Hong Kong is a perfect place for lovers of big cities. You will be captivated by this cosmopolitan city and the sound of its streets. Here there are many influences from other neighborhoods, this makes the place a wonderful cultural exchange point.

Visit the night markets, see the Symphony of Lights show from the bay, go through the Lan Kwai Fong drinking area and get to know its cosmopolitan atmosphere or visit the Happy Valley Racecourse. These are some of the activities you can do here.

Hong Kong is an ideal destination to enjoy the coastline and crystal clear waters. Places like Stanley Beach, Lo So Shing Beach or Silvermine Bay will captivate you with their beauty and infrastructure.

Breakfast, free Wi-Fi, spa and amazing areas are some of the options offered by this place so you can live the best experience of your life in Hong Kong.

Tourists around the world have gone to web portals dedicated to tourism and have taken for granted their preference for this place with its 4.5 stars out of 5 for the attention and good service received.

«This place is my favorite, I always stayed there when I visited my friend, this hotel is beautiful, the attention of the people is very good, the service, the restaurants, the food, the bar, the spa, the swimming pools. Everything is perfect» , these were the words of one of the hundreds of users who have visited this site and have been pleased.

The price is a bit high but it is worth it for everything you will receive in return as a guest. Another advantage of this place is the parking that is very close to the facilities. In the afternoon you can have an English tea in the midst of a refined and classy atmosphere.

Large beds, swimming pool, spa, loungers, bar, musical atmosphere, living areas and more, in addition to the privileged view from the room, feel at home and you will be treated like royalty because you deserve it.

This hotel offers you a luxurious atmosphere, with many options to have an incredible time. From large rooms with soft sheets, to a gym area for working out and meals prepared by international chefs.

Modern hotel located a 3-minute walk from North Point Ferry Pier, 2 km from Victoria Park and 14 km from the Hong Kong Museum of History. This convenient location is recognized with 3.4 stars out of 5.

Enjoy the free Wi-Fi service, a fundamental element in each stay you have to be able to stay connected. In addition to the rooms, the hotel areas are heated with air conditioning to keep you cool at all times.

From 5 stars the hotel is valued with 4.1 for its quality and excellence. The staff is described as attentive, friendly, thoughtful and helpful. The elegance of the place and location is also brought to the fore.

«Very complete breakfast buffet. Cleanliness and services a 10. Metro on the opposite side», was what one of the users who stayed in this hotel complex highlighted and was satisfied with the experience.

The proximity to the subway is what we like the most here, it is a strategic and accessible point to stay without worries.

This is the first theme park within the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, coordinated and managed by the Hong Kong International Parks Organization, a company owned by the Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong government.

«One of the best days of my life,» said a visitor to the park who, with her comment, added 4.5 points out of 5 that tourists have awarded to this place after their visit and having spent moments of fun.

There is magic in this place and it is reflected in its shows. Enjoy all the games you want, albeit for a modest price, both for fun and for the food they sell here, which is in high demand.

This site is not like the one in the United States, but it leaves you a small reference of what you can find in the original. This park is much smaller than the one in Orlando, so there are many characters and princesses that are not there.

And it doesn’t have many roller coasters or rides for adults.

To get here, many people suggest that you do it by train, so be located and get there quickly so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

It is the highest mountain on the island, but not in all of Hong Kong. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong, as well as the most prestigious area of luxury housing in the city with beautiful natural scenery.

At the top of the peak, there is a terrace where you can enjoy an attractive panorama of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour. «The views are really impressive from up there, if you are lucky enough to go on a day without the mist, which apparently is very often recommended to go first thing in the morning due to the number of people,» said a visitor.

Many are captivated because they go up the mountain by train and the experience seems unique. Tourists wish each other luck because they hope to arrive and that the mist does not obscure the view because if it happens you will not be able to enjoy the landscape, others advise you to go first thing in the morning to avoid the crowd.

It has two shopping centers, there is an ATM in each one, and an exchange house. This is part of the service that you can find near this place to make your experience unforgettable and comfortable.

Located on top of a mountain overlooking the rocky shoreline of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park offers visitors incredible thrills.

Attractions for the whole family and wildlife exhibits. A big draw for wildlife lovers, the zoo is home to two giant pandas, and the cable car ride up Thrill Mountain reveals unrivaled views of the Hong Kong peninsula.

Carolina Cruz visited this place and did not hesitate to express her opinion, «it is a beautiful place, its aquarium, the games, everything incredible», it was that complicated and she assured that she hopes to return soon to relive every moment.

Users assure that the price to enter here is somewhat high but they maintain that it is worth it because the animals are well cared for, the attention is good and they feel pleased with everything.

Here there are many marine species, mechanical parks, food and people who will infect you with good energy to make you vibrate with emotion.

Exquisite dishes, prepared by important kitchen professionals and unique drinks that you can taste.

«Really good and it’s a buffet, we could eat anything without limits. The service was excellent. The price is very reasonable. I will definitely come back again,» said a user of the place who was pleased with the experience.

Book a table on time and don’t stay out of the fun, locate the best place and live the experience. This is one of the most popular nightclubs, the Chinese food they serve here is exquisite.

Here they speak English and the attention is second to none. The price is reasonable and it is worth enjoying unique and unrepeatable cocktails, security and Internet service, as well as parking.

A place that is far from having a modern structure and looking glamorous, but still worth it because you can have fun and have delicious drinks.

Tourists define this night spot as a great club because it offers entertainment and you can interact with people from other countries. The best thing about the place is the DJ because he has charisma and a good selection of music.

The bartender is always lively, with a big smile and ready to prepare whatever you ask for, but if you give him the opportunity he will surprise you with a divine cocktail that you will never forget.

There are tables to be seated and a great dance area.

The lights turn the place into something dreamy, the attention is very receptive, the friendliness and security will make you spend a phenomenal night with friends and the people who are there.

Hong Kong is huge, life unfolds in the middle of a cosmopolitan city dominated by noise and the hectic breathing of people trying to achieve their daily goals on time.

There are so many cultures that come together here that make this place something wonderful and enriching to learn more about other countries and show that they also have places that make them unique and special.