Guardalavaca Beach, in Holguin is one of the most important areas of Cuba, it is argued that when Christopher Columbus saw it for the first time he assured that it is the most beautiful part of the earth that the eyes can see.

Here there is everything, beaches, museums, buildings, squares, mountains and endless places to make your trip the best. Being in paradise is what Guardalavaca Beach in Holguin represents and even more so if you are in the company of your loved ones or friends.

«The city of parks» is also known to this beautiful territory of Cuba. If we talk about the beach that I chose to spend the best moments of these vacations, I must refer to Guardalavaca Beach.

Guardalavaca Beach, in Holguin is a beach with white sand, turquoise water, rocks, green area, palm trees and places to have an incredible time. I love the breeze here, the sound of the sea and the song of the birds.

In Guardalavaca Beach you will find the Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca, right there a few meters from the beach. You feel the cold breeze, the sound of the sea and the fun.

I arrived here and the bellboy greeted me, helped me unload my luggage from the vehicle and directed me to the reception to confirm my reservation. The place left me speechless because in addition to being beautiful, it has ideal spaces to spend an excellent vacation.

While my bags were taken to the room and I requested access to the wifi service, I went to the pool.

In the pool I drank endless beers, it was too hot and that’s why I cooled off.

While he drank the beers he chatted with the bartender and ate cheese and ham sandwiches.

I took off my clothes and stayed in my bathing suit to jump into the pool and enjoy the beers from inside the water.

A grill was cooking outside, the smell was divine and I couldn’t wait that long to try it.

After a busy day I went to sleep, the room is quite good and very comfortable.

The next day I got up, went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and from there I took advantage of the spa service offered by the hotel.

I received a good massage, some sauna and creams to moisturize the skin that was somewhat battered by the sun.

The renovation was ready and everything pointed to be a great day.

The hotel also has a bicycle tour service so I took one and went to explore the areas near the hotel, beautiful colors, squares, houses, sea, food places and very friendly people on the street.

The experience in this hotel was very pleasant, I really recommend it.

Before leaving home for a long time, I looked for a good hotel that would fit my needs and this one was perfect because it offers different services.

If you plan to stay and you don’t know what time you will arrive, don’t worry because the reception works 24 hours a day and you can check in whenever you want. This 3-star hotel is located on Guardalavaca Beach, in Holguin and also has a private beach.

If we talk about the gastronomic options, I tried them all because I am a lover of good food. I will start with the Italian restaurant, I must say that the food was splendid and I tried a delicious pasta that made me suck my fingers.

But this is not here because there is more food.

 If you like food as much or more than me, I invite you to delight yourself as I did with the 3 buffets, you will have to choose the food you want and in the desired quantity.

Here in the hotel there are 4 swimming pools, I did not bathe in all of them but in the one that was closest to the bar to be able to take a bath. I had a few shots of rum and ate some grilled fish with lemon.

If you have the case of requiring a computer like me, with complete certainty I tell you that you can ask the hotel for one and they will provide it to you, as well as access to the Internet service so that you can solve your situation. Here there are also recreational activities for children and families, spaces designed for healthy entertainment.

I needed to connect with the sea so I went to the best Guardalavaca Beach, I wanted to cleanse my energies, deliver them to the sea and renew myself internally to shine from the inside out.

When I arrived, I set aside a sun lounger for myself, sat down, contemplated the view of the horizon and fell in love with the turquoise blue color of the sea, the white sand and the green areas that bordered the beach. There were many families here, the atmosphere is ideal for sharing.

It is one of the first ports that Christopher Columbus visited and of which he was amazed. Legend has it that the natives shouted the phrase «Save the cow!» when they saw the looters approaching from the sea. This port is an old place of refuge for corsairs and pirates, it was ideal for trading products from Europe, in exchange for cattle skins. Guardalavaca, located in the municipality of Banes, is the third most important tourist point in Cuba, and little by little it has been increasing its tourist potential thanks to its incredible beaches and lush vegetation.

I got into the sea, applied sunscreen and enjoyed this space. Then I walked a bit towards the green areas, and picked up some coconuts from the ground to drink their fresh water. I threw myself back on the lounger and started drinking beer, put on some music on my cell phone and started enjoying the fresh air. What a beautiful sky, what a beautiful sea, how beautiful what I was experiencing in Guardalavaca Beach.

I also took photos of a huge sign here that says Guardalavaca, it is very picturesque and many people gather to take their portrait home and remember this wonderful experience. Guardalavaca Beach is one of the areas that you can go to throughout the year thanks to the tropical temperatures that characterize it.

With or without a cart, it will be your horseback ride through Guardalavaca Beach, this activity that I chose to do one of the days of my trip to Cuba was possible and I will never forget it. How amazing it is to walk along the beach mounted on a horse.

Before I got on, they gave me a talk, they explained what to do and what not to do to avoid disturbing the animal. After this I got on the horse and I was very serene, full of vitality and very lively.

Walking along the shore of the beach was magical, then I started him running with caution and I loved seeing his legs stuck in the sea, I felt free, with time control and a million energy, no wonder.

Then I got on the cart and went around the streets of Guardalavaca several times, I saw its wonders, its squares, its people and all the beautiful things they had to give to tourists. This walk was great and I hope to repeat it on a future trip.

Being in this beautiful place I couldn’t stop enjoying the nightlife it offers, after several days of wonderful experiences, I searched and consulted the best nightspots in the area.

I polished the buckle and rolled the body, I took over the dance floor, the neon lights, the mirror ball in the middle of the floor and the people were indicative that I was having a good time. What sounded the most here was the Cuban genre but even so I had a great time. I began to dance with the people who were on the dance floor and there was chemistry between us to the point that at the end of the night we were still dancing.

I loved the bar because they had a wide variety of liquors, so I played it safe and drank mojitos all night, the people who danced with me also opted for this type of drink. The atmosphere is amazing, the attention is first class, the air conditioning works very well, the bathrooms are hygienic and the security is amazing. Orders are delivered quickly and they treat you with a lot of respect.

Guardalavaca beach has amazing places and after this trip I see that Christopher Columbus was not wrong when he said that this is the most beautiful place that your eyes will be able to see, contemplate and record it in memory forever. The beaches are a creation of the gods because they have an incomparable color, a very beautiful turquoise blue, clear waters, white sand and giant palm trees. Your ideal day can be here.

Another of the things that I like about this place is the willingness of the people to help, to guide, they care about you and offer you the best. The mojito, the beer and the food were some of the best I’ve ever tasted. The services of the hotels are quite good, efficient and far from thinking that they are deteriorated, I was surprised because they are complete and offer you everything so that you have no alternative to looking for another place.