Hello girls, how are you? Welcome back to learn about the majestic places in the world. On one occasion I had the opportunity to visit Italy with my grandfather, during that trip I met the city of Tuscany, but without a doubt I was left with the desire to know much more about this beautiful country. My grandfather was the one who accompanied me on that wonderful trip and we had an excellent time, he already knew and knew how to get around Italian cities, since he had lived in this country for many years. During a call I had with Bruno we talked for several hours and he suggested the city of Campania as my next travel destination when I return to Italy.

  I asked him why I should visit this city, and he replied that Campania is a region in southwestern Italy known for its ancient ruins and spectacular coastline. Naples, the regional capital, is a bustling city with stunning natural scenery in the iconic gray cone of Mount Vesuvius and the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Naples. To the south, the Amalfi Coast is home to pastel-colored towns like Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, nestled between the cliffs and the sea, when he described the destination to me that way I was totally enthused

  Grandpa of course knows how much I love to travel and how much I loved getting to know Italy, that new city was going to be fantastic to discover. I did not hesitate for a second to start that trip as soon as possible, I scheduled my flight to leave in two weeks, that way it would be easier to organize everything, since he would help me plan my walks and visits. The two weeks passed and the day came to take off for Campania, Italy. I was so excited to arrive at my new destination, I landed in the morning hours at the Naples airport.

  I already had a driver assigned who would be my guide for all these days, called Bruno, while we were on the way I talked with Bruno and he told me a little about this region and its beautiful customs, I confessed that I had already visited Italy and I was fascinated and that I wanted continue to get to know her little by little, she smiled and told me that on this occasion she would enjoy the previous trip. Guided by the itinerary that Bruno already had, he took me straight to the Santa Caterina.

  Bruno told me that this is one of the best beach clubs in the city, I had high expectations of knowing that great place, from the photograph it looks phenomenal and I didn’t imagine what it would be like being there.

  A beautiful coastal area, without a doubt the energy that is felt there is magnificent, seeing the birds fly and in the background listening to the sound of the sea. With those simple details, I was sure it would be the right beach club. This beautiful place is located in one of the most beautiful corners of the Amalfi Coast, the Beach Club of the Hotel Santa Caterina is the place where I could relax in the Mediterranean sun, after a long trip and I could not overlook the enjoyment of the pool is fully heated and filled with sea water, how fabulous!

  Easily accessible through two comfortable elevators carved into the rock, the Beach Club also houses the Al Mare Restaurant of the Hotel Santa Caterina,

   It was the perfect place to enjoy a delicious plate of fresh grilled fish, I was starving and I It caused you to taste seafood because of its spectacular smell, because these are some of the specialties that are served in the Beach Club restaurant and they are too divine. 

  One of the things that I loved was the beach club bar, as you know how much I love drinks and on the shores of the beach even more, the charming bar on the seafront, it offers attentive service and Refreshing drinks including tropical fruit cocktails and juices, I spent the rest of the afternoon there and it was fantastic. Later, I went to enjoy the gym that is located in this place and while I was doing the exercises I enjoyed the views of the sea. The gym is equipped with the latest modern equipment and specialized instructors.

  The night was already approaching and just what little I had lived in Campania was sensational, while I was going to the restaurant for dinner, I found the boutique that is inside Santa Caterina, I was fascinated with its selection of bathing suits, elegant coats and a «Santa Caterina» line of traditional hand-painted majolica items from Vietri, as well as accessories, corals and souvenirs from the Amalfi Coast. Of course, it was the occasion to buy many decorations and coats for the next days of this great tour. The boutique is located near the elevators that connect to the beach and I loved that.

  This beach club received me in the best way, my desire to know much more was gigantic, that’s why I wanted to discover new places and decided to continue my tour to stay at another hotel Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli, I already had it scheduled in my itinerary, located a hotel super close to the beach club.

  Arriving at the hotel a little tired but still full of emotion from what was the first day in this great city. While I lowered the packaging with the help of Bruno, I was able to admire the architecture of this hotel, it is literally a huge palace, where at night its strong blue color shines every detail of it. It is certainly beautiful.

  One of the fantastic things about the hotel is that they always have accommodations available for visitors, when I entered the lobby manager she explained the rooms to me, one of them and the one I liked was the deluxe suite, it has a comfortable King bed, a giant window with a view of the city, giant lamps, beautiful eye-catching paintings, air conditioning, wifi and a spectacular bathroom with a bathtub, it was my favorite room. In addition, its immense beige walls, totally charming.

  Without a doubt, the luxury and elegance of this hotel is a bygone era. Their charm is combined with the comfort of modern furniture and the services they offered me. The intimate atmosphere made my stay unforgettable, while the proximity to the old town allowed me to visit the most emblematic places in the city.

  After taking a shower with full hot water, I decided to take a nap and prepare my tour and continue learning about the city of Campania with Bruno.

  At dawn, seeing the city from the room is another level, seeing how it moves commercially from the early hours of the morning. As soon as I woke up, I went down to the hotel restaurant, I took a look at the menu, on that occasion I remember that I ordered a tramezzino sandwich filled with red tomato, mayonnaise, cheese, ham and basil, without forgetting the rich espresso coffee shaken with milk foam. . It was a wonderful breakfast to start the day.

At the end of breakfast, I decided to enjoy the spectacular pool that was inside the hotel, super phenomenal where the sun’s rays entered the site with great caution. I spent the whole afternoon sharing in the pool, meeting the other guests, without leaving behind the sweet appetizers with my delicious champagne, a super moment of relaxation, enjoyment and having a great time, this became a relaxing routine every day of my stay. in this wonderful place.

