I follow my great adventures around the world and this time I will narrate everything I experienced on my trip to Croatia, a beautiful place that is recognized worldwide because it has more than a thousand islands. When I set foot in this beautiful country, I realized its dizzying growth in tourism, making it one of the main European countries with the highest number of tourists per year.

And it is that who is not going to fall in love with Croatia, here they have everything to fall madly in love. The long and picturesque coast, when you come into contact with it, will captivate you and it will be love at first sight, the beautiful natural landscapes and the impressive places declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Another point that makes the difference in Croatia is the cities built on the tops of the hills and by the sea, what more can you ask of God. The gastronomy and wine here are unique in the world, so if you like class, etiquette and comfort you will have it all in one place. But beyond this, the best thing that Croatia has to offer and that I will never be able to forget is the warmth of its people and their hospitality.

I will never forget the experience that I lived the first day, when I arrived I had a problem with the reservation of my hotel and I could not find a place to stay, this regardless of the fact that I had money to pay whatever price it was, but on the way looking for where to stay I found myself to Alen and Atun, a young couple who lives in the area and when they saw my situation they hosted me in their house, they explained to me that they frequently hosted tourists in their house and that part of their mission as a couple is to help those most in need, Like me, they have also traveled much of the world.

They were my guide for that day, they guided me on the places to visit in Croatia and what were the best options that would allow me to discover the magic of this country. I still keep in touch with them, as good travelers we hope to meet at some point and coincide to embrace the new opportunities that life gives us.

Coming to this site was a great decision, Hvra Beach Club has it all in one place. This modern beach club stretches along the coast and bathes its foundations in the turquoise water of the sea.

Beautiful little makeshift piers at the edge of the sea, rising up to make room for beautiful beds dressed in elegant white sheets and curtains, as well as beautiful beach chairs for sunbathing, make the place something extraordinary.

I enjoyed a great massage at the local spa, all the pressure and fatigue came out of me, I felt fully comforted and then went back to the sea and rested on a life jacket.

It is incredible how the green vegetation unites with the white color of the place and the turquoise water, this is a first class spectacle.

After a good rest, you can go to the restaurant and taste an exquisite meal – bruchetta duo-, accompanied by a good wine. Being here I was also able to buy different items to remember my visit to Croatia, I opted for very colorful flannels and beach hats.

The hospitality was first class, they made me feel like family, how wonderful it was to immediately connect with this place and feel at home.


One of the days in Croatia I made the decision to sleep in a different place and that is why I went to the impressive Hotel Omorika, the impressive rooms here in gray and white tones were incredible.

Proudly dominating the environment as a magnificent, elegant and modern guard over the Gulf of Crikvenica with many totally luxurious rooms, with large rooms that offer a magnificent view of the sea to each of the guests. During my stay I could notice that numerous symposiums are held and on that occasion it was a scientific conference.

I swam until I couldn’t in the indoor pool, I love swimming and what a way to do it without exposing myself to the sun so much, then I took a walk around the place and discovered an interesting playground, I was there for a while to distract my mind.

In the late afternoon I went to the lobby and I was able to read a book, having some literature is always good in the midst of so much pleasure, having general culture and mastering certain areas help us and more when we are travelers.

I was able to verify that Croatia is more than beaches and sand, most tourists have the idea that they are only going to see the sea and that there are not many tourist attractions here, but the reality is different, beyond the immense sea there are also important sites, including eight natural parks, 13 mountain ranges, impressive medieval cities, century-old castles and fortresses, and an eclectic capital worth visiting.

  Among these points I can highlight the Plitvice Lakes National Park, I decided to visit it and I did it, a beautiful place surrounded by striking green vegetation and impressive waterfalls that come from turquoise waters, in addition to the beautiful wooden paths. Here I was able to connect with nature, feel the water run and fall, as well as the peace that the birds transmitted to me with their beautiful singing.

  Here I was also able to rent a boat and take a walk through the beautiful turquoise waters that when winter arrives, the low temperatures freeze everything in its path and give shelter to innumerable animal species such as bears and foxes, a first class show that is worth it. live and remember with the soul. Another strong point of the site is the fish and ducks that I was able to feed during my walk, how beautiful they feel when you transmit confidence to them and they see you as a protector.

I went to the most popular destination in Istra, the great Pula, although it is not as beautiful as other places, the richness of its Roman heritage makes it worthy of a prominent place in Croatian tourism.

The biggest and main attraction of this place is undoubtedly the Pula theater, but at the same time you can visit the Arc de Triomphe, the Temple of Augustus and other ruins of great archaeological relevance.

What I liked about this point was the opportunity to take countless photographs for posterity, when I got home I hung them in a special place, so that I could remember my visit with emotion every day.

I was also able to indulge in the historical part of the place and went straight to Split, a city steeped in history. The charm of this great city (350,000 inhabitants) is concentrated in a very specific area: Diocletian’s Palace. The ruins of this place are mixed between houses, churches and restaurants, you don’t need a time machine, you just need to come to Split to visit the past and learn about its magical history.

The best of Croatia is lived at nightfall and wow, how exciting it was to be able to leave the hotel in search of new and better experiences.

  It was in this way that I arrived at the Cocomo Club, a distinguished nightclub that will catch you at the entrance with its impressive lights of colors between blue and pink. The drinks here are very reasonably priced and thanks to that I was able to have drinks without giving it much thought.

  The bartenders gave me first class service, each drink was carefully thought out, to offer me a rewarding experience through each flavor.

Another strong point of the place are the DJs, they rotate weekly and offer you the latest in music, the latest, what sounds the most and even if you don’t feel like dancing, the good energy will drag you to the center of the dance floor and You will feel how you let yourself go.


Visiting Croatia will allow you to know the other version of history and that is that this beautiful country is much more than turquoise beaches. Its cultural richness will envelop you and allow you to discover that beautiful past full of bitter moments and triumphs of this beautiful town.