It is a small place but don’t let its size fool you because Granada is similar to a high-priced small perfume bottle, one of those fragrances that last and make you remember its scent day and night.

What to do in Granada? The answer is simple because just as in the rest of Spain there are beautiful places here too, one of the most beautiful is Alhambra, the monument with the largest number of visitors, just keep in mind to buy your ticket on time and that these include the visit to the Geralife gardens.

The Casa de Carmen de los Mártires is another place you should visit because it is ideal for romanticism, its beautiful gardens designed during the 19th century become a place to take a pleasant romantic walk among the vegetation.

Enjoy the statues, the peacocks and best of all, the entrance is totally free, so enjoy all the good things that Granada has for you.

Here you will find the perfect place to taste the best dishes prepared by international chefs, in addition to enjoying the best parties in the area.

The best beach atmosphere is offered by Badia Beach Club in Granada. Here is Badia Sierra Nevada, ideal for people who practice mountain sports and do not want to stop having a beer, this place is ideal to enjoy a cold one at all times.

Badia also has a Chimenea House Club, perfect for people fleeing the cold because next to its spectacular fireplace you can warm up while enjoying a glass of wine.

The live music is spectacular, you will dance and count as much as you can. People will recharge you with their good energy.

Enjoy holding your events here, parties, corporate events, weddings and more. At Gastro Chill you can enjoy an exquisite plate of food, pizza, salads, drinks, chicken, hamburgers and more.

If what you are looking for, like all travelers, is a splendidly comfortable place to spend your vacation days, the Saray Hotel is one of the best in the area, this hotel is located five minutes walk from the center of Granada, you have everything a few steps away.

Beautiful gardens and the sound of water are the perfect setting to enjoy a luxurious stay at Saray Hotel, an ideal place built with all the standards of the 21st century and that has been penetrating the good taste of tourists.

Enjoy the best gastronomy under the direction of chef José Miguel Magín, you will also have access to the gastro bar & tapas that will offer you a distinguished variety of regional and international dishes. The best is the Grenadian recipes section that fuses the best of traditional cuisine with Nasrid cuisine.

An eccentric bar awaits you by the pool to offer you the best drinks and cocktails, a refreshing drink, a light snack at midday or simply enjoy a delicious dessert.

The rooms are comfortable, full of luxury and glamour. Large beds, ventilation, bathroom, television and an impressive view.

Here you can also hold events to commemorate those moments that will go down in history.

In Granada Island you can find everything and for all tastes and the historical places are of great weight and generate an excellent experience which is unforgettable to know thoroughly.

The best preserved Muslim city in the world is located in Spain and over the years it has become the most visited and recommended place by tourists to enjoy unbeatable scenery and views.

To enjoy this architectural wonder you need to book your tickets, the tour will last 2 hours and 30 minutes. You will have a guide and you can choose between English, Spanish and French.

In addition, the guide will provide you with a device that will reproduce his voice and with greater precision you will be able to hear the entire explanation. This place has also been recognized as one of the wonders of the world.

In 2017, more than 2 million people visited this place that demonstrates the Nasrid power. This palace and fort is still more relevant than ever and attracting visitors from all over the world.


To continue getting to know and visiting the best places on the island, you can get many different places to enjoy unforgettable experiences, such as admiring flamingos in their natural habitat.

The Temple of Flamenco is the name of this cave restaurant located in Granada and offers the best show to residents and tourists. What better attraction than enjoying a good tap dance in the mother country.

This unforgettable experience lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes in which you can enjoy a show of international stature to entertain you while you enjoy a delicious refreshing drink or a sparkling beer.

In addition to this you can eat from 2 to 5 dishes of exquisite food with the best flavors of Spanish cuisine.

In addition to the dance show, the place has a great musical repertoire that you can sing and dance if you wish. Visitors highlight the excellent quality of service and attention, as well as security.

Others simply say that it is very cold, but dare and live your experience, it may turn out to be fascinating and you will share it with friends and family.

Hamman Al Ándalus is the ideal place to relax. Opulent baths located in the heart of the old city.

You’ll relax as you walk through halls lit with scented candles and pools designed to reconnect with your inner self. Here you will enjoy a massage given by a professional masseuse and then immerse yourself in hot springs.

You inhale the exquisite aromas of the Turkish bath while enjoying a delicious mint tea. Complement the experience with a midra 30 of 30 minutes or one of 45 of 45 minutes. Both include an exfoliating body treatment.

Some people highlight the excellence of the place, they assure that they leave there renewed but they think the time of pleasure they get there is very short and they demand more time. They highlight the good care and beauty of the place.

To continue the good streak of knowing and visiting the best places on the island, you cannot leave out the excellent and outstanding night spots to spend a pleasant time.

Versatility is the ideal word to define Mae West Granada because it is a two-story nightclub divided into three areas, each with a different orientation to offer the best atmosphere and you can have a good time.

Here you will find 28 VIP areas, terrace, DJ and the best service so you can dance, laugh and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Disco, party room, shows and live music. In addition to music and dance, enjoy the best presentations of monologues and comedians that steal the laughter and applause of those present.

Here there is also a room for exclusive parties, from Wednesday to Sunday enjoy the best fun and entertainment. Enjoy the oriental-style terrace that most customers like very much.

Attention, good service, bathrooms, drinks, entertainment and more you will find in this fascinating place. The fun will be better if you visit with a large group of friends or family.

An old cinema was converted to hold big events in Alistar under neon lights, enjoy a disco atmosphere, concerts or a simple event in the same place, here you have everything to have an incredible time.

Every week you have a series of shows designed especially for you, so if you expect to find something repetitive or the same as other places, don’t expect to find it here because they are unique in each event.

Its design and interior design are constantly being renewed. The technical rider is second to none and the musical proposal is unprecedented. Corporate events, institutional acts, congresses, seminars and conferences are held here.

11 reserved and boxes await you. The capacity is 77 people. They also have a private room for you with capacity for 80 people, ideal for you to carry out that important event that will mark a before and after in your life.

The attention is magnificent, the delivery and dedication of the staff is admirable to offer you the best service.

Granada is breathtakingly beautiful. It has paradisiacal and historical places that will allow you to love it as that magical land would have given birth to you. Learning about the history of each place will leave you with a good learning experience.

The gastronomy is splendid. Enjoy the best dishes prepared by renowned chefs. Fall in love with their culture and get to know beautiful places where their expressions are exhibited to make their roots known.

Hotels and entertainment sites adapted to new trends to offer you the best stay and fun, comfort and convenience in one place you can find it. The heart of these people is very noble and with a smile they will welcome you