Days later, I found out that some local artists played instrumental music in the bar, to liven up the atmosphere, I put on my best cocktail outfits and went straight to enjoy this place, at that time I danced a lot, however, I I enjoyed talking with some guys who were on vacation and were from Spain, we shared experiences of our trips and our lives, it was a very interesting and relaxed evening, we had a really great time.

This hotel is magical in all its aspects, it is sensational, because its facilities and services are of another level.

  One morning I woke up ready to visit every corner of Campania, it was summer and the weather was very bright, something that caught my attention was that the houses are beautifully colored and have a fabulous tonality.

  On this trip I was able to see various fantastic places, one of those was to meet an island rich in natural beauty, famous for its beaches and its emblematic Castle, excellent gastronomy and people, so I managed to get to Isichia Island by ferry and it was a excellent opportunity to be close to the dolphins.

  Many museums are located on the site, however, I was fascinated to learn about the history of its huge castle, its Aragonese shape announces to those who come from the sea that Ischia is near. The massive symbol of the island, one of the absolute must-see things on the green island, and according to the guides it is connected to the mainland with a bridge rebuilt several times over the centuries because from time to time the sea recedes , it is impressive how many stories there are in this place.

  I had to climb a giant rocky mountain to reach a church called “El Socorro”, this church is the other indisputable icon of the island of Ischia, it is located overlooking the sea and very close to the historic center. It is a Mediterranean church, with very simple lines, without great works of art, but the environment in which it is inserted is truly unique in the world. There I was able to contemplate the number of giant vessels and paintings with shipwreck scenes, as evidence of the deep devotion of the Ischian fishermen. Without a doubt, it was a very emblematic tour, it was my great experience to feel a great peace and I discovered the wonderful history that this island has.

  Bruno my guide recommended me to continue experiencing new places, I was full of a lot of energy to discover even the most sensational place in Campania, and thanks to this my guide who had so kindly recommended me.

  This beautiful area of ​​Campania lies between the Gulf of Policastro and Paestum and is a glorious place to experience the rugged nature of the Campania coast. With an abundance of nature in the Cilento National Park, it is a popular destination, I was able to enjoy the crystal clear waters and total calm.

  Enchanted by its vertiginous jetties that plunge into the crystal clear sea, the candid beaches, the small medieval villages nestled in the hills, the luminous landscapes in an untouched nature, I was delighted to arrive at this place and be able to enjoy all its corners to my heart’s content.

  Cilento is famous for its tasty traditional cuisine, based on recipes passed down from mother to daughter; every sandwich dishes and meals i tried in this place, it was really lovely. Getting to know Cilento enchanted me in an extraordinary way, I traveled through giant rocky caves and had contact with the animals that live there. I loved that place!

  The Bourbon Gallery is a surrounding underground environment that represents an overview of the last 500 years. It is a magnificent place where a large number of pools are located inside a giant castle. There are also multiples of old cars as an exhibition of the history of Campania.

  It is worth visiting, it is a historical wonder and the guides make it very interesting. I did the tour with Bruno who always accompanied me and helped me translate into Italian and it was fantastic. It is a very interesting place. Made by the kings for its safeguard and used in the Second World War during the bombing of the city, it is also incredible to be under Naples in a place that was first a set of cisterns for water supply.

  The route is not at all claustrophobic, they are wide spaces. It is incredible to be under Naples in a place that during the Second World War served as a refuge for many Neapolitans during the bombing.

  You very well know how much I love history, in Paestum I had it very close, this is a remarkably well preserved ancient Greek city, it remained totally forgotten until it was rediscovered. Much of this incredible city remains unexcavated, but we tourists can see much, including the Temple of Hera, the oldest known example of Doric architecture according to guides on the site.

  There are also amazing sculptures and the Tomb of the Diver. 

  In theory there is a gorilla that watches over the parking lot, but coincidentally he didn’t sniff us out and we went unnoticed. 

  The place is like a small village with several important buildings like the Paestum Museum and a Church. 

  The rest of the buildings seem to be related to tourism. 

  Knowing the temple of Athena was sensational, it is in Paestum located on top of a tiny hill. I loved knowing that place and knowing beyond what we can know about Italy.

  I couldn’t leave Campania without knowing what its nightlife was like, that’s why Bruno, my guide, got me the best nightclub in the city, where I could enjoy myself until my body lasted.

  A magnificent place, I put on the coat that I had bought at the beach club, the breeze at that time was powerful. However, hours later, it was convenient to take it off when I entered the dance floor, I danced all night with the rest of the dancers of the night who were active during those hours, the heat was already strong, as it was in the VIP area, I went straight to this place to get some fresh air, where the bartenders would bring me the drinks before ordering them, I really felt pampered.

  Later, the night pool was activated, it was the most impressive thing about this club, where absolutely all of us entered to dance in the water, without a doubt it is a sensational foam party. It was a great night, forgetting all our problems in joy is like nothing else.

  Woow, what a rewarding trip, I love knowing every corner, I love Italy, I love traveling… this city is full of history, colors and immense peace. It is a destination that adds to my list of wonderful trips, and the most important thing was to be able to enjoy it to the fullest for so many days. I went to the hotel to pack my things, because my flight left in a few hours, while I was on my way to the airport I thought endless things and one of them was that; It is great to enjoy every moment of life, and doing it with passion is one of the gifts that life gives us.