephant, I will also keep you in my mind and as part of my vision just like the leopard climbing the branches.

  Thank you for so much, good business, friends and knowledge is what I have left of this trip, I still feel how my heart beats when I remember those lions mounted inside the 4×4 stalking us.  I remember the beach, I remember the mountains and every sunrise, I want you to feel it as I do, to live it and caress it at all times. Do you dare to feel it from the inside?